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Justice Battle: Corporate Responsibility Part 2 (by TJ)

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Hi everyone.

Unfortunately, due to the closure of yahoo groups, many very good and interesting stories have disappeared from the web. One of such groups was the KandiBox group.

Most of the group founder's stories can be found on the author's profile

The other writer of the group is tj-lesnig - most of his stories are not published on Deviantart.

As a token of appreciation to both authors, I am publishing their stories here. All rights belong to the authors. Feedback for the authors is welcome.

Justice Battle: Corporate Responsibility Part 2
By TJ, Constructive comment welcome at
Justice battles: A world where justice is determined by brutal boxing bouts

In part 1 Jen arrived at work to find that her old boss and nemeses Angela had
arranged for her and her best friend Kate to be arrested, charged with a
completely fabricated offence but with seemingly overwhelming evidence against
them. Jen had to then watch as Kate was utterly destroyed in a completely one
sided bout.

As Kate was carried from Aiga Corps bloody theatre Jen knew that it would now
be her turn to face some sort of battle. With an immense effort she tried to
compose herself and prepare to fight with all that she had to prove her own
and Kate's innocence however unlikely the chances of success might prove to
be. Jen couldn't help but be aware of Angela's smirking face drinking in her
own tear streaked features and she used her anger and hate of Angela to focus
and motivate herself for whatever was to come. The Judge spoke. 'That was a
seemingly conclusive battle but I am troubled by one aspect. The provider of
the evidence has not been tested in any way herself therefore I propose that
Angela should fight Jen. In this way the veracity of her word can be properly
tested against one of the people she has accused. I require a ring to be set
up in this theatre so that battle can commence in 1 hour, seconds for both
fighters will be provided and the rules shall be as follows:

1. The fight will be boxing with no low blow restrictions

2. Unlimited rounds, no time limit. The loser of a round will remove an
article of clothing

3. A round will end after a knockdown of 5 seconds for the first 3 rounds, but
will then increase by 5 seconds for each subsequent round. Round breaks will
start at 1 minute and increase by 1 minute for each round.

4. Seconds can help a fighter to her feet, the fighter must then be able to
remain standing for 5 seconds for the round to continue

"Prepare for justice"

With that the Judge left the Theatre as action immediately started to prepare
a ring.

Jen felt a wave of relief and determined resolve wash over her, she was not
put off by the wolfish grin of Angela whose expression of sadistic delight had
grown stronger and stronger as the Judge spoke so that now she was staring at
Jen's voluptuous body with glee, imagining the feeling of her fists tearing
into Jen's huge breasts. Angela was taller by at least 6 inches and she could
not imagine that the slight, but hugely breasted Jen, could pose any threat at
all. Jen was determined to change Angela's mind about that viewpoint.

After 45 minutes of activity the ring was nearly ready, more of a cage or
corral than a ring, the ropes where thick course and rough, stretched tightly
between the corner posts with a thin cord set up vertically between the ropes
at 1 metre intervals. The corner posts were angled out by about 15 degrees
which meant that the ring ropes kept the same angle with the top rope being
about 30 - 35 cm further out than the bottom rope whilst the corner posts
themselves were thick viciously studded (like a meat tenderiser)rough metal
poles unpadded except for at the very top. Not a place to contemplate being
trapped against!

With 10 minutes to go Jen was taken to her corner and introduced to her second
Diane, but before they could do any more than introduce themselves The ref
climbed into the centre of the ring a threw a pair of gloves to each fighters
corner, barely padded cobra style gloves the leather was rough and stained red
from earlier battles. Jen started at them in disbelief and looked up at
Angela's gleeful cry, 'wow, this is going to be bloody fun'!

'Yes, and make sure it is, for her' Diane said. 'Look, I don't know how you
fight or how Angela fights but I can tell you that she's cocky and thinks that
it's going to be easy for her so she'll give you openings at first. Make them
count, be brutal, don't hold back if you get an opening and remember that you
can hit anywhere. One last thing to say, don't let your anger blind you, box
clever as if your life depends on it because really, it does'.

The ref announced, '2 minutes, fighters, you will start the fight without your
jackets, I'd also suggest that perhaps you'd be wise to take of your high
heels as well'.

Angela kicked her shoes off and took off her severe grey Jacket. Underneath
she was wearing a plain white blouse, knee length grey skirt and black
stockings. It was difficult to be sure about her figure. Jen on the other hand
was wearing a short black skirt that showed off her black stocking clad legs
beautifully and a cream, silk tailored blouse through which you could just see
the outline of her sexy, well filled bra that held her huge jutting 30ff
breasts high and firm, the points of her firm up- tilted nipples clearly
visible through the thin material.

Now it was time.

The ref called Jen and Angela into the centre of the ring.

