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Brawling with our niece (MF/FF)

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Brawling with our niece (MF/FF)
« on: May 15, 2021, 11:37:10 PM »
(Following on months later from Brawling with the college kid next door )

The muffled smash of a window being broken woke me up out of a sound sleep.
“What the fuck was that?” My wife hissed. We got out of bed and crept to the second floor landing. Sure enough, there was someone down there; two quiet, feminine voices were floating up the stairs.

Of course this was the one night we’d both left our phones downstairs. We didn’t even have a baseball bat or anything next to our bed; usually the worst thing we had to deal with was loud neighbors.

Grace was down the stairs like a shot, and I followed her, almost tripping in the darkness. When she got to the bottom my wife flipped on the lights, and there in the middle of stealing our TV was my niece Veronica and a big white girl I knew was her friend, but whose name I couldn’t place. They were both wearing black from head to toe - black knit caps, black turtleneck sweaters, black jeans and black boots.

“Aunt Grace!” Veronica squealed, almost dropping the TV. “I thought you two were on vacation!”
“No,” my wife replied, her voice icy calm. “With COVID? Are you joking? Do you want to tell me why you’re burglarizing my house?”
“Uhhh…” Veronica put her half of the TV down; her friend was still holding her half, leaving it leaning awkwardly. “I need money for concert tickets-”
“What?” My wife yelled. “Veronica, you’re in college! Get a job if you need money!”
“I don’t have time for that! The concert is in a few weeks-”

Come to think of it, I’d heard about this on the local news; some super popular K-pop band was coming here and tickets had sold out .2 seconds after going on sale or something. Apparently scalpers were now selling the tickets for like 5000% of face value. I doubted if our TV would have covered that; how much had my niece been planning to steal?

In the second I’d stopped to think about this, Veronica had gone face to face with her aunt. Grace was scolding her, waving her finger angrily in her niece’s face: “ back and apologize, and maybe I won’t tell your mother.”
“Or what?” Veronica sneered. “I already broke the window, how about I just take the TV? No, you know what, do you guys have any cash up there?”
“That is it!” my wife yelled. “I am going to teach you some manners, girl!”
“Pfff, okay. I’m not gonna fight you, Aunt Grace.” Veronica jerked her head at the big white girl. “She is.”
“What?” Grace turned to face the white lady and they went nose to nose (well, nose to chin) as Veronica walked over to me with a smile.

“How about you, Uncle Neil? You wanna go a few rounds?” She put her fists up, shadowboxing. “I bet I can knock you out in less than ten minutes! Then I’m gonna take a bunch of your stuff and sell it!”

“Veronica,” I sighed. I loved my niece, but she had very poor impulse control; I was ready to eat the cost of replacing the window, and I didn’t really feel like getting into a fistfight with my niece.
“You don’t want to fight?” she smiled. “That’s fine. I’ll just go hold down Aunt Grace-”
“Fine.” Left with no choice, I put my fists up, weighing the battle to come.

We at least had a large fighting area; the living room is big, the northern wall taken up by the entertainment center and (formerly the TV), a mantle and fireplace along the west wall, and the southern wall holding the broken window - I made a note to avoid the broken glass. Our large, comfortable couch and displaced TV sat in the center of the room, but it was otherwise mostly clear.

I wished I was wearing more than my boxer shorts as I sized up my opponent. Veronica is taller than her aunt, maybe five seven, with a willowy build. She’s from my wife’s side of the family, and although we both have the same tall, thin body type (I was five ten to her five seven), that was where the similarity ended - Veronica has dark skin, dark eyes and long dark hair, where I’m sandy blonde and white as milk. My niece has a little snub nose and high, plump lips, currently smiling at me - she was definitely feeling confident.

“I got moves you’ve never seen, Uncle Neil! You’re going to be begging me to steal your TV!” she leered, coming at me. I had an idea of what she was going to try and ignored the left jab she flashed at my face; sure enough she pulled it at the last second, darting forward and reaching for my crotch. I sidestepped and she went past me with a surprised yelp, hitting the mantle chest-first. I came up behind her, trying to get her in a full nelson, but she whirled away from me, getting her fists back up.

“Too slow, Uncy Neil!” she taunted, dancing back and forth. “Tooooooo slowwwww!” She came in throwing slaps and punches, her form completely undisciplined and wild. I covered up, waiting for her to leave herself open, weathering her assault of crazed hits on my hands and arms.

It didn’t take too long; my moment came as Veronica unloaded a wild uppercut slap at my chin. I leaned back and she was completely vulnerable, her arms totally out of position. My instinct was to hit her right in her unprotected stomach, but I found I was having a little trouble throwing a real punch at my niece; I knew we were in a fight, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw a full-power punch at her.

Of course this didn’t escape her notice; a little smirk appeared on her face. “What’s the matter, Uncle Neil? You having a little trouble there?” She started inching closer, batting her eyes at me, her mouth dropping into a pout. “You don’t want to punch me, right? You don’t want to hit me, right?”

“No,” I agreed. She was very close now, and I forestalled whatever she had planned by simply grabbing her in a bearhug. She shrieked as I lifted her off the ground - a rookie mistake as she emptied her lungs in a pointless scream, making it easier for me to start squeezing the air out of her.

