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Carbon Pink: The Ladyboss

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Carbon Pink: The Ladyboss
« on: January 22, 2022, 03:02:15 AM »
Part of a new series I started based on the art and setting of A cyberpunk series of rpgs and comics in a hypersexualized future. VR, genetic modification and cyborg implants make any sexual fantasy possible. This is technically part 2 of the series, but has the most obvious fighting in it. A bouncer gets hired on for a crew of mercenaries and meets his new cyborg E.L.F. of a boss, who wants to put him to the test.
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Rick cashed in his last paycheck at Hotbox while Peachy got in touch with her contact. The wukong didn’t mention the matter much, but she did message him asking to get high and bang every night while they waited. Rick was happy to oblige, even swinging by her beachside commune one night when she said they had an opening at the orgy.


Peachy Anklebite rode on Rick Boldstein’s dick, her chubby tits bouncing in his hands. Rick himself sat on a beat-up old rug in one of the larger huts. The wukongs lived off of whatever they could swipe, steal or farm, so despite the simplistic housing there were just as many jury rigged generators hooked up to slightly outdated holo screens and game consoles.

There were another four wukong packed into the one spacious room with them, creating a tangled and pungent mess of flesh. Long tails coiled were everywhere, coiling together like intimate snakes or sometimes bending in unison to form heart shapes in the air. Peachy rode the tip of his dick, but she was the third to have it in the last lusty hour. He’d already cum in the pussy of another metahuman monkey and filled the ass of a hung femboy’s squeezably soft ass. At least one other wukong girl was down between his legs, licking his balls and painting them with cheap lipstick to keep him going. “The Coconut Special,” Peachy had called it.

Rick was a primal machine, plowing anything who came in front of him and groping the rest, which meant he fit in perfectly among the wukong lifestyle. Another female had seemingly floated in between him and Peachy, making out with her and nuzzling their tits together in a little show to keep their hung guest entertained and hard enough for the rest of them. Just in case the male mounting and pumping a female’s face like a piston wasn’t enough of a view.

Something beeped and vibrated softly in a corner of the hut. Peachy perked up, and Rick could feel her clench around his dick with excitement.

“Ooh! Somebody grab that for me!” she called, snapping her fingers impatiently.

Someone in the orgy tossed a small, buzzing device at her.

“No, not the vibrator. Other thing. Cappy, you’re fuckin’ sitting on it.”

A second small device was tossed to Peachy while she shoved the vibrator into the girl she’d been making out with. The second wukong cooed and swooned, tipping over backward while Peachy handled what he recognized as an earpiece. Handy for people who didn’t install the communication cyberware directly into their bodies, and very secure; assuming you didn’t misplace it.

Peachy activated a holographic screen that popped out of it, staring intently at the pink projection. All while riding his cock like a rodeo queen.

“Did you need a…?” Rick ventured, furrowing his sweaty brow.

“Nahhhh. I can fucktext,” Peach assured him.

She typed rapidly on her device, only stopping for a moment to shut her eyes and let out an excited series of chittering noises when he shot another load inside her. She finally closed the screen and tossed the gadget aside.

“Okay. She says you’re in. We can meet up at her place tomorrow.”

“Did she ask for tomorrow?” he pressed.

Peachy wiggled her hips, her ass cheeks clapping as she settled on his dick.

“She said asap, but I’m not canceling orgy night for work,” the monkeygirl scoffed.

The rest of the wukong cheered and went right back to their fuckfest.

The next morning, Rick had a quick breakfast with Peachy before throwing on a sleeveless shirt and some cargo shorts and going with her to their meetup. The undercity thrived at night, so there was a notable shift in foot traffic this early. Many people were hung over or sleeping off a binge, and the edges of town where the sun was breaching were littered with the bodies of gobbos. They were completely fine, of course; gobbos barely needed to eat at all. They had so much plant DNA in them that they naturally produced oxygen and could fuel themselves on a couple hours of sunbathing. Living artifacts from one of humanity’s many attempts to salvage their planet.

The place they chose to meet was surprising. It was an old security station used by lawmen, back when the law still meant something down in the undercity. It was looted and abandoned long ago before the syndicates, contractors, and any other movers and shakers took over. It took Rick a moment to realize how ideal it was for keeping one’s privacy.

