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Germany vs USA

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Germany vs USA
« on: March 22, 2022, 07:18:43 PM »
It was already late in the evening and I was still sitting in front of the TV with a glass of wine while my husband had already gone to bed. I was surfing through the offer of a video streaming platform and suddenly came across the page for adults.
What awaited me were erotic movies, but also a show called "In-Team Battle".
"Two female teams meet in this kind of erotic and brutal confrontation. Crashing slaps, hard kicks and bare breasts will awaken the animal in you. Follow the teams in their fight for dominance and the prize money of 250.000€ for the club. Experience tears, sweat and maybe even blood when it comes to prove who is the top team."
The preview text read unusually and my nipples stood up with excitement. I clicked on the video and it began to load.
The whole show took place in an old bunker with an oval platform in the middle. On each side a staircase led up to the platform, which was surrounded by roaring audience and many big hot spotlights.
A very fit redhead and muscle-bound host introduced the show and talked like a waterfall. She wore only a very tight catsuit which showed off her large bust size considerably.
She was followed by a camera on a long panning arm as she explained the battlefield and walked the sides of the platform. About a meter below one side, there were countless tacks on the floor and on the other side was a folding table like I had seen in wrestling matches. A wrestler was often thrown through there spectacularly at the end of the match.
Then she introduced the first team and to loud music the sexy ladies of a football club entered the arena to thunderous applause. The team members wore colorful skimpy panties and matching bustiers that were well filled by their ample breasts.
I absentmindedly stroked my left breast and groaned with pleasure when I saw how fit their bodies were and how their muscles shone lightly oiled under the spotlights.
The athletes were all pretty as a picture, some of darker complexion and a wild mix of nationalities and hair colors.
The hot presenter interviewed a few of you and all 10 seemed visibly nervous but also very confident. Looking at their bodies I felt myself getting wet. Beautiful women had always excited me as much as handsome men and I already knew that this show would end very satisfying for me. I pulled one breast out of my shirt and started kneading it while my other hand caressed my pussy.
And then came the second team. A soccer team from Germany whose team members took my breath away. All of them were blond and in their early twenties. Their flawless bodies glistened with oil and they wore significantly less fabric than their opponents. Skimpy black thongs allowed the sight of their muscular ass cheeks and they wore crop tops which were not able to completely cover their plump tits.
They all came strutting into the arena in a single line and their big bust sizes made the audience go absolutely crazy. Each of these bitches was at least DD cup size and they were like two peas in a pod. Each of them was every man's wet dream.
The moderator now explained the rules. Since the German team had one more member, the football team would have to field one fighter twice. Otherwise, it would go to the podium in a one on one format. Pushing the opponent off the podium would result in a point, although there were absolutely no rules to achieve this goal except that attacks to the throat and eyes had to be avoided.
My crotch was by now totally wet and my fingers slid over my naked cleft. The soccer team looked more dangerous and powerful and the moves they needed in their sport were certainly a lot harder than the skills of the hot soccer players.
And then the show began. Only the spotlights on the fighting podium were on and the bawling crowd disappeared into the darkness. They could only be heard, but no longer seen.
The German with the jersey number 7 was the first. With every step up the stairs, her big tits quivered sexily under the much too tight top. At the same time, a broad-shouldered blonde in a dark blue outfit entered the podium on the other side. She wore the number 8 on the left cup of her bustier.
As was to be expected, the American suddenly came rushing at the German and wanted to tackle her brutally to the ground.
WHAMMMMMM! She slammed her shoulder violently, forcing all the air out of her lungs and wrapping it around her opponent's sexy belly. The German moaned in agony before her opponent's power lifted her and she lost her footing. The top over her tits had ridden up and her almost naked bust piled up against her opponent's shoulders.
The German slammed her fists into her opponent's back, but was effortlessly carried to the edge of the platform and flew back-first into the thumbtacks in a high arc.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Her scream gave me goosebumps. She pounded hard and her breasts and thighs quivered after while she writhed in pain and thousands of tacks pierced her skin.
The sexy American raised her fist to signify victory and the announcer beamed as she announced 1-0 for the US team.