Veronica tried to force her way out, but I had her arms trapped at her sides; as I squeezed she began frantically kicking me, but she couldn’t get her legs back enough to get much power into this and ended up delivering very weak, awkward knees.

When I saw her lean her head back for a headbutt I decided it was time to end the hold; from what I’d seen of her technique so far I didn’t think she knew how to deliver one of these very well, but I didn’t want her getting lucky and breaking my nose, or fucking up and smashing her face open on my skull. I fell forward, crushing Veronica against the hardwood floor, landing on top of her for good measure.

“Fuck,” Veronica gasped as I rolled off her. “Fuck!” To my amazement, she took one deep breath then hopped to her feet; ah, the stamina of youth. At least as we squared off I could see that her face was very flushed, both with anger and exertion.

“You know what, Uncle Neil? That really fucking hurt!” she yelled. “I was going to be nice to you, but now-!” She lunged forward with an obvious kick aimed between my legs; I turned my thigh and took it there, which hurt quite a bit, but definitely much less than her intended target.

But I’d underestimated my niece’s speed; her foot had barely hit my thigh before she unleashed a slap to the face, her palm cracking off my cheek. She followed this up with a right to my stomach, then a left to my jaw. None of her punches were that strong, but they were quick, and I found myself retreating under her assault as her fists slammed into my head and body. Now her wild, undisciplined attack was helping her; I couldn’t tell what she was going to do until she was actually delivering the slaps and punches.

Trying to reverse her momentum, I came at her with my own right aimed at her face; either I was too slow, or my instincts were still fighting against slugging my niece in the jaw, as she went under it and smashed an uppercut into my midsection. This hit knocked the wind out of me, and I fell down to my knees; Veronica unleashed a wild roundhouse right that hit the side of my head, and the next thing I knew I was on the floor, rolling over to see her standing over me shimmying with joy at knocking me down.

“Yeah, how you like that, Uncle Neil?” Her eyes went to my crotch, where the thin material of my boxer shorts was not hiding my excitement in the least. “Oh, you did like it, huh? Well, get up and get some more!” She started shadowboxing with a mad gleam in her eye. “C’mon, we’re not done yet! Get up!”

I took a deep breath and stood; fistfighting wasn’t working - I suppose no surprise when I didn’t want to hit my opponent. Grappling it was, then. We closed, me with my arms low and open in a grappler’s stance, Veronica’s fists held in front of her smirking face.

“You know, some guys pay a lot of money for this,” she told me behind a wild left jab. I darted in low, reaching for her legs, but she jumped back, aiming a front kick that missed my chin by half a foot. I dodged to the side, coming at her high, faking a hit at her head; she ducked it, snapping off a kick at my stomach which I faded back from.

We were stalemated; both of us were too fast to catch the other at this range, and whenever one of us came in to close, the other would back away from their hit - I found I was doing this on pure instinct, backing away from my niece’s flying feet and fists.

“Come on, Uncy Neil,” she pouted. “You’re not even fighting me. Look, those two are really going at it!”
This seemed like a trick, and I didn’t take my eyes completely off my niece even as I turned to look; sure enough, the big white girl was really going at it with my wife. Grace had the blonde bent over, hammering elbow strikes into her back, while the white girl had her arms wrapped around Grace’s waist. As I watched my wife was lifted right off the floor, yelling in surprise for a second before being slammed down on her back-

Veronica charged with a wild scream; I turned and kicked her hard in the stomach, all of her momentum running her into my foot, which she crumpled up around, then fell off, landing on the floor and curling up, holding herself and gasping.

I pressed the attack, certain my niece was going to recover from this quickly and determined to get the upper hand before she did. I rolled her onto her chest, sat down on her back, draped her arms back over my legs, and linked my hands under her chin, locking her in a camel clutch.
Veronica yelled in pain as I started pulling back; her inexperience showed as I could tell she had no idea how to even start getting out of this, wasting energy kicking her legs wildly.

“Uncle Neil, you’re hurting me!” she yelled.
“You give up then?” I asked, adding a little extra force as I pulled back.
“Let me go!”
“Once you say you give up!”
“Fuck you!” she yelled. “Get off me!”
“As soon as-”

I didn’t get any further before the blonde girl’s fist slammed into the back of my head; I fell forward, smacking my forehead into the stone lip of the fireplace for good measure, rolling over to see the ceiling fan drunkenly swimming. A shadow fell over me as the big blonde approached; I aimed a wild kick between her legs, but my aim was so poor I’m not sure she even noticed it as she walked up to me.

She still had her knit cap and pants on, but her shirt - and bra, if she’d ever had one on - had been ripped off, her fat, drooping tits sporting a set of nasty looking claw marks. Her wide mouth was set in an angry frown, her small blue eyes glaring down at me.

I managed to stumble up to my feet, but I was in bad shape; still, I squared off with my opponent as she came in - my back was to the mantle and fireplace, so I had nowhere to go unless I was going to try and climb up the chimney anyway.

My new opponent came in aiming a big right at my head; I managed to duck it, but not the followup right as she buried her fist in my stomach. I bent over, all the strength gone from my body, then fell to the floor, gasping.

