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My wife is a titfighter !!! part 02

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My wife is a titfighter !!! part 02
« on: February 22, 2021, 07:34:21 PM »
hey, this is the second part, of the story of Louise, my busty wife. Hope you will enjoy it, and once again, I'm sorry for the style, I'm not really good at writing, but I try to improve. I also try to change the story according to your tips and advice... so if something bother you, feel free to say it ;)
Good reading
It’s been almost three weeks since the humiliating night where my poor wife louise was totally defeated and humiliated by this sexy bbw mom Mimi. Of course after this hard match, I helped her a lot and bring her back to our house. Her sexy body, and especially her large tits were all red and cover by some big bruises. But with time, she managed to recover, or at least her body recovered.
“Soob… Soob… “
Since her match, the confidence of Louise is just crushed into pieces. She felt like in her old days when bullies mocked her and humiliated her… At her work she tried to be serious, but she explains to me that everytime a child or a mom smiles or laughs in front of her, she can't help to think that Mimi just told to everyone how she destroyed her boy's teacher. How she crushed her tits with her superior pair, and humiliate her in front of her man. My poor wife become more distant, and more sad with each days, crying a lot when she believe that no one see her… until I can’t take it anymore

“LOUISE !!! That’s enough ! “
I caught Louise with her eyes filled with tears, and I took her in my arms.
“you can’t stay like this… Ok you lost last time but…”
“No, you can’t understand !! I… I feel so helpless against her, she humiliated me. “
“That’s not what I see… you dominate her most part of the time. “
“But she crushed my tits in the end… she even beat my face with her big jugs. “
“and so what ? She got lucky and that’s all, you’re the woman I love and you’re the best ! “
“No, I’m not the best ! She beat me because she is more powerful, more sexy… you know, she… she is right, I don’t deserve you… you always think that I’m the best, but you’re wrong. And now stop to bother me… let me alone Alex. Please. “

I can’t finish my words… but no matter the result of that match, I continue to think that Louise is the best. Not because she is powerful or sexy… but because, I know her since years, and no matter how hard the trouble could be, she never gives up and always manages to overcome trouble with perseverance.
But this time, it seems that Mimi humiliated Louise too much… my wife will probably need some help, and after seeing her like this, I understand that I’m not the one she needs.

Some days later, an unexpected call gave me the answer.
“Louise, it was Katie, she said that it’s been a while since the last dinner, she wants to invite us to her house this friday. “
“I’m not sure to come…. I love katie, but she is… “
“a little crazy ? That’s definitively what you need the most now.”
“No Louise, you’re in a bad and sad mood, it will be great to be with a girl like her. She is you friend since you’re 15“
“I don’t want her to see me in such a state… “
“and you’re ok to let your family see you like this ? Come on Louise, you perfectly know that she is perfect for helping you to feel better. “

And we go to the house of Katie, with all our little family. Katie is totally crazy of our lovely baby girl Lilly…
Katie opens the door and Louise finds her old friend, always the same with her electric blue hair, sweet smile and her sexy hot little body (and big tits barely hidden by her blue robe). She really seems to be sweet and gentle, but I also know her for years, and I know the truth… She is indeed, really gentle, but she is also totally crazy with competition. She loves to fight a lot, and with Louise especially. As they were roommates during their study  they made a lot of private boxing and wrestling matches, and she is really tough… In fact she also challenges me for some sparring, and this petite girl wins some of them, no matter if I’m taller and stronger than her.
 We made a good dinner, eating pizza just like when we were all students and some time after this, Lilly slept peacefully. And that’s when Katie spoke about her new passion… foxy boxing

Katie is really intelligent, if Louise chose to become a teacher, Katie decided to work in robotics as an engineer. She loves her jobs, but she is frustrated that all her colleagues are boring geeks (actually I know a few of them, and they're not boring... they just can't compete with Katie on a ring) . So she had enters a foxy boxing club and she just continues to fight cute men and sexy women… She asks me if I want to see her improvement. I guess that she want to face me in the ring, so I accept immediatly, but Katie had another idea. She turn her head toward my wife and smile
“So louise, you’re ready to take the gloves to give a show to your man ? “

The head of louise is forced to look up, and a little explosion of sweat and saliva fly in the air, when Katie finally manages to rock her face with a nasty uppercut. The match started just 4 minutes ago, but the action is already really intense, with two sexy and strong girls.
To tell the truth, I don’t know how Katie always manages to convince Louise to join her in the ring, but I always love to see how my wife is strong.
For sure she takes a good blow, but she replies with sharp punches, and even manages to trap Katie on the ropes. At first I see how Louise is smiling, and I think that fighting her friend will be a good therapy for her but quickly, some punches of Katie cause the gentle spar to end quickly.