I rubbed my clit while two paramedics freed the German and transported her out of the fighting area lying on her stomach. The camera zoomed in on her body and showed that countless tacks were stuck in her back and especially her butt cheeks.
Then it was immediately on to the second battle in which the German goalie in black top with the number 1 competed against a small muscular opponent with Spanish roots. Her light blue outfit had the number 9 on the chest. The German was a whole head taller and smiled with confidence, but her smaller opponent attacked immediately. The latter stormed towards her opponent and wanted to push her off the platform with a brutal tackle, just like in the first fight.
But the German dodged and rammed the knee into the stomach of the attacker. SMATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! UNGGGGGGGGGGH! The small trained American was folded in mid-air and lifted off the ground before collapsing on all fours. Despite her visible abs, she lay gasping on the ground.
The German kicked her indiscriminately, hitting her in the back and head. Her small buttocks trembled under the kicks, followed by brutal kicks to the ribs. Can a German soccer player kick properly? Oh yes! She hit so hard that I thought I heard a rib crack.
The American rolled to the edge of the podium and just barely held on, but the German stepped on her fingers and WHAM! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! She landed in the tacks as well.
1-1 the announcer announced and while the German goalie descended the stairs and lifted her top for the fans to show off her meaty DD tits, the American was taken away.
The third fight was about to begin and the next blonde German with jersey number 8 was facing a catty fit black haired woman. Her black outfit suited her very well and this fight started very different from the others.
The two faced each other and the American opened the match with a smashing slap. SMATTTTTTTTTTTT!
The German threw it a whole step to the side and she groaned loudly. Her plump boobs bounced in the top and no sooner had she stabilized than the counter came just as hard. SMACCCKKKKKKKKKK! AAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Now her opponent was screaming!
SMATTTTTTTT...............SMACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heads flew to the sides and cheeks were already bright red as the German lunged for a slap on the boobs.
SMATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Several fingers sank into my pussy and I drank some more wine as I watched the hot action. These sexy wildcats excited me immensely and I watched spellbound as now both exclusively covered their bust with blatant slaps.
The bosom of the German was relatively unprotected while the American still had her C-cups safely packed. The blonde's breasts lifted under the blows and the outsides reddened badly.
With each blow it became clear that the German's DD was at a disadvantage and the American brought herself closer to the edge with each hit.
Two more slaps to the face nearly KO'd the German and she fell, as if in slow motion, completely befuddled, tits, belly and face first, into the thumbtacks over a meter below her.
WHAMMMMM! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! The poor German rolled onto her back and screamed like hell. The pain had woken her up again and blood could be seen running down her face as tacks were stuck in her forehead. Her plump natural tits were covered with the nasty little tacks and quite a few stuck in her sweet brown areolas.
The announcer announced 2-1 for America and the black-haired fighter shook her aching hands as she slowly descended the stairs, celebrated by her team.
The next opponent from the football team was a well-tanned Filipina. She met jersey number 2 from the German team. Both bodies were already glistening with sweat and oil as they climbed the stairs and faced each other.
The wildest of all the fights so far began as both clawed at each other's hair and screeched. Wild kicks followed, hitting thighs and stomachs.
Both cursed, scratched and soon it tore the bustier of the American woman into shreds. I kneaded my own F-cup bosom while comparing the chocolate tits and the even bigger white udders of the Germans.
Both suddenly found themselves in a Bearhug and the biceps of both cats swelled considerably. They held each other painfully and groaned loudly as they stumbled over the small platform and suddenly both fell onto the table at the same time.
WHAMMMMMMM! Both half-naked cats broke through the tabletop and remained motionless.
A murmur went through the crowd and replays faded in to determine if one of them was down long. You could see their tits quivering on impact but also that the American was under the German.
So the point went to Germany and the medics pulled the two sweaty bodies from the wreckage of the table.
2:2 for both teams! The red-haired presenter bounced excitedly in her catsuit and her big breasts almost fell out into the open.
Then number 5 from Germany and number 6 from the US team met.