“You’re a fucking pussy just like your wife!” the blonde bellowed. Veronica rolled me over, a huge grin on her face, pulling me up to a sitting position and getting behind me, trapping my arms with her own.

“Finish him off!” Veronica ordered. With a grunt the white girl got on her knees, slowly sliding forward; I realized what she was about to do and started struggling, but I was still weak, and my niece just laughed at me as her partner got into position, fitting my face between her breasts. For good measure, she linked her thick arms behind my head, well and truly trapping me in a deadly titsmother.

Even though I was wearing the big girl’s boobs like earmuffs, both her and my niece were taunting me, the white girl asking if I was enjoying getting to feel something bigger than mosquito bites, while Veronica cheered her friend on, telling her to finish putting me to sleep so they could get back to robbing the house.

I turned my head any way I could, but there was nothing but soft, sweaty flesh; I tried to open my mouth to bite, but I couldn’t close my jaw, only managing to succeed in drooling into the blonde’s tits.

Just when I thought I was going to pass out, the blonde leaned back, and I tasted freedom, greedily sucking down fresh air as my tormentor stood up. For a second I thought she was going to finish me with her ass, but then I realized she was yelling at my wife; Grace had recovered, and the white girl stomped off to resume their contest. Of course, Veronica still had me trapped, but that was a problem to deal with later; I focused on my breathing, taking big gulps of air.

“God damn it,” Veronica muttered. “Fine, I’ll finish you myself.” She released my right arm in order to use her own, reaching around my body; a jolt ran through me as she grabbed my hard cock, sticking through the open fly on my boxers.

“Why, Uncle Neil,” she panted in my ear. “You did enjoy that!”
“Let me go,” I growled. “Right this second.”
“Once you say you give up!” she gloated. “You know what, Uncy Neil? You can’t do shit!” She started squeezing my dick, and I leaned back against her with a helpless moan as she laughed. “Guys are so weak, all you have to do is grab this and they can’t move! ‘Ooh, let me go, Veronica! Ow, my little cock hurts!’”

I threw my elbow back behind me, getting lucky as it slammed into the side of my niece’s head; she let me go as she slumped to the floor on her side with a moan. I rolled onto my back, and we both took a minute to recover; by the time I’d managed to get to my knees, Veronica was sitting up, fixing me with a murderous glare.

“That fucking hurt!” she yelled as she got up.
“Oh, and you squeezing my cock felt great?” I barked right back.
“You started it with that thing you put me in!”
“Camel clutch,” I told her as we started circling.
“Yeah, the caramel clutch!” she barked, shooting forward with an obvious grab at my bobbing cock. I slapped her hand away, grabbing her hat and yanking it down, blinding my niece as she yelled in surprised anger.

I picked Veronica up and slammed her down to the floor, trying to work her back. She grunted at the impact, but rolled over and back to her feet, yanking her hat off and throwing it at my face with a snarl, charging in after it.

I smacked the hat away, ducked to the side, and tried to trip her, but she was already past me; she turned to face me, her hands back up in front of her face. We closed, and it occurred to me that the stalemate was working for my niece more than me; her youth would let her outlast me, and after the cock squeeze she’d just administered, I didn’t want to find out what she was going to do if she won.

With this in mind, I closed up, resigned to taking a hit to get close enough to attack; Veronica threw a left at my stomach, and I took it and came on, thankful that her technique was terrible, although she still hit me hard enough to almost stagger me back.

Surprised, Veronica was too slow to react as I grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling it straight up over her head, trapping her arms and leaving her stumbling around blind and cursing. I took a step back, admiring the sight for a second; with her face hidden, I found it a little easier to hit her, and stepped in, smashing my right fist into her flat belly.

Veronica went down on her side, cursing even louder; she managed to get the shirt off, and I was thankful she had a bra on as she sat up, aiming a death glare at me. I came in looking to grab her hair, but she grabbed at my cock, and I had to back up to keep it out of her hands.

“You some kind of perv, Uncle Neil?” Veronica growled as she got up. “Did you want to see my titties?”
“No!” I protested. She wasn’t listening.
“Here, get a good look!” She reached back and undid her bra; this left her momentarily defenseless, and I took the chance, charging her. I aimed to tackle her, but she dipped out of the way, sticking a leg out and tripping me; I went sprawling awkwardly on the floor with a shout.

I rolled over to see Veronica sitting down on my stomach; she’d finished removing her bra, and I got more of a look at my niece’s bare chest than I had ever wanted, her dark little tips rock-hard.
“Yeah, I know what you want, Uncy Neil,” she sneered. She leaned down and started dragging her nipples over my face, apparently taking particular interest in poking them between my lips, as I turned my head left and right, trying my best to avoid her humiliating show of dominance.

“Hey, Uncle Neil,” Veronica purred,  “You like getting your ass kicked by a girl? You can tell me.”
My response was to take a deep breath, doing my best to ignore my niece’s nipple invading my mouth, then buck her off with one big push off the floor; Veronica went off to the left, landing on her side and rolling over.

We got up to our knees and closed. Veronica reached for my shoulders, and I thought she was going to try and pull my face down to her chest; I reached for her wrists, falling for her feint as she dropped her hands, her right wrapping around my cock and squeezing, the left cupping my balls and pulling; my underwear did very little to protect my nuts, and my shaft was completely undefended, pain shooting through my body as my niece crushed and squeezed my most sensitive parts.

