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Ladies of Bollywood

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Ladies of Bollywood
« on: June 08, 2021, 08:07:03 AM »
                                                                               BOLLYWOOD CATFIGHT CONVENTION

   Cannes Film Festival 2020 was scheduled from 15th March to 25th March. As usual celebs from all over the world were expected to attend the prestigious awards function. Participation from Bollywood was particularly high this year with many top movies and low budget movies as well as web series being selected in various awards categories. Many Bollywood celebs including likes of Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Disha Patani, Kriti Sanon, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif were featured in the awards categories and boarded the Lufthansa flight from Bombay to Cannes under the growing rumours of a deadly flu virus. It was a lot of ruckus at the Airport as fans jostled to see off so many stars in the same flight. The Actresses themselves interacted very little with each other and were able to safely board the aircraft. Another lot of actresses including Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit, Zareen Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt and Sonam Kapoor were also taking off from Bangalore airport in the evening for the same event. While both the groups were airborne, the French announced the lockdown and quarantine of all incoming flights and the Indian passengers were quarantined at Hotel Martinez, a luxury 5 star Hotel. As the Actresses in first group arrived in the early morning and were routed to the Hotel in a single bus, they discussed the implications of the lockdown on their future plans.

Deepika sat alone in the front brooding over the new developments while Disha and Katrina chit chatted on the seat behind her in flawless heavily accented english. Kiara and Shraddha could be heard in the back seat chatting excitedly something about the presidential suite in the hotel as they checked out the hotel on internet. Their stay at hotel was to be paid by the French Govt so girls were looking at their options and found the presidential suite unoccupied. Deepika scoffed and muttered, ”What rubbish” but moved to the edge of her seat all the same. Being alone on the front most seat astride the front gate would give her the clear advantage in being the first one to reach the reception. Kareena and Kriti sitting on the seat adjacent to hers noticed this and gave a knowing smile to each other. As soon as the bus stopped with a hiss from the opening of the hydraulic doors, Deepika bolted from her seat and surprised herself by landing awkwardly and staggering. Kriti laughed loudly in the door and ran past her saying, “Oh Madame, Calm down. We all know what rubbish is this.” Kareena followed her running facing backwards and giving her a broad smile. Deepika gave up all the pretence and followed them at a brisk run while rest of the actresses crowded at the narrow door and giggled, pushing each other. Kriti and Kareena entered the great revolving door at almost the same time and were greeted by a familiar majestic dusky back in a backless stylish cotton Saree standing at the reception. As they approached running, Priyanka turned and greeted them with a warm smile.
“What are you doing here”, said Kareena not warmly.
“Hi babes..I also got put here.”
“Here’s your keys to the presidential suite madame”, interrupted the receptionist handing over a thick digital card to Priyanka.
Deepika also arrived and greeted Priyanka, “So, you beat me to the presidential suite also.”
“Ohh.. You can come share with me Dips..there’s so many rooms in that suite.”
“Sure, Whatever”
Meanwhile, rest of the gang also caught up with the four divas and for about half an hour, the lobby of the Hotel warmed with the presence of hot celebs while rooms for rest of the girls were sorted out by the reception. All got single luxury rooms with the exception of Priyanka and Deepika who decided to share the Presidential suite.

Later in the evening, the other group also arrived at the hotel and were a little disappointed to find all the rooms occupied. So they were put in sharing with the Actresses from the morning. Shraddha got paired up with Alia while Sonakshi with Kareena, Jacqueline with Kriti, Aishwarya with Katrina, Kiara with Anushka Sharma, Disha with Sonam Kapoor and Madhuri and Zareen shared the second bedroom in the presidential suite with Deepika and Priyanka in the other room. The ladies settled down in their rooms which all had a single large king size bed and attached balconies. Some girls were excited by the quarantine while some wanted nothing more than to go out and chill out. For the next two days they had their meals in the Hotel restaurant and mostly stayed indoors.

First signs of boredom and frustration appeared on the third day when a heated remark was heard at lunch from the table shared by Deepika,Priyanka,Zareen and Madhuri. Apparently Priyanka said something like, “I should not have invited you to share room with me.” while Zareen shushed her.