The inside had been largely cleaned out, leaving just a few tables and a small synthesizer set up near a stack of bowls and dishes. It was repurposed into a small eatery that could only seat about ten people if they really packed them in.

Leaning against the supplies was an ELF. They were difficult to miss; tall, slender, beautiful, and with bodies stuck in the prime of their early 20s. This one in particular was of such a particular pedigree that she had to be an Executive Elf, or at least a close descendent of one. She had jet black hair, tied back in a large bun with strands handing over her pointed ears and eyes the purple-red of expensive wine. Her skin was such a pale and ashen gray that it almost looked metallic if not for the lack of shine and flawless softness. She wore a hip-hugging skirt, knee-high boots, and a halfway unbuttoned red blouse, clinging to what little bodyfat was on her at all in her hips and perky C cups.

The ELFs were another living relic, though an echo of the Corps’ greed and power rather than the desperation that led to the gobbos. Once it became possible to put minds into new bodies and modify DNA overnight, the rich and ancient CEOs grew desperate to keep their accumulated wealth and avoid seeing what awaited them where their money couldn’t protect them. The highest bosses and select employees were put through the Extension of Life Functions, extending their lives dramatically. There were plenty who were descendents, bastards, bootleg copycats or just drones cursed to a long life to practice their exceptional talent for tedium, but this woman was no such mutt. She had a professionally predatory air about her that felt like she had spent lifetimes being patient and was sick of it.

“This is your guy? The drunk-chucker?”

The ELF at least sounded curious rather than dismissive.

“Yup. All that and a swingin’ dick. Not bad, huh?” Peachy replied proudly.

“Indeed. Step into my office.”

She patted the broad table that passed for a countertop. Rick resisted the urge to roll his eyes and stepped behind the counter. Once he was there and Peachy sat on the surface itself, the gothic-looking brunette tapped a few spots that lip up on the counter. The wall behind them opened up, moving the small space they were standing on backward and sealing it off behind them. Behind it was a vast collection of computers, gadgets, racks full of heavy duty firearms, and workstations.

“Richard Boldstein, I am Rendale Fyx. Ren will do for expediency,” the brunette explained as she stepped into their true base of operations.

“I was previously a major shareholder in Cardinal Holdings’ board of directors. Some corporate espionage cut me out of the company so I fled and settled in the undercity before they could try and eliminate me as competition any further. Since they’re so dead set on keeping me out of their business, I thought I would start my own and undermine them in a far less legal fashion while I was at it. Assuming you are still onboard, you are now a very unofficial member of Fixers and Uppers.”

“Heh. I get it,” Rick chuckled. “So you adventure now, huh?”

“I run a business,” Ren explained, unflinching.

“I maintain contacts that can make as much money as possible for as little as possible. With my blacklisted reputation, that happens to involve a lot of extortion, swindling, thieving, smuggling… and unsurprisingly, the corporations like my former colleagues have so much wealth to them that they are prime targets for such endeavors.”

“Woo! Eat the rich!” Peachy cheered happily. “But not you, Fyx! You’re not rich anymore.”

“No offense taken,” the dark leader nodded.

“Come with me. We can finish up in my private quarters.”

Peachy busied herself with a small holo device while Ren led Rick aside. She stepped into a separated room, much smaller and tidier than the rest of the old outpost. Several certificates and other complicated papers were mounted on the walls like trophies from corporate office battles. A tidy bookshelf and a heavily used but refurbished wooden desk formed the centerpiece of the room.

Rendale bent over the desk, sticking out her tight ass so her already snug skirt rode up higher, showing the almost microscopic black thong the grim professional wore. conjuring a large and complicated projected screen. Her delicate fingers sorted some symbols and icons rapidly before she hit a digital key. A live feed of the room appeared on it before it shrank to a less obstructive size.

“Peachy thinks you’re adventuring material, but I have to look at you as an investment. Even if you are as reliable and motivated as my research suggests, sending you out on a job where you die and lose a whole kit of gear and mods would be a waste for all of us. I need to be sure that you can perform under pressure and do whatever it takes on the job.”

Rick furrowed his brow briefly, but then shrugged. Sticking it to the Corps while making cred still sounded too good to pass up.

“Alright. Well I’m your guy.”

“Here’s hoping.”