I wrapped my hands around her wrists, but, weak with pain, I couldn’t budge her hands; gasping in agony, I slumped forward against my niece, resting my head on her shoulder.
“I told you,” she purred. “Guys are so weak.” She released the holds, and I could have kissed her if I could raise my head; instead, she pushed me over on my back and crawled on top of me.

“Remind me again that thing you did before, Uncle Neil?”
“Camel clutch?” I moaned, trying to massage some of the lingering ache out of my cock and balls.
“Yeah, that’s it. Guess what? I’m going to do the caramel crunch on you now!”

I opened my mouth to protest, but Veronica was already rolling me over onto my chest; she sat down on my back, but missed the crucial step of hooking my arms back over her legs, leaving my hands free even as she linked hers under my chin and pulled up, grunting with effort as she worked the hold. I’ll admit I yelled in pain as she started wrenching my neck and back, but her triumph was short lived; I simply stood up, dumping my niece off me with a yell of surprise.

“How did you get out of that?” she yelled as she got up. I didn’t bother responding as I stood up as well, trying to watch for her next move; my twig and berries were still radiating a heavy, dull ache that was making it hard to concentrate.

“Should’ve just let me do the caramel crunch!” Veronica yelled, coming in swinging a left at my head, but her stance was all wrong. I had a split second to make my decision; was it a feint, or her terrible posture? My gut said feint, and sure enough she pulled the hit, charging at me aiming a kick between my legs. I turned to the side, leaving her foot to flash up past me harmlessly, unbalancing her so much she almost fell over.

I went behind her, wrapping my arms around her midsection and squeezing; my niece gasped, grabbing my wrists and trying to pull my arms apart without success. I leaned back, lifting her off the floor, and started shaking her as quickly as I could, hoping to disorientate her as her head whipped around on her neck.

To Veronica’s credit, she kept fighting back, trying to copy my earlier move and throw an elbow behind her; at the best of times I think this would have been difficult, and as it was with me shaking the life out of her she had no chance, a high, juttering yell of pain bursting from her as I worked the bearhug.

I tried my best to ignore my cock rubbing against her butt, a mixture of slight ache and disturbing pleasure - at least her pants were still on - as I slowly squeezed the life out of my niece. She almost threatened to wiggle out of my grasp with her frantic thrashing at first, but as I kept squeezing, my arms burning with effort, I could feel the fight being forced out of her, until she hung limp in my grasp.

I stopped shaking her, trying to conserve some energy, and her chin rested on her chest as she went totally limp. I lowered her down carefully, wary of any tricks; there were none, and I laid her out gently on her back, stopping to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her left ear as she lay motionless on the floor.

Behind me I heard the sound of clapping, and I turned to see the big white girl sitting on the couch, slowly getting to her feet as she applauded, her eyes locked on me. She’d been put through the wringer, now totally naked, the start of a very nasty black eye joining the claw marks on her tits; unfortunately Grace was in even worse shape, looking like she’d been knocked out cold, laying flat on the floor, her nose busted open and her slip torn off, only the gentle rising and falling of her chest letting me know she wasn’t dead.

“Tougher than I thought,” the white girl sneered, stepping over my wife’s comatose body. “But let’s see how you do against me, old man! It’s just you and me!”
“You’re on, uh - I’m sorry, what was your name again?”
“Umm, I didn’t catch-”
“Wendy!” she bellowed, charging me. “You’re gonna be screaming it-”

I ducked to the side as she barreled past; she had far too much momentum to stop and smashed into the fireplace, her forehead smacking off the stone lip of the mantle with a loud thwack. I got right up behind her, wrapping my arms around her body, trying to repeat my success with Veronica.

This was not a good idea. Wendy was so much bigger and stronger than my niece that I would have to apply a lot more force, and my protesting arms were already terribly sore; I didn’t even try to pick Wendy up, let alone shake her, and that left her just standing there as I hugged her from behind, gasping with effort.

“What are you doing back there?” Wendy grunted.
“Squeezing the life out of you,” I panted. She turned to face me with a massive left hook; I tried to duck, but I was too winded to move quickly, and her fist smashed into my jaw, knocking me down on my chest.

“Fuck,” I mumbled, rubbing my nose, trying to see if it was bleeding. Wendy stomped on my back, and I screamed, managing to roll over out of the way of another stomp; I tried to get up, but the damage I was taking was catching up with me. Wendy gave me a massive stomp to the belly, leaving me helplessly gasping on the floor, then stood over me, straddling my head; she jumped up in the air, and time seemed to slow as she hit the peak of her leap, then her massive ass started descending towards my face.

I rolled out of the way, managing to get up into a crouch; for her part Wendy landed hard straight on her ass with a grunt, slowly getting up, gingerly rubbing her butt. It was now or never; I took a deep breath, summoning everything I had left, and charged from the crouch, aiming at my opponent’s legs.

Wendy turned just in time to see me coming, trying to drop her hands to catch me; it was far too late as I crashed into her knees, messily taking her out. She pitched forward with a scream, smashing into the floor on her chest, while I kept going, barely managing to avoid tripping over her and hitting the ground myself.