After the lunch, the ladies chilled at the central lounging area of the hotel. Some were reclining on the plush sofas while some paced here and there. Quite a few of the girls were getting restless now and wanted to go out but they were politely but firmly denied by the reception. Someone suggested a meet up by the swimming pool but they were told that the pool is also closed due to the pandemic. Alia stood and suggested to have a party for all in the evening at their room to dismay of Shraddha who complained about lack of space in their tiny room. Alia rolled her eyes towards her and blurted out, “Why are you such a buzz killer.”
“If I’m such a buzz killer, why don’t you change your room”, replied Shraddha and moved up to Alia.

Kareena walked up in between them,“Calm down young ones. Come to me and Sonakshi if you want to soothe your young blood and party.”
Sonakshi coughed nervously.

Priyanka broke the tension by suggesting that they have a party at the presidential suite.
“Sure. Why not. Lets not ask your roommates first”, Deepika glared at her and Priyanka returned the favour equally which resulted in a stare down while Madhuri immediately latched onto the idea and looking over at Aishwarya with a knowing smile announced to all, “That settles it then. You are all welcome to our suite in the evening. Lets chill out and watch a movie together or something on the big TV in living area of the suite. It's so big and spacious, suitable for… uh many activities you young bloods are probably not aware of”.
Aishwarya also exchanged a knowing look with Madhuri and politely asked looking over the staring daggers pair of Priyanka and Deepika., “Does residents of Presidential suite have any objections to us all girls having….uh a party or something in your Suite ?”
“Of course not Ma’am,” Zareen said almost apologetically waving her hand between Priyanka and Deepika.
“Don’t call me Ma’am Sweety and go arrange for the drinks in that case”, Aish said coolly.
Zareen took it playfully and walked out with a mock salute to Aish to get drinks for the evening.

Disha smiled naughtily and said, “Great. It’s a party. I will bring the stuff.”, to which Deepika immediately became interested and breaking her stare down with Priyanka said, “Oh. Why u waited so long before breaking out the stuff. You bring your stuff and I will bring mine special one.”
“Only thing you are useful for.” Priyanka said derisively.
“It’s not for you. You are not allowed to touch my stuff.”
“Since when ? Forgot last night honey! You were begging me for blowbacks”, Priyanka Lol’d.
“You shut UP! I will see you in the room”, Deepika walked out saying this.
“Yes, Yes in the suite, in the evening.”, shouted Madhuri to Deepika’s back.

Sonam rolled her eyes at Disha from across the room, “What stuff  are you talking about ? The same stuff that you have been using to give me asthma for two days! Do us a favour and please throw that in the garbage.”
“I would sooner dump you in the garbage baby.” Disha rebuked smiling sweetly at Sonam.
“You have no respect for seniors. I am warning you for the last time.”, Sonam said pointing her finger at Disha.
“Oh..By senior you mean Old!”
Sonam opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by Aishwarya, “Lets not get on each other’s nerves. God knows how long we are gonna be quarantined together so lets not fight and lets try to make the best of this time.”
Madhuri looked over at Aishwarya with a wicked smile on her face, “Not fight like this you mean Aish. Let us show these newbies how to have real fun. Please, all of you come to the suite in the evening at 7 PM sharp.”
“What should we wear”, Jacqualine asked.
“Barbie doll’s dress for you”, Anushka said laughing.
“And Virat’s cricket jersey for you”, Jacky rebuked.
Anushka tensed but melted into a smile soon saying, “Good one. Good one.”
And slowly after some time of playful bitching and joking, the ladies dispersed and went to their respective rooms excited about the party in the evening.