Ren cracked her manicured fingers and her posture went from presentably proper to much loose and limber. The door to her private office clicked and beeped as it

“Because I’m going to try to kill you and I’m not going to stop until you can make me cum. Good luck.”

“Wait, kill like…?”

Rick started to clarify when Ren held out her arm. Her fingers flexed subtly, but he had worked as a bouncer long enough to recognize the type of gesture. You never knew the level of body mods, holograms or who knew what else on them, but they had to be activated somehow.

In Ren’s case, a thin slot opened up in the seemingly seamless texture of her arm. The ELF drew a razor-thin knife from it and without so much as a word or a deep breath she whipped it at him. It spun through the air and a wary flinch got Rick out of the way, letting it stick to the wall behind him.

“Okay. That kind of kill. Got it,” he filled in quickly.

Rick stooped low and charged for the classy ELF. He wrapped his arms around her slender stomach, lifting the lightweight frame off the floor and binding her arms to her sides. His face pressed between her breasts, which were the size and silky texture of expensive pillows.

It worked on common drunks, but the lethal professional was anything but common. Rick had just started to grind his long bulge against her hips when Ren drove a knee into Rick’s package. He huffed and lost enough of his grip that she dropped into an elegant split, baring all of her thighs and a good handful of her meaty ass cheeks before slamming her palm into his erection.

Rick had a split second to realize that she was fast, but not especially strong. He’d taken enough hits to the junk (sometimes willingly, if the partner played their cards right) that it didn’t even slow his libido, but that was followed by a faint humming noise and a shockwave of kinetic force letting loose from her hand. Ricky went flying across the room, crashing into something that sounded expensive and falling to the floor. He looked up as Rendale shook out her hand, the glow of a subdermal implant fading under her skin.

“If you’re holding back, I can assure you a small fortune went into recreating my body. You won’t damage it easily, at least not that I can’t repair. Or maybe…”

Ren strode back up to him. Ricky’s blinking gaze looked up her skirt at the tight and inviting pussy hovering over him, just before she stomped her thick-heeled shoe down on his chest. The toe dangled just in front of his nose.

“Perhaps you’re looking for a free warmup. There’s no end to the people who would want to be treated like this by an Executive ELF.”

Ren gave a sweeping gesture and a few centimeter-long chord slipped out from her sleeve. It crackled with visible electricity as she wound it up to bring it back down.

“Naughty boy,” she purred, but Rick had enough time to bounce back from the starting surprise.

He caught one of her slender legs and pulled it out from under her. Ren’s stunning porn star figure was limber but lightweight by design, so throwing her around was thankfully easy enough. The purple-haired human let her whip fall uselessly in the other direction as he threw himself on top of her. Ren’s eyes widened briefly as his hand went right up her skirt, tearing the thong away before she could react. It snapped as easily as a stripper’s tearaway underwear, and her surprised expression seemed to be the most emotion she had shown since he had arrived.

Rick pressed his attack, reminding himself of his real goal amidst the excitement of her attack. He caught her in a deep kiss, embracing her tight and pouty lips as her breasts cushioned his chest. He caught her wrist, holding it over her head on the floor as he started hastily fingering her. The fairly stoic elf moaned softly and writhed, a small but clear indicator of her arousal.

“Looks like someone else likes it rough,” Rick huffed breathlessly.

He always got a rush out of a fight and this was no different. His erection was raging hard between the thrilling ambush and being pressed up against the gorgeous ELF’s warm and silvery skin.

“Mmm… yes, well,” Ren purred.

“Business before pleasure.”

Her thighs squeezed around Rick’s fingering arm with the tightness of a gymnast. Her free hand shoved up into his brawny shoulder as she flipped herself over, acrobatically tossing him around with a tactical use of leverage. She kept her legs locked around his arm and pulled it tightly as she shoved her bare ass into his face.

Rick gasped instinctively. Even her ass smelled of perfumes and oils with that still enticing hint of natural musk. Something to do with the charming pheromones that were programmed into the top of the line Executive bodies.

“Down, boy,” the ELF intoned, glancing down her sharp features at Rick.

She tossed her hair, knocking a few loose strands of her bangs and bits of her hair bun aside. The dismissive bedroom eyes could have made a lesser man jizz on the spot, and maybe Rick would be more ready to comply if she didn’t use those sexy hips to lean into a submission hold that was trying to break his arm.