I turned to see that my large opponent had just managed to roll over, and I dropped into a low stance, legs spread, waiting for her to sit up; when she did I charged, aiming a kick at her face. Seeing me coming, she tried to lay back, but all she managed to do was change the impact spot; instead of my foot rising up into her jaw, I ended up kicking her square in the forehead, and down she went, looking like she wasn’t going to be getting up for a while.

“Fuck,” I mumbled, panting, taking quick stock of the room. Veronica was still out cold; Wendy I couldn’t tell as she lay on her back with her eyes half open; Grace - Grace!

I walked over to my wife, kneeling down next to her, looking over the damage. It wasn’t the worst I’d ever seen her beaten up, but it was close; she was developing a shiner that was going to put even the one she’d given Wendy to shame around her left eye, the area under her nose with flaked with dried blood, and the front of her torso from the tops of her tits down to just above her crotch was one giant mass of swelling, bruised, beaten flesh.

“Grace,” I gently shook her shoulders. “Grace, wake up, sweetie.” No response. I leaned down and yelled in her face: “Wake up!
“What!” Grace sat up so quick her forehead smashed into my mouth, and I rocked back.  “What?” My wife rubbed her face with a moan. “We won? Did we win?”

“No,” Wendy answered for me. Not out cold, then - we both looked across the room at her as she lumbered to her feet. “You old fuckers are dead meat!”
“Grace,” I conferred with my wife quickly. “I’ll take care of her-”
“No, sweetie-”
“I really think-”
“Hey!” Wendy bellowed. “One of you assholes get up and fight! Who am I taking on?”

“Both of us,” Grace told her calmly. She stood up, and I joined her, the two of us side by side. “You go left,” she whispered in my ear. I nodded, and we closed on our opponent, splitting and going to each side; Wendy could only face one of us at once, and picked my wife, lunging at her with a roar and a right hook.

Grace just barely managed to jump back from the hit, Wendy’s large fist missing by less than an inch; I charged the blonde from behind, intertwining my arms with hers and trying to pull them up into a full nelson.

But Wendy was too strong; grunting, she fought back against me, and even though I had all the leverage, I found myself struggling to get her arms up where I wanted them, unable to get my hands locked behind her neck.

Of course, even if I couldn’t get the full nelson locked in, I still had her arms trapped. Grace stepped up, opening with a low left to Wendy’s belly, then started unloading, her hips rocking left and right as she got her body weight into each punch, the loud smack of her fists smashing into our opponent’s stomach and chest music to my ears.

For a few moments I thought we had the fight in the bag, up until the second my niece’s foot slammed up into my balls from behind, and I collapsed in helpless agony, gasping and trying not to cry.

“Miss me, Uncle Neil?” Veronica screamed down at me, raising her foot for a stomp. I tried to roll out of the way, but my body couldn’t respond, the signal to move scrambled by the nauseating agony shooting out of my crotch. Her heel smacked into the side of my head, then she dropped down into a squat, grabbing a handful of my hair and making me look up into her face.

“No more caramel crunch bullshit!” she yelled, drawing her hand back. I braced myself as she slapped me as hard as she could, then left me lying there as she moved down my body, grabbing the waistband on my shorts. They wouldn’t come off with my hands cupped around my balls.

“Move your hands!” she barked, fruitlessly pulling on my shorts. “God damn it! Uncle Neil, move your hands!”
“No,” I gasped. My shorts hadn’t provided much protection, but they were better than nothing, and I still had a little pride.
“Fine!” Veronica yelled, sliding back up. She twisted my nipples and I yelled in pain, but my hands stayed put; cursing, my niece grabbed them again, this time applying a twisting, pulling pinch.

I couldn’t take it anymore and released my balls; she tried to go for them, but I grabbed her wrists, and we fell into a tug of war, Veronica trying to drag her hands down to attack my goods while I did my best to keep her hands hovering harmlessly in the air. After a few nervous minutes she realized this wasn’t working, and she tried to knee me in the balls, but I closed my legs.

“You’re just pissing me off, Uncle Neil!” she howled. “I’m going to twist your little fucking cock right off your body! I’m going to rip your nuts off and- hey!” she squealed as my wife locked in a choke from behind, her right arm around her niece’s windpipe.

Grace pulled Veronica right off me; I spared a glance at Wendy, who was laying face down on her chest, my now naked wife’s panties still wrapped around her neck. I turned my attention back to my wife and niece, happy to see that Grace had the situation under control; Veronica was sitting on the floor, Grace kneeling behind her, my niece frantically and uselessly slapping her aunt’s arms, Veronica’s face already flushing, her mouth open wide and gasping like a fish out of water.

“You need a hand, babe?” I asked anyway.
“No thanks,” Grace grunted. “Won’t be long now-” She rode out Veronica’s fruitless attempt to stand up, the older woman easily holding the younger one down on the floor. “Start thinking about what you want to do to them.”
“Hmm… you have any ideas?”
“Well, a spanking for this one to start,” Grace told me, sparking a fresh burst of frantic resistance as Veronica kicked her legs, the choke really sinking in as drool started running out of her mouth. “Then she can watch us destroy blondie.”