"Aaaah st… stop that !!!”
Louise starts to protest when Katie begins to punch her large tits. Quickly the eyes of louise got watery and finally..
“Soob… Soob…please…. stop… I give up… Soob “
Louise ends on her side, holding her bruised tits and crying like a little girl. Katie is shocked, this is not the first time that they fight together, and as both of them are busty girls, they always punch their tits if it could help them to win. So at seeing her friend like this in such a position just after a few weaks attacks, Katie asks what happened and we have to tell her all the story with Mimi.

The blue haired girl, listen carefully. As a good friend, she tries to take Louise in her arms, and try to hug her tenderly, trying to make her feel better. But while she does this… I see some stars on her eyes… It really seems that Louise brings her something even more fun than the foxy boxing. And I start to think that Katie really has some naughty idea in mind

“oh my poor louise… I can understand… it must be really hard for you. “
“soob… Oh yes, it was really hard, not the beating, but the humiliation. I mean she just crushed my tits, and in front of my man ! “
“yes, yes… I understand, I mean, I can imagine, after all, no one beat MY tits, they’re perfect… but I can imagine how someone manages to beat yours… ”
“hmmff, well you don’t have to fight Mimi too… plus, they’re really big and firm. You don’t have to feel ashamed, but you can’t say they’re perfect. “
“why do you say that Louise, are you jealous ? “
“Nooo ! How can I be jealous of smaller tits ? You always tease me when we’re students because I got the best pair.”
“Oh please Louise, you got the bigger pair, but certainly not the best, I am always superior to you for this part. “

Louise stands up, and at 1.75 m , she is  taller than Katie. My wife looks at her old friend, and Katie just teases Louise with a naughty grin. This time the tension is up.

“So Katie, you really think that your tits were superior to me ? “
“of course Louise ! I mean, I was never defeated in a titfight before. “
“Mimi was just lucky ! she beat me by chance… “
“and you let her beat you in front of Alex ? “
“I… no… I… “
“If you think that your tits are the best you will have to prove it Louise. “
“how ?”
“a titfight with me of course <3 “
“you’re really crazy Katie, I can’t do such things like this now !”
“fufufu… the tall louise is scared to face me ? You know I can understand, I’m the best woman here, I beat you in boxing almost every time, but you can say that it’s because I got more training. But on a titfight, you can’t. And you don’t want to face me now, because Alex will see that you don’t have a chance against me <3”
“no ! “
“you’re scared to be humiliated one more time in front of your man, and this time by a girl smaller than you ? But don’t worry Louise, I’m sure that Alex loves to see you having your ass kicked. “

Katie turns and looks at me with her mischievous smile, she has so much fun in tormenting Louise now. And she is about to make my wife explode once for all
“Oh Alex, you can say the truth to me… you love to see it right… to see Louise beaten by this fat mom ? How was your cock when you see Louise having her face pummeled by better tits ? “
I… I just can’t answer the question. The words of Katie just remind me of this crazy night, with my lovely Louise being so sexy, so dominant, how she gave everything in this fight, and finally how she was totally crushed by her opponent. All this memory comes back in my mind, and I remember how I was hard as rock this night.

At seeing me so speechless, Louise seems to be totally betrayed. she doesn't even look at me. She makes a step and presses her huge tits into the one of Katie and she just says.
“you and me, on the ring… and now !”