Disha and Sonam were the first one to appear at the presidential suite at 7 PM in the evening. Both had a sullen expression on their faces suggesting another verbal duel in their room. Zareen opened the door and welcomed them inside. The door opened into a large living area covered with thick Egyptian carpet and deep leather sofas lined along the walls with a large TV mounted on the wall at the end. The other end of the living area had a large oak dining table which could sit 16 people at a time. One corridor led from the centre of the living area to an open kitchen and a Gym in the back. The kitchen looked out over a beautiful terrace garden. There were two master bedrooms on the opposite sides of the central corridor of which left one was occupied by Deepika and Priyanka and right one by Madhuri and Zareen. Disha and Sonam sat down on the opposite Sofas while Zareen switched on the TV and went in the kitchen to get them some drinks. Soon other girls started arriving and Priyanka and Deepika also came out of their room still in the middle of an argument and joined the crowd in the living room. By 8 PM the party was in full swing with people going in and out of different areas of the suite. Alcohol flowed freely and Disha broke out the stuff she had brought and started rolling joints with Deepika on the low glass table between the sofas. Madhuri made a special cocktail and made it a rule for everyone entering to first take a shot of the mysterious dark and thick drink.  All the girls were in casual night attire with T-Shirts and cotton shorts being the norm. Only Madhuri and Aishwarya chose to appear in impeccable low cut blouse and sarees. A few of the girls were playing cards at the dining table while others divided into smaller groups and lounged here and there. After a couple of rounds of drinks and some joints later, all got pretty high,happy and unexplainably excited. Madhuri suggested to put on some classic Bollywood movie on TV.

All gathered around the Sofas and sat down to watch the movie but could not concentrate on the plot. In the reshuffling Sonam and Disha  found themselves sitting next to each other. Due to lack of sitting space on Sofa, Disha’s side was coming on top of Sonam which she promptly corrected by moving a little forward but Disha also moved and again placed her arm over Sonam’s. Sonam had enough of the spoilt brat and her blood boiled under the influence of various drinks. She pushed Disha’s back with both hands and threw her on the floor. “Don’t you know how to sit properly”, she spat. Disha glared back at her from the floor leaning on her elbow and immediately caught hold of Sonam’s wrist and pulled her down hard bringing her adjacent to her on the floor. Both girls stared at each other from sides panting and attacked simultaneously. For about thirty-seconds the scene was a flurry of limbs and legs moving and writhing fast to gain the upper position. Both the girls struggled on the floor and their world collapsed to their rival in looming large in their faces. Some of the girls on the Sofas cheered and hooted while some shouted to stop this uncivilised behaviour. Zareen stood up and waited to separate the grappling girls but she could not make out who was who on the ground as the combatants were entangled in odd ways with each other. Soon Disha had Sonam lying facedown on floor with her hands under her control while she lay on top of her pressing her boobs into Sonam’s back and grapewined her legs from behind.
“So, you gonna behave now…”, Disha hissed in Sonam’s ear from behind.
“Let go of me. Then I’ll show you”
“Make me let go of you if you have the guts Bitch”, Disha challenged.
Sonam tried to reverse buck Disha but Disha clung like a python on Sonam’s back.
The sight of a well toned beauty completely dominating another beauty from behind was mesmerising enough for Zareen to sit down and enjoy the scene as she judged that nothing harmful will come out of it. Other girls were also watching the entangled girls and offering their own suggestions. The wrestling rather than the movie had turned into the main entertainment of the evening.
“C’mon Sonam. Move your hips sideways and buck her,” shouted Alia.
“She’s beat. Tap out and accept defeat Sonam”, Aishwarya said coolly.
“NO, she cheated. Just let me up once and lets have second round”, Sonam managed to hiss between heavy breaths.
Disha tightened her reverse bear hug on Sonam and pressed her crotch into Sonam’s Ass squeezing Sonam’s tight 34 inches ass between her powerful thighs.
“Give up Sonam. Otherwise i don’t have any problem if you wanna be trapped in my legs for the entire night.”
Then Madhuri got up and patted on Disha’s back.
“Okay. Let her go. She lost.”
“I have not lost. Fight me properly and I’ll show this Bitch what’s up”, hissed Sonam with her face in the carpet.
Disha smiled and started dry humping helpless Sonam’s Ass from behind, slowly first, then with more power making loud whacking sounds eliciting loud laughter from a couple of girls.
“Umhhhh…Sexy”, muttered Kareena as she seductively eyed Disha’s tight Ass of 35 inches and her powerful inner thighs muscles flexing as she dry humped Sonam rhythmically laying on top of her back.
Sonam’s face turned dark red with shame and embarrassment and her eyes became moist.
“Okay… Leave her Disha. You are clearly stronger than her but she will have her second chance.”, Aishwarya supplemented Madhuri and patted on Disha’s back to let her go.
Color was draining from Sonam’s face as Disha loosened her grip and let her get up. Sonam managed to get up and collapsed on Sofa. “You’re gonna pay for that bitch. I’ll see you in our room”, she said between breaths.