That gave me an idea. Just to be safe, I got up and walked over to Wendy, pulling the underwear off her neck and tying her hands behind her back - you never knew. Then I sat down on her to watch the inevitable as Veronica slowly lost consciousness, her struggling becoming frantic writhing, then stillness, her eyes rolling back in her head until her aunt slowly lowered her to the floor, leaving her lying out cold.

“You did great, babe,” I told my wife as I got up, coming over to help her to her feet, then hugging her as gently as I could, careful not to press against her bruised midsection.
“Hey, not so bad yourself, Uncle Neil,” she gave my hard cock a playful little squeeze. “How’s your boys doing?”
“They’ll live,” I admitted. “How about you?”
“Well, I’m going to be sore tomorrow, but,” she reached between her legs and parted her lower lips, “dumbass didn’t think to go after my crotch, so we can have some fun now.” She looked approvingly over at Wendy’s tied wrists. “We’d better tie Veronica up, too.”

Without a word I slid out of my shorts and handed them over; Grace used them to nimbly cinch my niece’s wrists behind her back, and that was it - as Grace had said, we were going to be sore tomorrow, but for now I just enjoyed the glow of victory.

We left Wendy for now, my wife rolling Veronica over and bringing her around with some slaps; my niece’s eyes opened slowly, and I saw the panic on her face as she realized she was trapped, sitting up and frantically trying to pull her arms free.

“Aunt Grace-” she started, cut off as my wife slapped her across the face. She stared up at her aunt, wincing as Grace drew her arm back for the backhand. “Aunt Grace!” she yelped. “Stop, don’t! I’m sorry!”
“I don’t care if you’re sorry,” my wife snarled. “Do you give up?”

Veronica hesitated for one second and ate the backhand, crying out in pain; that was enough to start her blubbering: “I give up! You guys win! I’m sorry!”
“Veronica,” my wife seethed. “What is your mother going to say when I tell her-”
“No!” Veronica squealed. “You can’t, she’ll kill me!”
“Don’t interrupt,” Grace lectured her. “You broke my window, you tried to steal my TV, you got into a fistfight with my husband, you said you were going to, what was it? Rip his little dick right off?”
“I’m sorry,” Veronica muttered.
“We are way past sorry, young lady!” Grace scolded. “If you don’t want me to tell your mother, this is what we’re going to do. You are going to apologize-”
“Uh huh,” Veronica nodded eagerly.
“You are going to get spanked-”
“Fine,” Veronica sighed much less eagerly.
“And you are going to watch us punish Wendy.”

Veronica took a long look at her beaten friend, then stared down at the floor: “Okay.”
“Okay?” Grace put her hand under her niece’s chin, making Veronica look up at her. “You won’t give us any trouble?”
“No, Aunt Grace,” Veronica mumbled.
“Fine. Neil, come over here,” my wife beckoned. I walked over, staring down at my niece.
“Hi,” Veronica greeted me, then turned back to her aunt: “You know, I could just suck his cock - “
“Veronica,” my wife sighed. “I am going to pretend I didn’t hear that. Just tell him you’re sorry. Sincerely.”

“I’m sowwy, Uncy Neil,” my niece looked up at me, using the same sad puppy dog eyes that had gotten her countless stuffed animals and crisp five dollar bills over the years.
“What else?” Grace prompted.
“Uh… your cock isn’t that small.”
“Ummm… I’m sorry I kicked you in the balls. And all that other stuff.”
“Fine. Neil, are you happy with that?”
“Sure,” I nodded, eager to get on to something more fun.

Fun for us, at least - Veronica faced her spanking like someone going to her execution, laying on the floor as her aunt rolled off her, then flopping over Grace’s knee with a defeated sigh. I went back over to sit on Wendy and watch the show as Grace pulled her niece’s pants and underwear down and off, tossing them on the couch.

“Keep your butt up and your legs down,” Grace told her niece. “And you can thank me after each one. And remember, this is for your own good.” Veronica didn’t say anything, and Grace squeezed her ass, drawing a squeal: “Right?”
“Yes, Aunt Grace!” Veronica squeaked.

Grace started administering the spanking, working coolly and efficiently, the loud crack of her hand smacking off Veronica’s bare ass filling the room along with small yips of pain from my niece in between her loud “Thank you, Aunt Grace!” after each hit. Grace switched cheeks occasionally, but I could see her victim’s butt turning red; Veronica’s thank you’s started coming out as sobs, tears running down her cheeks and pattering on the floor as her aunt punished her.

By the time Grace had enough, Veronica’s butt was beet red; told she could get up, she slowly stood, her aunt unbinding her hands. Veronica rubbed her sore ass, and I got her some tissues to wipe her eyes and blow her nose. She mumbled a “thanks”, trying to collect herself as I went over to confer with my wife.

“Upstairs,” Grace started, “under the bed - the big Hitachi one. And that ball gag.”
“Hmm,” my wife pondered, staring at her niece, who was in turn regarding the floor with intense interest. “No, we broke her. She won’t try anything.”
I nodded and bounded up the stairs, careful to avoid the broken glass still by the window, getting the items my wife requested: a large wand vibrator, the tip a rounded grey sphere, and a red ball gag. Veronica didn’t even look up as I came back into the living room and handed them to my wife.