Back on the ring, Katie is on a corner, and Louise is on the opposite corner. Both girls are now totally naked, except for that tiny thong. My wife is so beautiful now, her perfect body and amazing tits all ready for this match… I clearly see how her heavy breasts move up and down, and her sexy pink nipples totally erect. But Katie is really impressive too. As I say she is a little smaller than my wife, and her tits are also a little smaller… But she really has an impressive rack, big enough to totally engulf the head of a boy if she wants. She has darker areola than louise and strange but sexy inverted nipples. With her electric blue hair, she really seems to consider Louise as a joke, and send me some naughty kisses.  This time my wife is absolutely furious. I know that it’s not the time of that, but I love to see her in this state, hot and ready for battle. I really have to thank Katie for teasing Louise so much that my wife wants revenge… She is special and a little crazy, but she is a good friend.

“So Louise, you really think that you can beat me in a titfight ? “
“Of course I can ! I will make you bite the dust ! Your poor saggy tits does not have a chance against me. “
“hihihi… such confidence, so let’s make the match more interesting, the winner will have a special prize… Alex ! “
“you bitch ! I will ruin your tits ! And I will show you why Alex is mine. “

Ok, maybe she is just crazy, and not a so good friend.
Both girls agree to change the rules a little. Katie is afraid to have too much boxing match experience for titfighting louise seriously. She believes that she risks to use her fists and punch louise during the match, so both girls accept to have their hands tied on their back. They also accept to make the match with a round system, just like in boxing. Unlimited rounds of 4 minutes.. Why do I say unlimited ? Because before the fight, Katie continued to speak.

“Hmmm… so you fall KO just because you were punched silly by the tits of your opponent… waouh… she really should have impressive tits. “
“She KO me when she uses her big fat tits to smother me… but if you want we can do the same !!“
“Really ? hihihi, it will be so fun to punch you silly with my tits. Ok Louise so let’s go… No surrender, no time limit… this titfight will end when one of us will be totally KO… “
“ And you will be that one. “
“Deal… “

A new fight is about to start, and I am really scared for my lovely Louise. She is a tough girl of course, and she is really determined to win this fight now. But I remember all these days after her fight with Mimi… how she will react if she loses this new one ?

“hihihi…. ok so… WELCOME EVERYONE TO THIS SEXY NIGHT FOR THE CLASH OF TITANS… On my left, the challenger… wearing an impressive 34G cup, but all natural, the sexy… KATIE !!!.
she smile even more and make the show for some imaginary fans, before continuing
“And on my right, the actual champ,but not for long after her humiliating lose, the busty Louise and her impressive 38H enhanced… hihihi… “
“BITCH !!! Stop to be jealous, you perfectly know that they're all natural.  “
“so it will be even more fun to ruin them… alex, please the bell ! “


Both girls meet in the center of the ring. As their hands are tied on their back, they move in a strange way… and at first no one wants to make contact. They circle around each other, slowly getting closer, their big boobs dangling dangerously.
Finally it was Louise who made the first move. She rushed at Katie, and the blue haired girl can’t stop my wife. She was pushed a little while their huge tits were pressing against each other. Katie grunt a little, just as my Louise, but despite this she managed to resist perfectly to this first contact.
They stay a few moments more in this position..; looking deeply into each other's eyes to make sure to see when the other girl will give. In the end, just like in her previous match, it seems that louise has a small advantage. Her large breasts are a little firmer, and she sensually starts to push Katie, until the smaller girl is trapped on the ropes by her bigger tits.
“Aaah <3… so Katie, you feel them ? How my tits are superior to yours ? “
“Sh… shut up Louise… this is only the beginning. “
They continue to press each other's tits, but my wife continues to keep the upper hand. She keeps her friend trapped on the ropes, and sensually starts to grind her tits on Katie, causing her to moan and to have her face twisted by some pain.
Katie quickly tries to fight back, she tries to push louise more, but the blonde beauty is a little stronger than her. When she sees this, Katie tries to evade and goes on the left… and then on the right… but there is nothing to do, Louise is everytime where she has to go to keep her friend trapped.
The frustration starts to grow up in Katie's face, and she even starts to blush. Probably feeling that this match will not be so easy.
It seems that all the first round is about to take place on the ropes, but surprisingly, Louise release Katie, and the blue haired girl can return on the center of the ring, where my sexy wife is about to teach her what is a real titfight
Just like against Mimi, Louise sensually twists her torso, and her huge breasts sway a lot and crush the side of Katie’s boobs. The smaller girl grunt in pain as she feels her tits shaking like this. She step back a little, until Louise use their size difference to
send her huge tits on the face of Katie, and unbalance her opponent.