I enjoyed every damn second of this fight, because the German didn't have the slightest chance against her opponent. The American had very long arms and her reach was fully exploited.
The German received countless slaps before her muscular counterpart clawed her hands into her now naked tits. Her magnificent bosom spilled out from between their fingers and after a terrible two minutes for her, she was headbutted in the forehead, lifted by the tits and thrown through the table. WHAMMMMMMMMMMMM! I came in a first small orgasm. I felt the heat in my abdomen and saw stars dancing as always when I came.
When I opened my eyes again the camera just had the maltreated udders in close-up and where the nails had penetrated, blood ran from small cuts in the breast flesh.
3:2 for America!
It was getting hotter and hotter and the numbers 3 and 4 from Germany, met two big blondes from the US team with the numbers 8 and 10.
The two Americans were fast and deadly and gave their opponents no chance. Countless boxing blows hit the German girls in their bare bellies and breasts.
Number 3 barely lasted 30 seconds and sailed into the thumbtacks.
While she was still lying there trying to pull the sharp pins out of her breasts, her comrade number four suddenly came crashing down on her.
WHAMNMMMMMMMMM! AAAAAAAAAA GOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Number 4 was lucky as she landed relatively softly, while the half-naked fighter below her again had countless tacks jabbed into her body.
The two US athletes high-fived as the score climbed to 5-2 for America.
Next, a pretty black woman climbed onto the podium to face the German number 9.
The blonde German looked as pretty and flawless as her teammates and her big tits with two hard nipples were barely restrained. She was very careful and seemed a bit smarter and stronger than the two Germans before. Again and again hard hits landed in her body: the tits and the belly got many hard blows, but she also dealt out just as hard and provided the black with hard-hitting boxing blows to the face until she bled. Her lip was burst and blood ran from her nose while the two furies meanwhile tore at each other's hair and rammed their knees into each other's cxnts.
I rubbed my clit and came a second time thinking how the pain must make the horny vulvas pulsate.
They were both sweating profusely and I had never seen two women endure so many low blows before.
"Stupid cxnt!"
The two cursed and screamed and suddenly the German's legs gave way and she sank to her knees, exhausted. The black grabbed her by the hair, rammed her knee twice across the fat breasts and went for a final maneuver. She took a running start and it was clear she was preparing a dropkick to the tits. But the German dodged it and the black girl slid over the edge and landed in the tacks.
Her sweaty bodysuit was down and she had her eyes closed in pain and her fists clenched. The German, however, did not leave the podium by the stairs, but jumped down her opponent from the edge of the podium.
WHAM! She landed feet first and full body weight into her stomach and chest, earning another bloodcurdling scream.
Her fight had lasted almost 10 minutes and she received much applause. The moderator raised her arm to signify the victory and announced that the score was reduced to 5:3.
Now all three German ladies had to win to still have a chance at the overall victory. Only two Americans were left, however, as their team had been smaller from the start.
Jersey number 10 from the US team was a small strong blonde with decent biceps.  She tensed her arms as she climbed the stairs confident of victory and met German number 11.
I had grabbed my vibrator in the meantime and was enjoying the tingling in my leaking pussy as he began to caress my pearl.
The German pulled her top over her head and her oily fat tits fell out. She had very large areolas and gorgeous nipples, whereupon the American let loose envious and venomous comments.
What followed was the shortest fight of all because the footballer rushed forward too carelessly, the German dodged sideways and gave the US lady a push in the back that gave her so much momentum that she immediately tumbled down the stairs on the other side of the platform.
OHHHHHHHHH! The audience roared and the paramedics checked to see if she had broken any bones. The German, on the other hand, took her perfect big breasts in her hands, licked her own nipples provocatively and left the podium grinning.
The score was now 5:4 for America and so it remained exciting.
I thrust the dildo deep into my wet hole and came again. My whole body twitched and shook and I moaned loudly in front of the TV.
Then the last two German girls came up the stairs. Numbers 6 and 10 were more petite than the rest of the team, but at least as well endowed with bust.
