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The Tale of Maria and Thomas - the first fight - Anna vs Maria

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The week until the said evening of the fight seemed endless. Maria sat next to me in bed and read a book. Her naked upper body was leaning and she kept squinting at my smartphone with one eye.
I had been googling fighting women over and over. Titfight. Wrestling.Catfight.
It was all part of my search terms.

"Seems to keep you pretty busy."
I pretended innocently. "What do you mean?"
"Well either the fighting women thing. Or are you so hot to see Anna half naked and animal fighting in the ring?"
There was no need to answer at all, as my bedspread lifted into a tent, revealing my erection. My wife slid a hand under the covers and found my cock.
I moaned comfortably and leaned my head against her left breast.
She had the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. Not too big and not too small. 80D.

"Do you think women with big breasts have trouble fighting?"
Maria thought about it and answered, "They are certainly not an advantage. The weight alone is quite tearing on the rib cage."
I probed further while she gently stroked my glans, "And if you get hit there?"
That hurts every woman. No matter if it's big tits or small tits."
Maria pulled the blanket away, sat wide-legged on my boner and chased it all the way into her surprisingly wet pussy.
"YAAAAAAAAAAAA!" She closed her eyes and clawed into my chest as she gyrated her hips.
"You're wet Maria. You're wet!"

"Yes honey. I am."

I grabbed her breasts and pulled them to my mouth, taking the large areolas in my mouth and sucking them alternately until her nipples were rock hard. Maria moaned and rode me like crazy.
And then came the words I had never heard from her before.
"Hit her!"
I was astonished and asked, "What, hit who?"
"My tits! Hit my tits!"
SMATTTTT! I got a light slap in the face.
"Punch your fighting whore in the tits you pussy!"


I lashed out and slapped her left breast so hard that it jerked her inward, smacking her loudly in the right.
"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Maria cried out briefly.

"Sorry honey...."
But she interrupted me, "More! Harder!"

I didn't hold back any longer and while she leaned back and milked my thick cock with her tight pussy, I jerked wide left and right and slapped my hands hard against her breasts.
SMATTTTT....SMACKKKKK......WHAPPPPPPP......Maria cried out with every hit and rode me wilder and wilder. I hadn't seen her like this in a long time.
She leaned forward and I grabbed her breasts very hard. I squeezed her breast flesh so hard that it squeezed out between my fingers and pulled her breasts lengthwise by the nipples.
"GOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT YESAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Maria came violently and for what felt like forever. Her cxnt clutched my cock and I shot my cum deep into her vagina.
We moaned and she collapsed on top of me. Her hot reddened breasts stuck to my sweaty chest.
"Thank you honey....thank you...."

Only three more days and the fight of our swinger friend Anna would turn our whole life upside down. Only we did not suspect this at that time.

Three days later we entered the dressing room of the swingers club. A lot of guests had come and my wife and I could hardly find a free locker.
Anna and Mike were nowhere to be seen, so I admired my wife as she put on a pair of stockings and a red evening dress with a very low cut. She did without a bra.
I wore a white shirt which I did not button and an elegant bow tie.
The other couples were also dressed sexily and all flocked to the ring, which had been set up in the garden next to the pool.
It was already dark and torches were burning, which conjured up a special atmosphere.
"I wonder who her opponent is. I would love to see you in the ring."
Maria laughed and stretched her biceps for me.
"Would you like to what?" I kissed her upper arms, then her neck, and reached for her heavy breasts. Maria groaned when we were suddenly interrupted by the club boss.

She was standing in the middle of the ring in a very short dress, under which we could see from below. She wasn't even wearing panties and her breasts were almost falling out too.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the first Club Championship!"
Thunderous applause followed.
"Here, two ladies are about to really tear each other apart in a ring catfight, and you'll all be witnesses to the loser having to do some chores after the fight."
Again, thunderous applause followed.
"Our first fighter is Anna from Leipzig."
And then she came! What an entrance! Our friend wore a leather half-mask and a harness that hugged her horny curves. Her C-cups hung through openings in her outfit and everyone could admire the pierced bobbing breasts on the way to the ring.
Underneath she wore a matching black leather thong, but it was so skimpy that her pubic hair spilled out to the sides.

"Anna is 29 years old, 1.73m tall, weighs 68kg and has a bust size of 80C."
The crowd was raging and clapping and none knew who their opponent would be.
Then suddenly a man came to the edge of the ring and waved the club boss over. She went to the ropes and bent over. Her bare naked ass made applause sound again, but they didn't understand what the man was saying to her.