just in time, a really good way to finish this first round, as Katie seems to be a little shocked as she has to get up now and return on her corner. Her big breasts already start to be a little red, but despite being dominated during this whole round, Katie is just smiling like crazy, I guess that she finds titfighting louise even more fun now.
On the opposite corner, Louise sits on her chair, waiting. She dominates Katie for sure, but she is still furious, and even worse for me, she continues to ignore me. After some moment of rest, the bell rings, and the second round starts.

Round 2
The sexy titfight continues, and this time, it seems that Louise is a little more confident. My lovely wife rushed at Katie, without hesitation, and she tried to ram her big tits directly on her opponent’s tits. Katie grunts but she manages to stay in her place and does not step back.
During a whole minute, Louise and Katie rush against each other and slam their big tits. This battle makes lovely and sexy sounds, and even if at first, no girl seems to have an advantage, the last bump, make Katie step back a little. It was nothing, but my Louise started to get the upper hand. .
But the blue haired beauty refuses to surrender to Louise and soon she shows how she plans to dominate her.
The blonde beauty thinks that her breasts are better than Katie's, so she tries to crush her more and start to sway her shoulders. Louise tries to use her breasts to sensually boxe the tits of Katie, like in the previous round but most of her attacks miss.
Katie acts like in a boxing match, and she dodge perfectly the attack of her opponent. She moved her torso just enough to avoid the contact with Louise's tits and let my wife be more frustrated as her big tits hit nothing but air.
“fufufu <3… not bad Louise, but you know, you have to touch my perfect boobs if you want to beat me <3”
“Aaah… shut up Katie… you’re a coward, fight me like a real woman”
Quickly Louise blush more and more, she starts the round confident, but the skill of Katie starts to make her more furious, and also more nervous.
With another big sway of louise, her huge tits try to slap the breast of her opponent, but hit the air as katie manage one more time to avoid the attack, but this time, Katie reply
Louise grunt loudly as her big tits were finally smashed by Katie. the friend of my wife, ram her big tits on louise’s just after she missed her attack, really crushing her. the firm and big tits of louise fly a little more, but my poor wife does not have time to recover for now
“Aaahh <3… Aaaah <3… Aaaahh <3..; “
like a furry, the petite but strong Katie is having her revenge for the first round. Katie is a good fighter and she is in perfect shape… she moves like a cat, and ram her huge tits on Louise who slowly starts to be an helpless punching bag for her. Louise grunt and even started to scream when her tits took a sexy beating. Even if it’s the first titfight of katie, she perfectly knows how to move her body to send naughty tits attack. Louise is slowly trapped on the ropes, where Katie continue to pummel her tits;


But the end of the second round just save my wife, she returns to her corner, but after the sexy and impressive comeback of Katie, I guess that she has already lost her confidence… She is all red and pants a lot, looking at her bruised tits while sobbing a little… On the contrary, Katie looks like some sexy predatrix, licking her lips and waiting for a new round. For sure, she has her big tits all red too… but in her case, she is sure that she can win against Louise, and this makes a huge difference. I try to help Louise on her corner, but she ask me to leave the ring, and so I do it, feeling worried for her next round