“Honey, shut your weak Ass up”, Kriti said laughing dismissively to Sonam. “You wanna fight me Disha? Fight with your equals if you dare”, she said turning to Disha.
“Come wherever, whenever and I’ll take care of you too” Disha said taking a step towards Kriti. Both the girls with red eyes were clearly under the influence of Madhuri’s secret drink. Surprisingly none of the girls objected to these turn of events and some even shouted encouragement. Again Madhuri’s drink at work.

“Yeah. Fight should be between equals.”, said Kareena eyeing Zareen and Katrina while Sonakshi coughed in the background.
The change in the atmosphere was palpable as quite a few girls eyed each other with playful smiles and unknown anticipations.
“Okay. So who’s gonna fight me ?”, Alia broke the uneasy silence.
“I’ll fight you. And the loser will be winner’s slave in the room for the night”, said Shraddha without batting an eyelid.
A couple of girls hooted and laughed nervously at this idea.
“So its like tha huh? Then I also challenge Priyanka with  same conditions.”, chirped Deepika high on hash, fixing Priyanka dead in her stare.
“Done. As such my pussy wanted a lick after so much time away from Nick. I will settle with a bitch’s tongue”, replied Priyanka immediately from the other end blowing smoke rings out of her mouth as soon as Deepika finished talking as if she had already played out this scenario in her mind.

“Woww.. What say u about that dear Kat”, Kareena said while denuding Katrina with her hungry eyes.
Sonakshi took Kareena’s elbow and led her away while Kareena looked back over at Katrina with pure lust in her eyes.
“What’s up with her”, Katrina quizzed Aishwarya.
“Well obviously she has her eyes on you.”
“Okay. Who all want to fight their roommates to make them their bedslaves for the night, raise your hand”, announced Aishwarya taking the initiative to act as the senior and ask the uncomfortable yet seemingly much wanted question.
“Bedslave??? Whats that ?”, enquired Anushka while Katrina also looked over surprisingly at her senior roommate.
“Whatever you want her to do babe”, Kiara said reddening and looking at the floor.

Some hands including the likes of Kareena, Sonam, Sonakshi and other self declared fighting girls like Kriti, Deepika, Alia, Shraddha etc shot up immediately as if they were just waiting for this question only while others looked around uncertainly and then slowly raised their hands. Kiara also raised her hand and looking over at uncertain Anushka caught her hand and raised it. Katrina also smiled and looking over Aishwarya raised her hand. After some time all except Zareen and Jacqueline had raised their hands. Kriti looked over at Jacqueline and winked, “Don’t worry babe. After I finish off Disha I will make you my bedslave.”
Jacqueline flushed and mumbled something inaudible that sounded like a curse.
Disha shot Sonam an angry glance, “I have already fucked you bitch. You are my slave already.”
Sonam scoffed, “That was cheating. I want second round. You wanna hump me bitch! I’ll fuck you for real this time.”
Disha started towards Sonam with angry steps but Kriti  stepped in between and placed her hand on Disha’s breast. “Your argument is now with me Disha. Take care of this dried up Aunt in your own room.”
Sonam started getting up from Sofa saying, “Bitch, who you calling Aunt” but was pulled back by Kiara and Anushka.
“Bitch, sit your ass down. You will have your chance later”, Anushka said dismissing Sonam’s feeble protests.
Sonam resigned and collapsed back, “I’ll see you all and make you all pay. I promise.”

