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Sauna destruction

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Sauna destruction
« on: February 14, 2021, 10:20:08 AM »
The heat on my body was incredible. It was almost 9 p.m. and I was alone in the sauna of the hotel spa. Outside it had been very cold and Lilly, my girlfriend, and I had a beautiful day in the snow. We went skiing all day but instead of joining me in the sauna, she went to have a massage. That was fine for me and time to relax. We were both 18 and it was our first real holiday together.

I had my eyes closed, lying on the top bench of the steamy cabin.
I heard the door open and slowly turned my head to see who had entered. I was frozen in awe and shock. Being totally naked with my big limp cock on full display I felt totally embarrassed when I felt the brunettes eyes were locked to my groin.

She smiled at me and my heart started to race. Her body was wrapped in a big white towel that was doing a pretty bad job to hide gorgeous curves. Unlike my girlfriend she was about ten years older than her and had some extra pounds, but I had never seen any woman as attractive as her. Her face was so strikingly beautiful and cute as I had never seen it before.
There were seconds of silence and we simply smiled at each other. The world was standing still.

“May I?” She pointed at the bench on the opposite side of the cabin.
“Yea...ehm..sure. I am Steve.” I blushed and cursed myself how unsure I sounded. For sure this goddess was not interested in my name.
But her seductive smile got even wider when she sat down. “I am Xenia. Nice to meet you. You like it hot right?”
I bet I could see her wink.
Her big bust was jiggling when she tried to make herself comfortable and the towel opened up a tiny bit, revealing parts of her bulging cleavage.
I felt my cock tingle which was a bad sign.

I forced myself to look at the ceiling to avoid it getting hard. But I failed. My cock pulsed and got harder and I tried to hide it with my hands. But it was futile. It`s hard to hide 11inches of fuckmeat. So I stood up and got rapidly into a sitting position,lifting my right leg to hide my erection.  Xenia had leaned her head against the backrest and her eyes were closed. I soaked in her curvy frame and her towel had slipped open.

When she opened her eyes she looked at me: “Do you mind if I get rid of this? It would be only fair.”
“Sure Xenia.” She smiled and dropped the towel and my mouth fell open. I was used to big boobs since my girlfriend was a 32DDD but this goddess was different. Her huge teardrop shaped mammaries were resting on her curvy belly, being bigger than her head. Light brown saucer sized areloas with thick finger tip sized nipples were covering the front.

Her tits dwarfed Lilly`s in any matter. She noticed me staring and chuckled: “They are 38H. 5 Kilos each.”
I blushed but my only chance to escape this was honesty. “They are fabulous Xenia.” I lowered my leg revealing my huge erect cock. “11 inches.”
We both laughed and her tits were shaking, a sheen of sweat building up rapidly. She was so hot!

“So what can we do about that?” She pointed at my cock and bit her lip. I grabbed it and slowly started wanking. Xenia spread her legs open, revealing her cleanly shaven pussy to me, her moist pussy lips opening. She took her breast in her hands and lifted the left to her lips, sucking her nipple until in was stiff.

Was that a dream? That couldn't be true. I pinched myself and closed my eyes, but it was real. She slowly stood up and walked over to my seductively. Her big naked tits swayed with each step.
When she came closer I could smell her scent: a mixture of vanilla, sweat her her musky female juices. Her body was not perfectly shaped. Her ass had sexy dimples, her belly was curved and her huge boobs were sagging, but she was so confident and seductive like I have never met any woman before.
She was so close now that she brushed her hand through my hair. My eyes were glued to her`s and the she pushed my head closer to her breast. I took it with both hands and felt their weight and density. I had always thought that my girlfriend was busty, but Xenia was so much bigger.

Her tits were five times heavier and I lifted her left and brought it to my mouth I sucked her nipple gently and she was moaning pushing my head down harder and pressing her big tit firmly into my face.
This tigress pushed me backwards and I had to lean on my arms not to fall. She got down between my legs, pushing them apart. We both knew what she had in mind: She wrapped those sweaty udders around my cock and the sweat made it feel incredibly hot. She started to slowly tit fuck me, the glans of my rod peaking out of the valley of flesh. Her tongue ran over it soft as a butterfly when suddenly the door opened.