Round 3
On this round, there is a big difference between the two busty girls… While louise get up slowly, Katie is rushing like lighting, and I think she want to return the favor of Louise, because she manage to ram her big tits into my wife’s before she can leave her corner
“Aaaah <3… “
Louise is sensually crushed on her own corner and looks a little stunned by the blow. She probably can’t believe that Katie will be so aggressive for her first match. But it’s the contrary !!!
Katie seems to be really curious to see how she can crush her friend by using her tits in a lot of various ways.
All around the ring, the petite busty girl dominates my wife… and the more she punishes the tits of Louise, the less my wife fights back…
“… stop ! “
Louise is in the center of the ring when Katie finally jumps, and smacks her hard tits just under the big one of louise… sensually uppercutting her on the ring and causing my wife to cry a lot. This time it seems that Katie finds the perfect way to crush Louise, and so she continues to pummel her underboobs.
It was really sexy to see the big pair of Louise take such a beating… her heavy jugs bounce erotically on the ring, and I can see some milk starting to ooze from her nipples… Katie is really kicking her ass
Quickly Louise’s tits seem to be less firm, they fly a little more with each new attack and they almost touch her face now, so Louise is about to be punched by her own tits.
It was terrible for Louise, and she suddenly fell for Katie as she is unable to take more punishment… My wife is all red now and she is panting a lot, her head resting on the shoulder of her friend.
I hear her words, and I think that it was over for her
“en… enough Katie… I can’t take more… you win. Just stop punishing my tits, please… “
The naughty smile of Katie is really scary, I know that she prepared something. I try to warn Louise, but Katie already starts to push Louise to her corner.
There is a thud when Louise’s back hits the turnbuckle, and then my wife falls on her stool, breathless and really stunned, while Katie seems to be in heaven.
“hihihi… you want to quit Louise ? That’s funny, because we both agreed to a KO match, so nah <3… I will continue… but I promise that I will stop to punish your tits <3… “
the face of Louise is brutally turned to the side, in a sexy and big explosion of saliva as Katie uses her big and firm tits to “punch” the face of louise. My wife is already groggy, but Katie just continue
with even more force, Katie uses her tits to give a hook on louise’s cheek, and my wife is forced to look at the other side, this time again spatting a lot, and being more dazed… Louise is already beaten as she beg Katie to stop, but the blue haired girl just continue to sensually pummel louise with a loud beating
With a lot of pleasure, Katie is sending her shoulders back and forth in order to brutally slap the face of louise. My poor wife just took an awful beating as the petite foxy boxer is now using soft but really heavy “boxing gloves” to punish her opponent. and Katie really use her tits to turn louise’s face into a cute punching bag
The sexy beating seems to be endless… Katie is having so much fun now… But as she try to send more and more powerful attack, there is a time where louise can’t take more and
my poor wife fell from her stool and crashed on the mat, barely conscious.
At seeing louise like that, Katie roar in the ring with pleasure and press a victorious foot on louise’s defeated tits
“hihihi seems that I’m the real woman in the end louise… So One… Two… Three… “
I really think that it is over for Louise now, but the bell finally saved her on this round.


Katie gently returns to her corner while swaying sensually her hips, and I jump into the ring to help my lovely Louise. This time she is too much beaten to protest and she accepts my help. I help her to sit on her stool and give her some water. I know that she is in a titfight, but her face is a sexy mess, her tits all red, and her sexy body all sweaty... I can’t believe that it’s possible, but Louise seems to have a black eye after the sexy punishment of Katie, but it’s impossible ! those sexy tits can’t deliver such powerful attacks, no ?
“ahh… you… you should be happy Alex. Another busty girl is kicking my ass..”
“you really should stop talking louise. Yeah you’re sexy even in this state, because you’re the most beautiful girl I know… but I prefer to see you win… so stop whining and destroy her now !”
I cheer for my wife like never before, she is in a bad situation, but I know she can win.