“Okay, Veronica,” Grace pointed. “Sit down - there, back against the wall. Okay.” She walked up to where her niece sat, leaning down: “Just to make sure you never try this again, I’m going to make it weird. Spread your legs.”

Wordlessly Veronica spread her legs wide. My wife fit the vibrator between her legs, the tip pressing against her crotch, and turned it on. Veronica gasped, and my wife started slowly sliding the power up to medium, a low bass buzzing sound coming from between my niece’s legs. Grace quickly put the ball gag on her niece next, making sure it was on nice and tight, then left her with some instructions: “We’re going to go fuck up your friend now. If I look over and you’ve moved, or moved the vibrator-”
“Ah wah,” Veronica shook her head.
“You look so cute,” Grace purred, patting Veronica condescending on the head. “You just sit there and watch. Got it?”
“Yah,” Veronica nodded eagerly.
“Good. Enjoy the show.”

With that Grace walked over to Wendy, rolling the heavy blonde over onto her back with a grunt, then sitting down on her tummy.
“Hey!” Grace yelled, unleashing a few slaps. “Wendy! Wake up!” When that didn’t work, she started slapping Wendy’s beaten tits; that brought her around in a hurry.

“What?” Wendy gasped. “What happened?”
“What happened?” My wife smirked. “You lost. Here’s what’s going to happen, Wendy. You’re either going to tell me you submit, in which case my husband and I are going to do whatever we want to you, for however long we want. Or you tell me you want to keep fighting.” Grace leaned down, hissing in the younger woman’s face: “You know how much it’s going to cost to get that window fixed? I don’t either, but I’m going to beat every fucking cent out of your tits,” she emphasised this by grabbing Wendy’s boobs, her fingers over the claw marks she’d already administered. “So what’s it going to be?”

“Fine,” Wendy sulked. “You win. I’ll do whatever you want. Want me to lick your pussy?”
“Hear that, honey?” Grace sat up with a big smile. “She wants to lick my pussy!”
“What a great idea,” I agreed. I went to sit behind my wife and start getting her warmed up by playing with her tits before remembering her chest had been pounded into a sea of bruises.

Seeing me hesitate, Grace pointed over to our niece: “You just go have a seat and watch, dear.” She gave my cock a playful squeeze before I left. “And can you get nice and hard for me? I’m going to need you for the next part.”

I walked over to the wall Veronica was sitting against and sat down next to her.
“Haa ungle neel,” my niece slurred through the gag.
“Hi.” I leaned back against the wall, watching as Grace got off Wendy. My wife untied the younger woman’s hands, then went and sat on the couch; Wendy crawled over, going between my wife’s legs, the long mop of Wendy’s blonde hair gently moving up and down as she started eating out my wife. Grace leaned back with a happy sigh, a look of total relaxation on her face.

This was hot. I quickly got to full extension, almost forgetting I was sitting next to my niece; whether she was just enjoying the show, the vibrator buzzing against her pussy, or both, her moans got longer and louder even through the gag, until I could tell she was climaxing; she fell sideways against me, her head leaning my shoulder, as she convulsed.

“Fuh,” Veronica gasped. “Fug.”
“Here-” I pushed her back vertical. “You comfortable?”
“Yag. Thag ew.”
“No sweat. Here, look - your aunt is almost finished.” I could tell from the bucking yips coming out of Grace she was almost there, and maybe half a minute later she went into her finish, her legs locking around Wendy’s head, her hands locked in the younger woman’s blonde hair, trying to push Wendy’s face deeper between her legs. Grace threw her head back, howling in pure pleasure.

Grace rode her climax, coming down slowly; the only sound was my wife panting, Veronica’s small moans, and the buzzing of the still-going vibrator. My wife opened her eyes, relishing the afterglow; then she waved me over: “Come on, babe, you’ve waited long enough.”

As I walked over; I exchanged a quick glance with Wendy; her face was coated with my wife’s juices, and her left eye was almost totally closed by the swelling. When I arrived at the couch, Grace gave my cock a squeeze, nodding in satisfaction at my hardness.

“All right, good. You know what’s coming next?” she smiled at Wendy. “Scoot back a bit. Now open wide.”
Wendy had slid backwards until her back was touching the table, leaving me plenty of room to step up in front of her. She looked up at me, opening her mouth as wide as it would go, sticking her tongue out.

“All right, babe!” Grace smacked my ass. “You know what I want to see!”
I scooted forward, resting my hands on Wendy’s shoulders, and started fucking her mouth.  “Just a little bit,” Grace cautioned me. “Don’t cum in her mouth or anything. I want you to fuck her after this.”
“Yes, dear,” I groaned.
“You hear that?” my wife asked Wendy. “He’s just getting his cock lubed up for that fat fucking pussy of yours!”

This felt great, but it was over all too soon; if it had been up to me I would have been happy just blowing my load in Wendy’s mouth, but my wife was determined to teach her a lesson and went behind the blonde, getting on her knees, reaching around her body, one hand dipping down to her crotch.