"Ehm, I don't even know how to tell you. The husband of the scheduled opponent was just here and said she got cold feet. She's no longer available."
Loud booing started and everyone looked at each other somewhat haphazardly.
Suddenly Anna looked at us, or more precisely directly into Maria's eyes.
There was a challenge in her gaze.

Maria looked at me, then back at Anna. The corners of her mouth pulled up into a grin. Suddenly she pulled her dress over her head and stood at the edge of the ring naked except for her stockings.
"I want to fight this bitch!"
A murmur went through the crowd and I watched in bewilderment as my wife climbed the steps into the ring. Naked. In full view of everyone.
She bent to climb through the ropes and wiggled her ribcage to let her big boobs swing.

"I'm going to kick that titty's ass!" Anna beamed and slammed her fist into her palm.
But the club boss slowed Anna down and kept her away by the outstretched arm and palm between her breasts.
"Slow down! First, introduce yourself to your opponent."

"I'm Maria, 32, 5'7", 63kg and I'm 80D."
She grabbed her breasts and lifted them.
"Looks more like DD!" The comment came from a guest and everyone laughed. My cock was already hard and as it seemed not only mine. Mike joined me and he too, like probably all the men present, had a handsome erection.

"Did your wife think it over too?" He grinned nastily.
What was I supposed to answer? She probably hadn't.
"It's all right for Anna." I sounded more confident than I really was.

"And now the rules: The fight goes to the abandonment of a fighter. Do not go for the throat and eyes. Otherwise, everything is allowed. The loser is in for a little surprise. She will be tied to the ropes and you may cum on her. So save your cum until last men!"
The audience now consisted of over 100 visitors and at least 50 men. That could become cheerful.

The club boss made room for the two felines and left the ring. Maria held out her hand to Anna for a high-five, but all that clapped was her fierce slap in the face.
SMACKKKKKKKK! My wife's head flew to the side and Anna immediately charged at her, ramming her shoulder into her stomach.
WHAPPPPPPPPP! "UNNNNNNNNNNNGHHHHHH!" The force lifted her off her feet and the two crashed to the ring floor, Anna on top. Her abdominal muscles were weaker than expected.

Maria was hit hard and had to be pinned helplessly to the floor. Anna was on top of her like a spider: pinning her arms at the wrists and spreading Maria's legs wide apart. The spectators on one side of the ring had a perfect view of her clean-shaven pussy.
Maria moaned and tried to get free, but Anna had her under control and slapped her face with her dangling breasts to humiliate her.
Mike elbowed me in the ribs, "How long is she going to keep this up?"
I punched back twice as hard and countered, "Luckily your wife's tits aren't that heavy."

He took the hint.

Suddenly Anna threw her head back howling in pain. She raised her upper body and her right tit stretched as my wife bit her nipple.
I drummed on the edge of the ring and cheered Maria on, "Yes babe! Finish her!"
But Anna knew how to fight back and unceremoniously rammed her knee into my wife's wide open pussy.

CLOPPPPPPPPP! The sound was dull and wet and Maria opened her mouth to a loud scream. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Anna was free and rolled off her. Anna held her chest and inspected the imprint of her opponent's teeth in her areola while my wife rolled onto her side and massaged her pussy.

Anna was furious and grabbed my wife Maria by the hair and pulled her to her feet. Only seconds later Maria flew across the ring and slammed her forehead into the padded corner of the ring. Dazed, she held onto the ropes, but only a short time later her ample natural breasts thrashed wildly as she was again hurled into the next corner of the ring.
This time she pulled her head back in time.
But in return, her breasts slammed hard into the padding and absorbed the force almost completely.

Maria contorted her face in pain, but she didn't have much time. Anna followed immediately and put her in a headlock. Their bodies were already glistening with sweat and Maria punched her opponent hard in the stomach several times.
Her fists pounded, but Anna endured it with tense abs. After five hits, she rammed her knee hard into my wife's dangling breasts.
CLOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! "OUUUUUUUUUFFFFFFFF!" Maria almost lifted off the floor from the force and a murmur went through the audience.

The erotically dressed couples were making out wildly, almost all the cocks were freed and either jerked off or blown nice and stiff to have their cum load ready to shoot after the finale.