Round 4
A new round started… and after crushing my poor wife so much in the previous round, Katie took her time to leave her corner. She sensually sway her hips in order to arouse me, and let Louise all the time she needs in order to get up…
I must recognize, this sexy bitch knows how to play with her opponent’s mind.
Louise is still really tired and beaten… but with my words, she seems to be more determined now. I just wonder if it will be enough
This time again, Louise and Katie are tits to tits, and they try to push away the other girl. Louise quickly yelps in pain, and she slowly seems to lose this time. Her glorious tits are not so firm anymore, and Katie has finally the advantage.
“aaahh <3… aaahh <3… you… Aaaah <3.. en… enough !!! “
Despite her pain, my wife replied, and this time she replied hard… While being trapped on a sexy hold like this, Louise manages to push a little Katie, just enough to have the place to shake her shoulders, and punch the tits of Katie with a big boobs hook.
The poor Katie seems to be shocked now… she already thinks that she will win, so for her it’s a big surprise to see my wife ramming her bigger tits on hers like wrecking balls.. and smashing her pair with a huge slap…
Quickly, the tits of Louise are just too much beaten, and even when Louise is the one attacking she rewards Katie with tasty drop of milk. But despite how hurt are the sexy tits of my wife, she continues to fight, and even more… She manage to put katie on trouble
In no time, Louise manages to make Katie return serious. Soon the blue haired girl is like crazy, she moves her shoulder in all directions in order to boxe the pair of louise with her big tits… but no matter of the beating, Louise continues and manages to resist the beating. Time to time, one of the girls drops to her knees, but she quickly gets up and the match continues.
Milk and sweat are flying outside the ring now, and I blush as I’m watching a serious and really sexy fight. After another big slap on Louise’s face, I think that my wife will be KO but
Louise scream and rush so furiously on Katie that she manage to pin her sexy opponent on a corner, letting her huge tits piercing and dominating the one of Katie
“Aahh <3 so… so bitch ? you’re finished… any last words ? “
Compared to round 3, it was amazing. My wife just crushed Katie and kept her pinned on a corner… dominating her tits and letting her sexy erect nipples stabbing the underboobs of Katie. The voice of Katie is quickly twisted by a mix of pain and pleasure… she is all red now and she pants a lot… trying to resist Louise. But with an height and weight advantage, my lovely wife is beating Katie for good.
Louise keep her friend in this position for some long moment, and it seems to be a torture for Katie. Of course, the smaller girl tries to push Louise away in order to save her tits, using all her body for that… and cursing herself for being the one who asks to tie her hands. But as soon as she does this, Louise has a clear advantage, and she changes her way to fight.
she starts to ram brutally her big boobs on Katie, and start, just like in the first round to show her who is the Alpha girl. I must confess… after seeing my lovely Louise take such brutal beating before… it was my pleasure to see her crushing Katie like this… the smaller girl is the one screaming now, and Louise can continue for long… if there is no bell


Louise finally releases Katie, and the two girls return on their corner. I think that my wife really made an impressive round, but after taking care of her, I realize how beaten she is. Both girls are beaten, in fact... they’re covered by sweat which makes their glorious bodies all shinny in the light. But their big boobs are all red, and in the case of louise, they keep oozing milk…
Just like Katie, Louise is panting a lot now… I’m proud of the fighting spirit of my wife, but I know this next round will be the last. Both girls know it as they both act like if I’m not here and start some trash talk
“Aaahh… Aaah <3.. blonde bitch, you don’t have a chance ! I will KO you with my tits ! “
“Fuck you katie ! You’re tits are almost done ! I’m gonna crush them in this round ! “
“I’m gonna beat you and fuck Alex in front of you ! “
“BITCH !!! Alex is mine ! You will pay me that !”
I blush as I know it’s like a dream to be a man desired by two sexy and busty girls… I just hope that my wife can keep her head cold and win this match in the end.