On the opposite side, a racy busty and muscular Latina climbed the stairs. The final round was a handicap match and I marveled at the fighter's incredible abs and powerful upper arms. If anyone could take on two opponents at once, it was her.
And then she also took off her bustier and exposed her firm round breasts with the very dark areolas and nipples.
She charged forward, spread her arms and sent both opponents to the floor with a Clothesline at the same time. WHAMMM!
The German blondes hit the hard floor with quivering tits and moaned loudly.
Then she took the super slim number 10, grabbed her legs and turned her onto her stomach. I didn't know much about wrestling so I didn't know the name of the hold she was trying to use to bend her opponent's spine so far that she gave up. Her plump bust was pressed into the floor and her back arched strongly as she was being worked on by the strong US American.
I sank the dildo deeper and deeper inside me and enjoyed her cries.
But suddenly the second German got to her feet and took the Latina in a headlock. Her face pressed sideways into the massive oily breasts of the German.
I took my own breast to my mouth and sucked the nipple inside while I already saw the next climax coming.
The horny fighters were now in a double grip and none wanted to let go. With her free hand, the German now grabbed the left breast of the Latina and kneaded it hard. When this did not help either, she clenched her fist and thundered it again and again into the quivering tit until the Latina let go of the legs of the other opponent and she lay moaning on the floor.
The Latina was still being thrown around in a headlock and the German's goal was clearly to knock her opponent off the pedestal and into the thumbtacks. But the Latina braced her tight legs against it and started to box the German her fists hard into her sexy oily belly button again and again.
The blonde moaned deeply and loudly and with each blow red knuckle marks were left behind and her sweat splattered.
SMATTT....SMATTTT.....SMATTTTTT.....the Latina was free and rammed an uppercut so hard into the German's right DD tit that it almost slapped her face and it put her on her ass. CLOPPPPPP.....AHHHHHHHHHHH!
The Second German slowly got back on her feet and the Latina had to finish quickly with number 6, if she didn't want to be attacked on her back again. She grabbed their legs, spread them wide and kicked her with full force in the sweet pussy.
Number 6 reared up and was whirled around by her ankles, slid to the edge on the now sweat and oil slippery surface, and sailed screeching down into the thumbtacks with plenty of momentum.
I got goosebumps and the camera showed the almost naked body pierced by countless tacks while on the podium the fight continued. The Americans were already celebrating and cheering their overall victory while the Latina was far from done with the last pretty opponent.
I bit my own nipples and fucked my pussy harder and harder with the dildo. I had already soiled the whole couch and moaned loudly when suddenly my husband stood in the doorway. He was obviously awakened by my spiky horny screams and looked incredulously sometimes on the TV and sometimes on me.
In the ring, respectively on the podium, the German just got hard knee kicks and boxing blows in the stomach that made her gasp and moan constantly. Her sexy belly was already bright red as the Latina embraced her, suddenly carried her on her shoulders and approached the edge of the podium.
My husband was as horny as I was and his boner was stiff and pointing at me. He had taken off his shorts and pushed his part into my mouth without being asked.
On the fighting platform, the German suddenly hit the hard surface with a power bomb. Her opponent had decided to torture her even further instead of defeating her right away.
It was clear to everyone that the German had no more chance. Her opponent threw her body around the ring at will with four suplexes, three power bombs and various other hot moves.
By now the German was completely naked and back on her opponent's shoulders. Her eyes were closed, her face contorted in pain and suddenly she moaned.
Her naked pussy was right in front of her opponent's face and before she sent her through the table with another Power Bomb, she licked her victim and humiliated her further.
My husband and I groaned when we saw this slim and totally sweaty body of the German on the strong shoulders of her opponent. Despite her defeat, an eroticism emanated from this scene like I had never seen before. The long greedy tongue plunged into her cleft and she obviously trembled in a climax as she was suddenly thrown through the table with enormous force.
WHAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMM! The shiny bodysuit smashed through the tabletop and remained defeated and unconscious in the rubble.
I groaned again in my final climax and my husband pumped his cum into my face, moaning.
We came violently and I splashed the sofa again while the cum ran down my face and dripped onto my heavy breasts....