At the other end of the Sofas Kareena looked over at Sonakshi curiously, “You want to fight me. I thought you were already my Bedslave.”
Sonakshi blushed and gave a look to Kareena to shut her up. “Lets find out properly who’s stronger.”
“Okay…Babes”, Kareena blew a kiss to Sonakshi while others looked with raised eyebrows to this strange exchange between these mature vixens. Nobody had any inkling that these milfs were already involved in some kinky stuff in their room.

Madhuri also looked over at Zareen playfully, “So you don’t want to tangle..? Or do you agree to worship and satisfy me like a good wife”
“What!! NO. You too are in this kinky shit? I don’t want to fight you and i’m no one’s wife either.”, replied Zareen rolling her eyes.
“What did you think sweety Aish and I had in mind when we planned this evening ? This is how real women party babe”, explained Madhuri lounging on the Sofa like a lioness in her den.
“C’mon. Lets fight and see. Who knows maybe you will defeat me and make me your wife.”, she furthur supplemented.
Zareen relented and a playful smile came on her face.
“So this was your plan all along. I should have suspected something in the afternoon only. Okay Lets do it then. Lets see what you got.”
“Wow. Such a nice way of putting it. Lets see what you got”, said Kiara laughing.
All the girls were now on their feet and walked over next to their fighting partners taunting or challenging each other.

“Okay. Lets move these Sofas back a bit and make up some fighting space.”, suggested Madhuri bubbling with cougar excitement.
The girls moved the Sofas back and sat down with stifled excitement to witness beauties of the Bollywood testing their mettle against each other.
“Let us fight in our bedroom.”, suggested Deepika to Priyanka.
“And we will fight in Madhuri ma’am’s room. Too much disturbance here”, said Alia to Shraddha jumping excitedly.
“Lets go then. No one will be there to save you.” said Shraddha.
“We will see who needs saving honey” Alia patted Shraddha’s back and gestured her towards Madhuri and Zareen’s room.
“Guess we will fight later than.”, Zareen sighed.
“Han. Lets watch the young ones get it on first.”,agreed Madhuri.
Aishwarya climbed on the Dining table and seductively called  Katrina making a come here motion with her finger, “Come. Lets wrestle on the table. One who falls off, loses”.
“Okay. Cool”, said Katrina smiling and climbed on the Table on her knees.
Kareena tittered and walked towards crouching Katrina on the table, “What dude…You are mine.”, she said massaging Katrina’s shoulder with a playful smile
“First defeat me you horny cow”, Sonakshi pulled on Kareena’s shoulder pulling her staggering towards the Sofa.
“Okay darling as you wish. But first lets watch these ones fight”, Kareena  fell on Sofa and pulled Sonakshi in her lap and fondled her breast.
Sonakshi slapped Kareena’s hand and moved to her side muttering, “You are outta control”.

So Four matches were about to start simultaneously while rest of the girls decided to chill wherever they found space and watch the four fights for the time being.
Kareena and Sonakshi sat very close side by side with Kareena’s elbow on Sonakshi’s shoulder and her hand just brushing the top of Sonakshi’s right boob.
Only Disha and Kriti were there who were not sharing the same room and were fighting just to test their body and strength against each other while rest 3 pairs were fighting to win over their roommates as their bedslaves for the night.
Aishwarya and Katrina had already started moving on their knees on the large dining table. While on their knees they grabbed each other’s hands and tried to topple each other over by pushing. Both started playfully, looking each other in the eyes with a playful smile on their faces. Shapely hips and thighs flexed as both mature girls dug their knees in the table to get the maximum leverage. Aishwarya was fighting in Saree so her movement was restricted while Katrina had the full freedom to move her legs back and forth. Soon their hands moved outwards to their sides as both girls put in their entire strength into pushing the other back. Katrina managed to bend Aishwarya over her back a couple of centimetres as she loomed over Aishwarya’s strained face. “C’mon ma’am. Push her back.” shouted Kiara from the couch.