Round 5
Both girls are quite tired this time, but the two quickly meet in the center of the ring and the sexy sound of their tits colliding against each other echoed.
Katie makes some hot yelping at feeling the bigger breasts of louise, and my sexy blonde does some sexy grunts, trying to resist more than her friend.
No girl wants to give up, but inch by inch, I see how Louise is pressing katie on a corner…
my wife is using her big and still firm breasts to uppercut the one of Katie, and once the smaller girl is on the ropes, she is done.
“Aaahhhh <3… bi… bitch… Aaahhhh <3.. it’s not over <3… “
Despite her brave words, it seems that Katie can’t take more beating now. Her tits stop to resist, they fly erotically in the air across her chest... and my wife just continues to beat her a lot.
Quickly Katie has her face twisted by the pain and she starts crying a lot. I think that she can’t believe that Louise can destroy her tits like this. She tried to run away, but it was a big mistake as Louise used her move to press her huge tits just under her chin, no longer beating her tits, but threaten her with more humiliating beating.
“Aaaahhh <3… bitch, remove those fat ugly tits from my face ! “
“just to be sure Katie, you still want to fuck my husband in front of me ? “
“Fuck you big cow… I will.. HMMMFFFFFF <3 <3 <3”
I blush at seeing the action, my wife is just smothering the poor Katie in front of me. She uses her huge sexy tits for that… she presses them on the face of Katie and prevents her from screaming and even breathing. I look at the smaller body trying desperately to escape from the ropes and struggle a lot for this… the legs of Katie kick off the mat furiously, but in the end
“Hmmmmffff… hmmmfffff… “
her struggle starts to slow down… she just can’t resist the tits of Louise… My wife is smothering her perfectly, and finally… Katie stopped to resist, she was totally beaten by my wife, and that’s when Louise finally released her.
“Not so fast bitch ! you know Katie, you really make a big mistake to challenge me in this kind of match ! Mimi was just a lucky girl, but you’re not, and you’re about to regret it !!! you still want to know what it feels to be beaten by boobs ?”
My lovely wife twists her body to the side and her big boobs slap Katie's face hard, forcing her to look at the side with a sexy explosion of saliva, and she continues like this with a lot of pleasure.
I see from outside the ring, the sexy body of Katie being sensually beaten, and her face pummelled by the glorious tits of my wife. Louise is crazy now… her huge tits look like some wrecking balls and she covers Katie with a lot of milk while beating her like this. She continues a lot but soon it seems clear that Katie is out…
Louise stops to press her on the ropes, and the sexy katie collapses on the ring, panting hard and weakly staying on her back, her chest moving quickly up and down, with her laborious breath.
Her proud tits are totally defeated now. My wife put a victorious foot on her breasts and claim her victory
“One… two… three… four...  five… six;.. seven… eight… “
I start to enter the ring, looking at my lovely louise, she is so amazing now, so confident, and so hot. I come just behind her and start to untie her arms. At first she is surprised, but quickly she lets me help her, and once her arms are free, she raise her arms above her head, and flexes them in a sexy victorious pose.
“Nine…. TEN !!! “

She won, my lovely wife won this match after 5 sexy rounds of hot titfight. I take her on my arms and kiss her with passion, we totally forget Katie now as it seems that my wife is back. She look at me with a smile, but quickly she fall on my arms and cry a lot and the tears that she hide me for weeks finally appear
“Al… Alex, I’m so sorry, and so ashamed… you try to prevent me for Mimi but… “
“Shhh… Ssshh… stop it Louise. You lose to Mimi just because she got lucky. I never stop to be proud of being your man. You’re sexy when you fight this fat mom until the end, and you’re even more sexy when you teach Katie who you are. “

I kiss her forehead and then I tenderly kiss her massive tits, but they’re so sensitive now that my lovely wife shivers in pleasure and we both love this moment. I continue to cheer her a lot, saying that seeing her dominating other girls only by using her tits is really hot and I continue to worship her victorious body a little more, but when Katie weakly groans my louise look at me with a smile.

“fufufu… Alex, please… this poor Katie fight me so much just in order to fuck you… maybe you can give her a taste of your cock while she submit to the winner ? “

and Katie quickly stop to groan as I’m behind her and fuck her with passion, moving my hips like a piston… she moans erotically, her voice twisted by the pleasure, while louise holds her head and starts to press katie’s head on her pussy. forcing the defeated girl to give her oral sex.
The sexy hot aftermatch continues for most part of the days, and when we finally end it, Katie is defeated in more than one way… But far from being angry, the petite blue hair girl just kisses Louise with lust, (and me even more) and she invites us for the rematch next week.
When we enter the car Louise continues to smile and say that Katie is still her best friend, but also that she is totally crazy.
One more time, I think that my wife is right.


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Re: My wife is a titfighter !!! part 02
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2021, 07:44:10 PM »
if you're reading this I hope that you enjoy the story.
and don't hesitate to told me how I can improve the writing to make the reading more pleasant.

contrary to this one, the next story of Louise risk to be a little longer as her next opponent is a busty italian mom who was my first love... and the nemesis of Louise.

take care of you and have a good day ;)


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Re: My wife is a titfighter !!! part 02
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2021, 01:03:23 PM »
Not bad! I loved the milk aspect as well as the whole setup. Maybe the rematch will be with punching allowed, like naked foxy boxing.

I think for me it is not so important if anybody wins. A defeat can be even more erotic.


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Re: My wife is a titfighter !!! part 02
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2021, 02:45:35 PM »
Great story, can’t wait for the next one