“Steven! What the fuck!” Lilly stood there just in her red and black lace lingerie and was looking for me. She must have finished her massage earlier than expected. Fuck! And what did Xenia do? Nothing. She turned her head at my girlfriend and smirked and then continued to tit fuck me. Lilly stormed closer and I was pulling my penis out of the cleavage.
“How dare you old slut!” Lilly stood there pushing her boobs out and her hands pushed into her waist.
Xenia slowly raised, drenched in sweat and stared into Lilly`s eyes. “Well little Miss Important, if I am horny I take what I want. Not more and not less.”
“You are not taking my boyfriend!” Lilly stepped into her and suddenly their tits met with a SMACK! Xenia was about 50lbs heavier and her assets were intimidating.

Don`t get me wrong! Lilly has beautiful naturals, basically too big for her petite frame, topped with large areolas, but she couldn`t match Xenia`s bustline. She gulped as she noticed that her confrontation was the wrong tactic. Her boobs simply folded around the invading mountains.

Xenia turned her head to me licking her lips: “We continue once I am done with her ok?”
I nodded and felt guilty at the same time. But Xenia already bumped into the smaller pair, pushing her opponent back with each step. Lilly shreaked in surprise, stumbling backwards until her back hit the cabin wall. WHAM! Once reached, she grunted as she felt her tits getting pancaked. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! SLUT!” She barked and pushed back into Xenia`s shoulder to get free, but the goddess kept her pinned by her tits only.

She let go and with one swift motion she had grabbed Lilly`s bra and torn it from her chest. Her delicious DDDs popped free and swayed in front of her. “You cxnt! My bra!” Lilly was fuming and attacked full frontal: their tits collided with a wet SMACK. Lilly had also already build up a sweat and grimaced when their busts met again and again with mighty SMATTT...SMATTTT...WOBBBB.....each time the bigger pair was deforming her bust, flattening it completely.
“Poor little thing. You call these tits?” Xenia pushed hard, ramming her little blonde opponent into the wall with authority. 5 Kilos of tits impacting and and crushing her glands was a spectacular view. I could not help but stroke my cock pulsing cock. I watched Xenia`s body in all its glory: Those thick buttocks and strong back. Her massive tits ballooned to the sides after flattening my girlfriend every few seconds. CLOBBBB....CLOBBBB....CLOBBBB.....she bashed so hard into her that I feared her ribs might get hurt..

Lilly tried to push her off but got repeatedly smashed into the wall by the powerful tits of her opponent. She was having not the smallest chance, but in her defeat she looked so sexy.
She was not giving up, standing her ground although her rapidly reddening tits swelled up.

Xenia got lower to get momentum and SMACKED her massive set from underneath into Lilly`s breasts, lifting not only them, but also her petite 110lbs frame!
“Holy shit!” My mouth opened in shock when Lilli`s feet left the floor for a moment. But not for long: the sweat caused those mighty battling tits to slide against each other. Their nipples fought a short battle each flicking it opposing twin, ripping through their opponent`s areolas before their breast swayed back to their normal position.
“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” Lilly clutched her twins and sank to her knees.

“Seems you little slut had enough already. Grab those victorious melons handsome!” Xenia came over and placed my hands on her sweat soaked globes. I licked across them and drank as much sweat as I could. I grabbed her bum and closed her in to me and our sweaty skin was sticky and we were basically glued to each other, french kissing now.
But suddenly Lilly had grabbed Xenia's hair from behind and pulled her away from me. Xenia screamed in surprise, and was put int a bear-hug. Lilly grunted when she pushed her boobs into Xenia's. Her reddened DDDs looked so delicious and I adored her areola-breast ratio, but when Xenia reurned the pressure, my girlfriend`s eyes nearly popped out of her sockets. Xenia was stronger and heavier and lifted her effortlessly.

Their tits mashed together and ballooned to the sides. Both tigresses were grunting: The superior Xenia and my girlfriend. I was proud of her resilience, but this stubborn little minx had no chance at all. Her feet left the floor and Xenia handled her like a rag-doll.
She shifted left and right, alternating pushing her mammoth breasts into my girlfriends tits, either left...then right.