As the fight continued on the table, other fights were also getting underway and sounds of grunts and furniture moving could be heard in the living room. Jacqueline went over to check out the other fights while Kriti and Disha also started their test of strength in the living room. The tall girls immediately dug in their heels in the ground and went straight for smashing boobs to boobs as their interlocked hands also moved sidewards. Their perfectly flat stomachs lined up exactly flat against each other and both girls stared deep into each other’s eyes with a determined and strained look. Their hands jerked up and down as they varied the force to try to misbalance their opponent. Disha who just had a short and intense fight with Sonam was already covered in thin sheen of sweat which glistened in the low lights and gave her a sexy look. Both girls had same kind of shorts on which hugged their toned hips perfectly and tight half sleeves T-shirts which left very less to imagination. Their boobs were plastered together and their noses were almost touching as none of the girl broke eye contact with her opponent even as their outstretched palms strained and vibrated under the tremendous force which these tall beauties were applying on each other. After about 3-4 minutes of relentless test of strength, slowly the tall combatants started rotating a bit and Kriti lifted her leg and tried to trip Disha back by wrapping it over back of her leg. Disha was no spring chicken as she sensed this move as soon as Kriti had lifted her leg. The dusky beauty moved her leg back and all Kriti could do was to wrap her leg over Disha’s back stretched leg and try to topple her. But Disha was firmly dug in and Kriti strained to take her down to no avail. After 3 attempts by Kriti of pulling her wrapped leg over Disha’s inwards, Disha’s right hand slipped from the interlocked palms and she immediately latched on to Kriti’s hairs pulling her head back. Kriti also immediately moved her right hand deep into roots of Disha’s hairs and now both girls stood with one of their legs tightly wrapped with each other and both pulled each other’s hairs back with their full might while still not breaking the eye contact. Zareen got up and tried to interrupt the fighting girls, “Hey! No hairpulling” but Madhuri caught her elbow and pulled her back down saying, “It’s okay if they both do it.”