Rick didn’t have the time to strategize and let his wilder instincts take over. They had saved his ass plenty of times before and by now, he knew how to slip out of the driver’s seat and let the primal side take the wheel. For all the genetic modification and complacency programs in the world, he still had the deep and pure urge to fight and fuck like his most ancient human ancestors.

Rick gave a deep growl as he grabbed Ren by her hips, burying his face into her ass. His tongue shoved deep into her asshole, rubbing down and drinking in the dethroned exec’s bowls. She gave an excited gasp, and even as her grip tightened on him that just fueled his primal urges.

Rick easily lifted the businesswoman up and slammed her sleek figure front-first onto her desk. A few things broke or clattered to the floor but he wasn’t thinking about things right now. Only people. That meant the woman that was just on top of him threatening to kill or fuck him, and he knew which one he’d prefer in that moment.

“Is that seriously the best-?” Ren started but she was promptly interrupted by her own howl of pleasure.

Rick grabbed and spread her legs, tearing and throwing her skirt across the office. He lifted her hips completely off the ground as he ate her out with a ravenous hunger, his lips and tongue all but attacking her clitoris. The ELF kept trying to clamp her legs around his neck to choke him out or throw him off, but anytime she made any headway he’d firmly smack her on the ass and suck directly at her clit. The erotic little attacks got her pointed ears to twitch and a lusty groan to escape her. She slumped across the desk, her eyes rolling and mouth hanging open as she struggled to focus on even the simplest of her built-in tech.

It wasn’t easy when she was nearly upside down and being eaten out, but Ren managed to center her thoughts on the heat source stored in her fingertips. She overclocked it until it was burning hot, but before she could actually direct it at her challenger, he brought out the big guns.

And by gun I mean penis.

Rick tore his shorts off with the same lengthy burst of strength that had gotten her into this position, exposing his long and thick shaft. Ren could only hear the commotion and assume what was going on. Between her research and Peachy’s glowing endorsement (complete with holding her arms out as far apart as they would go for a visual aid), she knew that “The Hammerdick” was hung like a horse-hormoned splicer.

It was another thing when she felt it herself. Having that much human flesh shoved up her pussy slammed the rest of her body into her desk, hitting hard enough to scoot the whole thing an inch forward. Her mouth hung open as he went at her with the same savagery he had used in throwing her around the room.

“Oh my… maker…” she gasped out, his huge cock practically hacking into her brain through her g-spot.

She had to respect Rick for his determination on the matter. He grabbed her by the hair and slammed her back down against the desk, forcing her to bend over it. Her breasts spilled out of her barely remaining top, dragging over the fine wood and knocking away any loose odds and ends with her swaying jugs. Her dark and elegant makeup smeared over her face and desk as she trailed drool and tears of unexpected pleasure.

“UH! UH! UH!”

She grunted witlessly as Rick’s fiercely mindless lust seemed to guide the conversation. She clawed clumsily at his arm, leaving some deep scratches with her painted nails. Even some lost skin didn’t phase him as he railed her like a beast in heat rather than an applicant in an office. Ren’s body bucked along with it, arching her back and panting lustily. Rick just went on pulling her carefully groomed hair and smacking her bubbly butt, abusing the regal ELF like she some primitive mount.

Her body certainly loved it. When Rick busted inside her, his human seed flooded her tight ELF pussy. Ren tensed up and shuddered, still caught between the struggle to focus on her own attack or just lay herself out like a whore and enjoy it. Rick didn’t seem to mind either way as he just kept going, ramming his thick seed deeper inside her with every thrust. Ren’s body just kept giving in, variously clenching around his dick or loosening up to let him penetrate deeper.

After another three shots of Rick’s cream, the ears were the only real sign remaining of Ren’s Executive identity. Black makeup ran down her eyes and lips, mixed with sweat and tears. Her hair was a pulled and tangled mess, serving as the reins to Rick’s ride as he plowed her brains out. Her clothes were left in shreds on the floor of her office, which had been similarly trashed in their vicious fuckfest. It revealed her slender belly had been swollen with his invading jizz, making her body twitch just after every thrust as her overstuffed womb hit the desk. Her eyes and tongue rolled out wherever physics took them along with the rest of her limp body. Rick just kept on going like a jackhammer, as if she was the only thing between him and his dick splitting her desk in half.