CLOPPPPPPPPPPP! "AAARRRRRRRRRHHHHH!" A second kick to both tits rammed her mercilessly against the ribs. Anna looked at Mike who continued to stand right next to me. "You like her tits like that. Do you think they can take it? Or will they burst?"
Mike's penchant for extensively fondling and sucking Maria's breasts during their sex at the swingers club had obviously not escaped Anna and had always been a point of wonder.

Mike did not answer. He was torn between his love for his wife and his preference for my wife's much larger breasts.
Anna grinned nastily at me and maintained eye contact with me while ramming her knee upward ten more times into my wife's dangling heavy tits. cock bounced with each hit and my wife's screams echoed throughout the pool area of the club and probably far beyond.

Finally Anna let go of her opponent and Maria collapsed. She was leaning in the ropes holding her reddened tits. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily.

Anna held her arms above her head and applauded, cheering on the audience until everyone clapped along. Then she took a running start and tried a drop kick. Her target was clear: my wife's big boobs again.
The ring shook and her ass trembled, the horny tits bounced in her leather outfit.

But Maria rolled away and Anna hit only air. She shrieked as she slid into nothingness and half slid out of the ring.
Desperately she held on to the bottom rope while her bust lay on the edge of the ring floor. Maria reacted instinctively and kicked her left tit with her heel.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRHHH!" Anna screamed out, let go and landed in front of the ring.

She had hurt her ankle and was holding her bruised chest, moaning.
"Get her Maria!" My wife smiled at me, reaching through the ropes into the hair of her opponent who had already gotten back up and was limping slightly.
Anna cried out in surprise and I watched in awe as Maria's trained biceps and shoulder muscles tensed as she pulled Anna towards her with her forehead and then slammed her into the edge of the ring.

"OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" A murmur WENT through the audience as Anna stumbled dazedly. The half-mask of leather had at least protected her somewhat. Still, she staggered backwards and fell over a sun lounger.
KRRRRRRRRRRK! She collapsed on it, groaning, and my wife now climbed in after her.
Mike berated me, "That's illegal!"
I replied, "Did she choke Anna or attack her eyes?"
Puzzled, he looked at me, "No, but the head..."
"Then shut up!"

Between us, all friendship had evaporated. We looked at each other furiously and only my muscular body kept him from attacking me directly.
In the meantime Maria had got out of the ring and I followed the crowd to be able to follow the fight.
Maria threw herself on Anna, grabbed her hair and tore at it brutally. Her right hand clawed at Anna's left tit and grabbed it so hard that the wet tit flesh oozed out between her fingers.
Anna, on the other hand, grabbed my wife's big tits and rammed her fingernails deep into the flesh.


The two screamed and moaned as they worked their tits. Bloody scratches followed within seconds and each tried to squeeze the other's mammary glands. Maria looked wide-legged on Anna's lap, both together thus on the sun lounger.
This went on for what felt like an eternity. She tore at the breasts of the opponent, twisted and pulled at the nipples.
I fought my way through the crowd with a naked stiff cock and when I had a clear view I yelled to Maria: "Her piercings! Grab her by the piercings!"
Surprised, I looked down because a strange young woman was kneeling in front of me and had shoved my 25cm penis deep into her mouth.
I groaned and enjoyed the scene.

Anna's breasts stretched out as Maria was able to get a good grip on the piercings, turning them 180 degrees and making Anna howl. Tears were in her eyes as she desperately grabbed her wrists and threw Maria off of her.

"OH FUCK BITCH! I'll get you back for that!"
My wife had landed right next to the pool, holding her aching hip as Anna limped toward her and kicked at her. But Maria grabbed her foot and Anna fell over her, dragging her with her, and they both splashed into the water.

SPLASHHHHHHHH! They submerged briefly but quickly came up for air. Their wet bodies looked hot and it wasn't two seconds before they were back in each other's hair, trying to dunk their opponent.

"STOP! Damn it! Get in the ring!" The club boss intervened, jumping into the pool and separating the two felines. After a brief scuffle, the two calmed down and were helped out of the pool.
Cursing and soaking wet, both limped back toward the ring.

Anna threw off the slipped mask and now both circled each other more carefully. SMATTT....SMACK....the first slaps flew.
CLOPPPPPP....then a hard punch to my wife's navel, followed by an uppercut to her right tit.
Both pairs of breasts already had battle marks, were bleeding slightly and had bruises.