She carried her over to me with a grin on her face.  “What do you want me to do to her? You can pick.” I was already about to climax. With a smirk on my face I answered: “Get her down to her knees. I need to cum. And then I will decide about the next attack.”
Xenia grinned and dropped her in front of me. Lilly sucked air into her lungs that had been pressed out during the bear-hug. “SCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH.........nooooo...Steve.....please..”

Xenia grabbed her hair and pulled her head back harshly, presenting her face to me. It took me only a few wanks to erupt my sperm into her face: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH YYYYYYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....FFFUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK!” My cum plastered her face in endless streams, hitting her eyes, nose and lips.
Lilly looked down to the ground in defeat when her opponent let go of her hair. She sobbed.

“I think her tits can take a lot more. Can you use your wrecking balls to bash them to pulp?”
Xenia laughed. “That should be easy. “ She shoved Lilly to the wall and pinned her wrists above her head. Her glistening DDDs were reddened and slightly swollen, but the nipples stiff and my cum was slowly running down from her face over her cleavage to her areola.
Xenia licked across her right areola tasting my cum. “HMMMM......that tastes so good. The second load will be for me alone and you will watch!”
Lilly`s breathing got faster and faster. She was full of anger and humiliation.

“Fuck you!”
The first two swings had connected to her tits and bashed them across her chest easily. My girlfriend groaned as her boob meat was driven across her chest.
CLOBBBB....CLOBBBB.....CLOBBBB....SMATTTTTT.....Xenia was building up a stead rhythm bashing her DDDs across, from left to right and back. Her H-Cups, five kilo each, were connecting with a brutality that I had never seen before.
Her udders connected as if they were boxing gloves and Lilly`s mouth was open in shock. Incredible pain filled her orbs. Her skin and breast ligaments were put to the limit, her nipples driven back into the tender breasts.

CLOBBBB....SMATTT......CLOBBBBBBB....”FUUCCCCCKKKKKKKK......” Xenia hammered massive swingers from the side, pulverizing and pancaking Lilly`s tits at free will. She grunted herself and rivulets of sweat were running down her sweat drenched body.
She bashed her opponent for minutes and my cock was hard again.
My girlfriend was sobbing and Xenia needed a short break herself. Also her set was red from the constant attacks, but while Lilly`s tits were clearly sagging, her teardrop shaped dense H-Cups stood out from her chest like wrecking balls.

I pulled Xenia away from Lilly and threw her onto a bench. She spread her legs wide and I was driven by pure lust: I rammed my cock into her wet twat and the length hit her cervix. I pounded into her as if there was no tomorrow while Lilly sunk to her ass, screaming and holding her wrecked bustline. She sobbed and tears were running down her cheeks while Xenia and I fucked like rabbits.

She was an experienced women and clenched her pussy tight around my cock. We moaned in unison and as I leaned over she pulled my head between her mountains of tit meat. I kept pounding her, pumping into her...she moaned and screamed.....
SMATTTT....SMATTTT....SMATTTT....I pumped into her groin and her legs closed around my hips, pulling me DEEEEP into her. Her pussy spasmed when she climaxed and I filled her up coing at the same time. “WWWWWHOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” I arched my back when I hammered my 11 inches into her....I groaned...I saw stars....and finally collapsed on her body.

I both took a few moments to calm down.

I went over to Lilly and picked her up. She was still crying but I guided her between Xenia`s sweaty legs. “You know what you have to do!”

“Your tits were weaker and you should know your place. Open your mouth!”
I guided her mouth close to Xenia's moist cxnt until she could smell our fluids.
“Tongue out!”
She obeyed. Xenia relaxed her cxnt muscles a bit a the cream pie was running out of her mature fuck hole an dribbled onto my girlfriend's tongue.

“Good slut! Clean her up!”

Lilly sobbed but swallowed our fluids eagerly....Xenia moaned as her tongue licked her pussy clean.
“Hmmmm..she is good. Maybe you two want to join me tonight?”
I smiled at her her looking down at Lilly. “And I know who will be our slave tonight.”

She looked up at me with a terrified face.....


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Re: Sauna destruction
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2021, 02:42:02 AM »
Damn, Really hot!  I loved the part of the girlfriend's limelight and how the woman reaffirmed her superiority
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Re: Sauna destruction
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2021, 05:44:43 AM »
Great !!
Continue, please!