With a final choking noise, Rendale shuddered with her whole body. Her tight pussy gushed as it squeezed around Ricky’s dick once more before she fell completely flat on the desk. She remained face down as she pounded the desk with her fist, riding out her orgasm before Rick finally pulled back out. His seed slopped out of her overflowing pussy, her lower half seeming numb from the much-appreciated abuse it had just gone through.

“So I pass?” Rick huffed.

He leaned against the wall behind him, muscles aching and drenched in sweat.

“Ohhhhh,” Ren moaned back.

It took her a moment to collect her thoughts. She lifted her head and nodded, some dark smudges on the desktop showing an imprint where her face had landed.

“Actually… you’d passed about fifteen minutes ago. You just didn’t notice and I didn’t feel like stopping you…”

Ren stood back up and tossed her hair. It naturally started to fall back into its neatly combed state (if gradually). Apparently a part of her ELF modifications included tidying herself up after a potential mid-meeting fling. Her stomach was already starting to shrink back down to size, nanomachines breaking it down into consumable material.

“Well, Mister Boldstein, you clearly passed. With flying…”

Ren paused to check the cracked mirror dangling from the wall. She tilted her head and brushed her fingers around her eyelid, miraculously adjusting and slavaging her dark makeup with whatever cosmetic tech she was wielding.

“Flying colors,” she finished. “I’ll update your clearance to let you use the facility and our resources for training purposes. Should I expect 24 hours enough time for you to bounce back and be ready for a mission?”

Rick itched absentmindedly at where his new leader had clawed a gash into his arm.

“Gimme twelve and a caf-booster and I’m good to go,” he nodded.

Ren nodded back. She meticulously tilted a framed document with her fingertip. She tapped it lightly until its projector came back on.

“That’s the spirit. It’ll give me time to cast enough Mendings on this place.”

Rick’s eyebrows raised.

“So that’s what that was back there. You’re a tech whiz.”

Ren clutched her wrist and wiggled her fingers. A number of various lights flashed along her fingertips, displaying a number of complex apps and implants. Rick didn’t totally understand the concept, but there was talk of people who did more than just use the tech they were given. They actually understood it. Considering how hastily and clumsily the Corps shoveled out their products, somebody who knew how to jailbreak those even the most basic mods and programs could really fuck somebody up.

“Naturally. Well, the opposite of natural, I suppose. Regardless, report back to me whenever you’re ready. Then I can catch you up to the rest of the crew and get you out on the field.”

“Rest of the crew, huh?” Rick pried as he steadied himself.

He had found his shorts and tied them off around his waist, more like a loincloth than their original form after how roughly he’d torn them off.

Ren nodded. She tapped her desk and the holographic display came back up. A small screen showed the accelerated footage of their vicious fucking being saved to something called Private Spank Bank. The rest of the screen quickly filled up with a series of images, displaying a variety of mismatched but all sexy characters.

“There’s you, myself, and you’ve already met our Outlaw, Peachy.”

Ren ran her finger across their portraits to set them aside, leaving three more operatives. One was a phosphorus green gobbo, androgynously curvy apart from a small bulge in his pants. He was fleeing from something or another, grinning impishly with several holo screens floating around him.

Another showed a hugely busty bimbo, dark-skinned with pale hair and big bright eyes. They literally sported rainbow hearts for pupils, in fact. Her bikini-clad and curvaceous body seemed to fade away around the lower thighs before disappearing into a crystalline hard light projector. Even in her projection, machine-like joints and lined plating could be seen along her illusory skin.

The third showed a toweringly tall nayaling. She bore the horns, long tail and hooves of her demonic-looking race, with her skin smooth and shades of brown and gold. Narrow red eyes scowled down from a perch as she held a massive rifle. Rick knew the nayalings got a bad reputation for their appearance, but this grim-looking sniper looked like some kind of desert predator got a makeover.

“That’s our hacker, Bink “Tex” Orson. Our renegade AI and infiltrator, Mimi. And our “auditor” Caramel Candle. You’ll run into them soon enough, if not work with them.”

Rick eyed them all up. They looked strange and dangerous in their own ways, but his boner liked what it saw.

“You know, I’ve never slept with an AI before. I don’t even know how I’d do it, actually…”

“It’s quite the experience,” Ren answered confidently. “I look forward to seeing what kind of mayhem the lot of us can cause in the near future.”
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