Maria had to be careful because her belly seemed to be her Achilles heel.
She sank to one knee and Anna grabbed her wet hair again.
My wife slammed a powerful uppercut into Anna's pussy, but other than a short loud scream, nothing much happened.
Anna kicked Maria's head with her thigh and stretched her out on the ring floor.
My wife's big wet breasts pointed up into the night sky under shone under the light of the torches.
Maria's breasts deformed under the hard kicks and her belly got quite a few hits as well. Desperately she rolled onto her belly to not get more air out of her lungs.
Slowly she got back on all fours.


My gorgeous wife's sweaty body spun around 180 degrees as her opponent kicked her dangling breasts so hard that it lifted her whole body off the ring floor after it thrashed her natural tits hard against her ribs.

My wife was so worked by now that her arms couldn't even grip her breasts to massage the pain away. They lay exhausted next to her body while she had her eyes closed.

Anna only needed to ignite one more pain rocket and it would be over my wife.
She knelt on top of her! The left shin across her right breast, the right knee into her stomach. And then she grabbed her in the pussy!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Maria yelped as her opponent's fingers grabbed her labia and clawed so hard she reeled in pain. Her arms were too weak to resist and she screamed like a spit.
I moved to the side of the ring where I had a good view between my wife's legs. Mike was already there jerking his cock.
Anna had several fingers inside her while she pressed the thumbnail into Maria's clit.
Maria moaned and screamed while her naked shaved cxnt was caught somewhere between pain and pleasure.

Anna was now fingering her with quick movements and my wife's moans changed.
She's not going to finger her to climax, is she? Defeated in front of everyone?
You bet!
It didn't take a minute and Maria came splattering to the ring floor! Her body convulsed while she was helplessly pinned to the floor under the weight of Anna and her pussy was being milked. "YAAAAAAAA FUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

I was horrified and aroused at the same time.
After her climax had subsided, Maria whimpered for mercy.
"Stop. Had enough...." Her Polish accent came through clearly.
Anna stood up from her and stretched her arms to the sky. She let herself be celebrated, dancing with gyrating hips and quivering breasts.

"Well Thomas? Did you like what I did to your little whore?"
I was speechless and looked down at the floor in shame.

The club boss took the floor:
"Wow what a fight! But now let's not forget the little show afterwards. I hope you guys are so loaded and haven't cum yet!"
Two men grabbed Maria and pulled her to the ring ropes, where they handcuffed her powerless arms to the top rope. Maria's wet battered body was draped and ready to serve as a target for all that cum. Her breasts were bright red with bloody scratches and hung wet and heavy on her chest.

Anna climbed down to Mike and pulled him into the ring first.
I clenched my fists in rage, no longer fully aware of my feelings. I was aroused and angry at the same time. I walked around the ring to my wife, whose head hung powerlessly to the side.
"Do you want me to stop it?"
She looked at me. But her look was not broken. "No. That's the rules. I knew what I was doing."
I nodded to Mike and Anna, and it took only a few jerks on his cock to make him explode. He moaned and his cum was the first thing to go down on Maria's face and tits.
Powerful spurts of cum plastered them completely. Maria closed her eyes, but licked the cream from her lips and swallowed it. Of course, it was not the first time that Mike sprayed her in the face, but of course the situation was completely different than before.

But now came the next men from the audience and my wife would get countless loads of sperm off. I myself was incredibly horny and I flinched startled when suddenly Anna stood next to me.
"Give the winner your tight boner! Please! I want it!"
I wasn't actually included in the prize, but I was so aroused that I couldn't say no.
Anna pulled me into the ring and lay down right next to my wife. She spread her legs wide and I pulled down her thong.

"Fuck me! Fuck the winner in front of Maria!"
Her sweet hairy cxnt was wide open in front of me and already leaking. And then I rammed my cock into her.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" It didn't even come to a fuck as we came within seconds almost simultaneously. Both ready aroused to the extreme by the fight, it only took the tightness of her horny cxnt to make me cum.

My wife opened her eyes at Anna's cry of pleasure. She hadn't even realized we were right next to her.
The tenth guy was unloading his cum on her tits when her eyes broke.
What had I done?
I saw the pain in her eyes and a tear ran down her cheek while Anna laughed diabolically with happiness and pleasure.

"YAAAAAA AAAAAAAHHHH!" Two guys shot cum into her face at the same time and she closed her eyes.

I slumped to the side exhausted, not grasping how I had been used....


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Re: The Tale of Maria and Thomas - the first fight - Anna vs Maria
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Great story, thank you!


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Re: The Tale of Maria and Thomas - the first fight - Anna vs Maria
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Very nice, curious to see how the relationship between Maria and Thomas evolves after this