Fight in Priyanka and Deepika’s room was also in full swing as within seconds of starting the fight both the girls ended up severely entangled on the bed in a heap after intense flurry of legs and limbs. Deepika was on her back but her legs were tightly wrapped around Priyanka’s midsection while Priyanka pushed down on her throat painfully with her elbow. Deepika locked her ankles behind Priyanka’s back and kicked the back of her heel into Priyanka’s Ass crack. A little cry of pain escaped Priyanka’s mouth every time Deepika kicked her Asshole while she also pushed down on Deepika’s throat very hard, choking her. Deepika caught hold of Priyanka’s face from below with her right hand and struggled to push her off. Priyanka’s face contorted in sharp talons of Deepika who scratched and broke her smooth skin at several places drawing tiny streaks of blood. Priyanka got super mad at that and hugged Deepika to lift her off the bed while still wrapped around her and slammed her back on the bed. But because Deepika’s legs were tightly wrapped around her she also got pulled down again on top of Deepika but this time Deepika lost her ankle lock with the final result being Priyanka lying on top of Deepika with Deepika’s legs open. It looked like Priyanka was fucking Deepika in missionary position. Deepika immediately dug her nails into Priyanka’s hairs which were falling on her face and rolled her to side to come on top of her. Priyanka also dug her nails into Deepika’s hair and also rolled her so that after a few rolls they fell down from the bed and landed on the floor side by side, wrapped tightly with each other and with both their hands in each other’s hairs. They violently pulled each other’s hair with all their strength on the floor while Kiara stood in the doorway watching over with her mouth open when she was knocked over by a furious catball of Shraddha and Alia from the other room behind her. The violent catball landed on top of fighting pair of Deepika and Priyanka and it was impossible to tell for a moment who was fighting whom with Kiara also unwittingly caught in the turmoil. Shraddha and Alia were fighting on a whole other level with all the ferocity of their youth. They had thrown away any consideration for defence as both punched,slapped and kicked furiously. Several of the slaps and punches landed on Deepika and Priyanka fighting under them and Kiara also caught a nail in her eye and left for the bathroom with watery eyes. Deepika got irritated and at an opportune moment freed her right leg to violently kick Alia in her midriff to push the fighting duo under the bed and away from them. Now she and Priyanka again concentrated on their own fight while Shraddha and Alia locked up in the confined space under the bed trying to punch or slap each other with uninterrupted ferocity but most of their punches connected with the underside of the bed or the floor resulting in severe damage to their tender fists. Madhuri and several other girls walked into this fighting frenzy at that moment. “What the Fuck!”, remarked jacqueline and bent down to look under the bed as the bed was shaking violently from all the blows from under. As Jacky peeped under the bed, Shraddha’s foot caught her square in the face throwing her back towards the wall.
Anushka laughed out loud, ”That’s what you get for interfering in strong girls fights.” Jacqueline had banged her head on the wall pretty badly and she was a little disoriented but the remark from her roommate annoyed her and she immediately got up on her feet staggering and pushed Anushka back into the corridor with both her hands.
“Who you calling weak, BITCH!!!”
Anushka’s back hit the door of the opposite side room and all the wind got knocked out of her. She had not expected this kind of reaction from the sweet girl whom she thought of as weak and not capable of putting up a fight. She got mad and flew back into the room, jumping on Jacqueline and throwing her on the bed and landing on top of her breasts and choked her throat with both her hands. Jacky slapped feebly at Anushka’s wrists and tried to pry them away but Anushaka had the dominant position from which she could put her whole weight into strangling Jacqueline. Jacky gave up on prying Anushka’s hands off of her throat and latched onto her throat in return and jerked her to side putting her whole back into this move with the result that both girls landed side by side grabbing each other’s throats and legs wrapped around each other’s waist. Milky white legs of both the lean and fit girls wrapped around each other as both choked each other and stared deep into each other’s eyes filled with anger. Jacqueline freed her right hand and started slapping Anushka on her cheek while choking her with her other hand. Anushka reciprocated the same move but used punches instead of slapping and the bed thumped from blows under it from the fighting pair of Alia and Shraddha. Both Anushka and Jacqueline were under tremendous pain as they choked each other with full strength of their left hands while punched with all their might with their right hand into cheeks or head of their opponent. Both girls landed several successful punches onto each other with loud sound of flesh hitting flesh and bones hitting bones but none of the combatants tried to put any defence against the oncoming punches. It was a battle of attrition from the go between Anushka and Jacqueline. Their eyes watered from the pain which they felt very numbly with all the adrenaline dimming all the sensations in their bodies.

Outside Disha and Kriti had each other in a headlock from the sides and punched each other from below with the other hand. They grunted loudly each time their punches connected with the rock hard abs of their opponent. They had also adopted the strategy of punching their opponent with all the strength while not putting up any defence for the on coming punches to their guts. They pulled their right hand fully back and then drilled it in a wide arc into the guts of their bent down opponent at the side in a headlock. Disha was confident that her countless hours spent in Gym honing those perfect Abs would help her to endure the punishment meted out to them by bony fists of Kriti while her own punches to Kriti’s slightly less muscled midriff would make her give up soon. Kriti also knew about perfect Abs of her opponent and put all her might into her punches to break them. One of her punches almost lifted Disha up off her feet and she grunted loudly as all the wind went out of her but she continued with her punches all the same. Their random movement while fighting made them come closer to the sofa and they fell side by side on it with their upper torsos on the sofa and lower body hanging on the ground.

“Give up Bitch”, hissed Disha between punches.
“Not before  you cxnt”, replied Kriti.