“Wow!” Grace exclaimed. “Honey, she’s dripping wet! I guess this fat slut really wants to get fucked!”
“Yes, dear,” I agreed with one last stroke, stopping with my cock completely enveloped by Wendy’s mouth, my balls resting on her chin.
“All right, you,” Grace smacked the back of Wendy’s head. “All fours, facing me.”

We got into position, my wife on her knees facing Wendy, the blonde on all fours, me behind her. I scooted forward, pressing the tip of my cock against her entrance. I wouldn’t say Wendy was quite dripping wet, but she was definitely ready to be fucked; clearly she had enjoyed something that had been done to her, and between that and the liberal coating of spit my face-fuck had left behind, I slipped in pretty easy, moaning as I hilted myself, the fronts of my thighs smacking into Wendy’s fat ass.

“C’mon, babe, fuck her,” Grace commanded. “Give it to her hard!”
“Yes, dear.” I held on to Wendy’s hips and started fucking her doggy style, the blonde rocking back against me with each stroke. “Fuck!” I moaned. “Fuck!”
“You enjoying fucking her, babe?”
“Yes!” I gasped.
“You enjoying getting fucked, you slut?” Grace asked Wendy. Before the blonde could respond, Grace yelled “Too bad!” and reached forward, cupping Wendy’s breasts in her palms.
“Not my tits!” Wendy squealed.
“Yeah, your fucking tits!” Grace yelled, squeezing with both hands. Wendy howled, and I had to hold on to her for dear life. “You don’t get to fucking cum on my husband’s dick!” Grace yelled, squeezing and pulling Wendy’s boobs.  The blonde bucked forward out of my grasp, collapsing to the floor, holding her tits and sobbing.

“Pathetic!” Grace spat. “Dish it out, but you can’t take it!” She rolled Wendy over, still yelling at her: “Look at my fucking tits, you beat them black and blue! But I’m not on the floor fucking crying about it!” She turned her attention up to me: “Okay, go!”
“What?” I looked down at Wendy; she was ugly crying, her body wracked with sobs. “Uh-”
“What’s the problem?” Grace barked. “Is she too loose? Huh?” she sneered down at Wendy. “Hear that? Your fat pussy is too loose for my man to even enjoy fucking you! Fine!” She turned back to me. “Ruining my finish! Come over here!”

I walked over on my knees, Grace above Wendy’s head, me on the blonde’s right side. Grace grabbed my cock and started jerking me off, aiming the tip right at Wendy’s crying face.
“Sorry, babe,” my wife muttered. “Kids these days, all fucking talk, starting shit they can’t finish,” she went on, her hand flying up and down my cock. “Can you cum on her ugly face?”
“Sure,” I panted. Normally I might have thought just getting finished off with a handjob was a little comedown after full on intercourse, but I was so hot now I was ready to burst. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see Wendy sobbing, trying to ignore the sounds of her crying as my wife jerked me off.

“Any time,” Grace muttered.
“Just a little more,” I panted, laying my right arm over her shoulders and leaning in close to her.
“Do you need me to finger your butt or something, sweetie?”
“No, my dick hurts! Your niece almost ripped it off me-”
“Here, babe, hold on.” Grace changed positions, moving so she was across from me instead of to the side, getting my cock in a reverse milking grip. We leaned together over Wendy and Grace started making out with me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, her free hand gently cupping my balls.

My wife finished me and I moaned into her mouth as I started cumming, thick spurts blasting down onto Wendy’s face. Grace really wanted to get as much spunk on her beaten opponent's face as possible, milking me roughly through my climax, leaving me leaning against her and gasping as she squeezed my balls: “Is that all you have for me, hun?”
“Yes,” I gasped. “Oh, fuck.” I looked down at Wendy; she had her eyes closed, tears still leaking out the sides, her forehead, cheeks, nose and mouth all splattered with sticky cum, one long spurt having reached her chin.

“What a mess,” Grace laughed, stopping to wipe some ejaculate that had gotten on her fingers off in Wendy’s hair. I slowly lowered myself down to lay on the floor, taking a quick break as Grace started cleaning up, taking off Veronica’s gag, shutting the vibrator off and telling her to get dressed and get out. Wendy slowly rolled over and stood, a strand of cum hanging off her chin, putting on her pants and underwear.

“Better keep this,” Grace stopped her as the beaten blonde reached for her shirt. “I need something to cover up that hole you idiots made.” She walked over to the window, careful to avoid the broken glass, and started using four thumbtacks to attach it to the window frame.  She also took Wendy’s bra for her trophy rack, making the blonde sign it; Veronica was back in her burglar outfit when it was time for her to leave, but Wendy was going out into the night with her bare, beaten tits on full display; I found myself wondering where they’d parked.

But that thought was quickly pushed away by more immediate concerns - Grace needed tylenol and as many ice packs as we had, I wanted to see if I could put anything more solid over the hole in the window, the glass had to be swept up-

“Hey,” my wife told me as I went to get the dustpan and broom. “You can do that later. Come to bed.”
“Come to bed,” she repeated, her hand resting lightly on my now limp cock, which stirred under her gentle touch.  “Can you go again, or should I get the vibrator?”
“I think I can manage it.”
“Great,” she smiled. “Oh - grab the ball gag, though.”
“Yes, dear…”
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