In stark contrast to all the fighting going on all over the suite, Katrina and Aishwarya Wrestled very calmly and had managed to keep the fight on the table. They lay entangled in Aishwarya’s Saree, bear hugging  each other and grunted occasionally exhaling with effort. Their faces were red with exertion and the playful smiles had vanished from their faces. They were engaged in a vicious test of strength with all their might put into crushing their opponent like a ragged doll. Aishwarya was on top and Katrina hugged her like a baby from below, lost in the folds of her Saree. They had put their heads on each other’s shoulders and breathed heavily into each other’s ears and hairs. Their bulging boobs pressed into each other and their legs grape wined with Aishwarya pressing down her crotch into Katrina’s inviting loins. Their eyes were closed as if in intense pleasure and a little moaning could also be heard escaping Katrina’s mouth in between. Aishwarya’s bulging ass shape could even be made out in Saree as her saree folded into contours of her Ass. She thrusted her powerful Ass down, pinning Katrina to the table. She cocked her head back and looked into deep red face of Katrina.
“You Give Up..?”
“NO…Not yet..Lets take a break and continue later”, Katrina said with effort.
“But you are down sweety”, Aishwarya whispered.
“So what. You are wasted. That’s all your ass had and your whole face is red”, Katrina replied.
“Your Ass is beat Kat. Okay then, we will continue later from this position only.”
“Okay. Done”, managed Katrina and they slowly released their grip on each other and lay in the same position for some time breathing deeply the sweet aroma of sweat and struggle coming from each other’s bodies. Katrina slapped Aishwarya’s back laying above her. “Okay. Get off of me now.” Aishwarya slowly got to her knees while Katrina turned sideways on her back and they both surveyed the scene in living room behind them. Kriti and Disha lay locked up on the sofa with both managing occasional punches to each other’s sides in between. Kriti was bleeding a little from the corner of her mouth and Disha’s exposed areas were already turning blue. Aishwarya went to them and tapped Disha who had Kriti under her in a headlock.
“Hey. Take a break. Continue later”
“No way. I am winning”, replied Disha punching Kriti’s side.
Kriti writhed on the leather sofa. Her exposed back skin making scratching sound with the leather and pulled Disha on top of her and continued rolling to make Disha fall down to the carpet with herself landing on top.
“Who’s winning now bitch”, Kriti said excitedly.
“You are leaking bitch.”, Disha siad struggling under her.
“Not your doing, my old wound. Accept that you’re beat.” Kriti hissed and inadvertently sprayed a fine mist of blood over her opponent.
Katrina also walked over and bear hugged Kriti from behind to pull her off of Disha saying, “Alright. You girls are a tie. You can continue later” while Aishwarya restrained Disha from getting up and jumping Kriti.
“But I almost won” Kriti spat while struggling to free herself from Katrina’s hold.
“Haha. Almost… First see your face in mirror bitch”, Disha sneered struggling against Aishwarya to get at Kriti.
Aishwarya pushed her down on sofa and lay on top of her, hugging her. “Okay. calm down Disha. You will have enough chance later”.
Katrina also released her hold on Kriti and she turned towards her massaging her wrists and asked sullenly, “What happened in your fight”
“We mutually decided to continue later”, Katrina replied.

As the fighting subsided in the living room, they could hear the torrent of violent sounds coming from Deepika and Priyanka’s room. As they entered, they found various girls trying to hold and breakup at least 2 pairs of fighting girls while another fight still enraged under the bed. Katrina bent down and reached under the bed to grab the back of a torn T-shirt and pulled the fighting duo out from under the bed. Alia and Shraddha had torn off each other’s T-shirts and their exposed body parts had countless streaks of red and purple from all the scratching they had inflicted on each other. Both still lay locked up on the ground with their young nubile bodies clung topless to each other and their nails dug into each others back and scratching painfully. Theirs had been a true catfight with intense hair pulling and scratching. Their heads and arms had several big bruises from banging into the bed from below. Jacqueline had Anushka headlocked from side into a corner while Kiara grabbed her waist and tried to pull her back. Zareen bear hugged bent Anushka from behind and tried to calm her down. Deepika and Priyanka were already separated and struggled against their restrainers to get back at their opponent. Deepika had a bruised cheek and a bruise on her neck while Priyanka had vicious scratches on her face where skin was torn. She also had one of her boobs out which was also scratched properly. Compared to her Deepika had got minor injuries while her injuries will take a lot of time to heal.
 To be continued
Lets find out and see.

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Wow.. So you finally posted something and my god it is great. I always told you to post your stories  publicly. I sincerely hope you're gonna continue this story here.
Wanna fight hard...


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please donot stop posting bollywood catfight stories