Jen suddenly had an attack of butterflies as she saw how confidently Angela
sprang into the centre of the ring, smiling and even with a quick lick of her
lips so eager was she to start, so it was with trepidation that Jen slowly
walked out to the ref. The moment Jen was within a step of the centre of the
ring the ref dropped his arm to signal the start of the fight. Instantly
Angela was on the attack, her right fist encased in its small wicked glove was
rifling into Jen's huge left breast, her blouse bulged as Angela's fist drove
deep but Jen was rooted to the spot, her guard was nowhere and she didn't even
back away as Angela's left fist followed up tearing into her right breast
hitting flush on the point of the nipple driving deep into the sensitive flesh
Angela leaned in with all her weight trying to force her fist to strike at the
sensitive glands at the heart of Jen's breast. Jen's mouth opened in an 'O' of
pain, but it was the third blow from Angela that really struck home, her right
fist struck again at Jen's left breast and now that Angela had the range it
thudded home and Jen's blouse almost exploded as her breast bulged away from
the deeply driving fist, buttons flew away as Jen cried out in pain.

The pain woke Jen up as finally with Angela's left again targeting Jen's right
breast Jen reacted. Swivelling her body away as Angela struck she absorbed the
blow without Angela's fist striking fully home then, as Angela leaned forwards
to try and drive her fist deep into her huge breast, Jen whipped a quick one
two into Angela's face, First a right hit flush on the mouth, snapping
Angela's head back, then as she tried to re- group Jen's left whipped across
into Angela's right cheek and twisted her head fully around. Angela's eyes
grew wide with the shock of the blows and she tried to bring her arms up to
defend herself but this just left her body open to the shorter Jen who in
quick succession drove a right and left which thudded in low to the body,
first a right hit just above the waistband of Angela's skirt and then a left
thudded home some inches below. Angela grunted and folded over the blow
stumbling back just in time to prevent Jen striking again.

'Bitch' cried out Angela and, straightening, she started flinging wild
haymakers at Jen, lefts and rights swung in aimed at Jen's breasts. Jen beat a
hasty retreat and each wildly swung blow that missed its target was sent in
with so much force that Angela's body was weaving its way in pursuit of Jen,
each missed blow made her lurch one way and then the other. Angela's face was
turning puce and beads of sweat quickly started to cover her face and stain
the armpits of her blouse but her pace was unrelenting. A swinging right fist
caught Jen flush on the side of her left breast and her bra clad boobs surged
across Jen's body as the fist struck home with more buttons from Jen's abused
blouse flying free, then Angela struck again as her next left swinging in from
the other side caught up with Jen's swinging boobs as they swung back, with
Angela's fist just barely brushing past Jen's left boob before arrowing
through the gaping hole in Jen's blouse to hit the inside of Jen's silk clad
right boob with a solid thud. The hard wicked glove tore into Jen's breast,
the silk bra gave little protection to the hardest blow of the fight so far
and with a cry Jen was knocked sideways as the glove drove Jen's breast out
away from the body, the bra stretching almost to breaking point just contained
its contents but the blouse was now totally destroyed as Angela's fist ripped
it apart.

Jen, lurching to her right brought her guard up and stepped back quickly to
avoid Angela's next salvo but suddenly the back of her left leg caught the
bottom rope and she tripped and started to fall back. Her arms shot up
instinctively to try and maintain balance and the flaps of her torn blouse
wrapped themselves about her face. Angela seeing Jen's guard rise and with her
bra now exposed gleefully fired in a straight right aimed at the Jen's torpedo
like left breast but as Jen slipped down Angela's fiercely driven right glove
cracked solidly onto the point of Jen's jaw.

Had it not been for the ropes Jen would have dropped to the floor, instead
though she hung up on the ropes, dazed. Her legs were like jelly and her arms
dropped limply to her side. The crowd of Jen's co-workers watched stunned,
suddenly realising why the ring ropes were set up as they were and with an
intake of breath they knew that Jen was likely to now take a beating, a few
well placed blows now from Angela and it could all be over. Angela targeted
Jen's right boob, she drove in her right fist full on the prominent silk
encased nipple. Jen cried out weakly as Angela's fist knifed into the heart of
her sensitive gland, the bra bulged out obscenely as Angela's fist and hand
disappeared into the centre of Jen's orb, pale flesh billowed outside of the
bra cup and then Angela's fist struck home and drew the cry from the almost
unconscious Jen as her internal glands were struck and her body shuddered and
quivered at the force of the blow.

Angela's fist withdrew and Jen's firm breast shot back into place, but even in
a bra such a huge orb had to wobble in aftershock. The force of Angela's blow
had also freed Jen up from the ropes and as she bounced forwards off the ropes
she tried to clinch with Angela, but with legs of wet spaghetti she pitched
forwards and crashed face, and breast, first to the canvass floor to lie
unmoving her huge breasts bulging out either side of her prone body.

Diane rushed into the ring as the ref started counting but did not attempt to
raise Jen of the floor, instead she placed a cold flannel on the back of Jen's
head until the ref finally counted Jen out with a count of '5'.

First round to Angela, seconds you have 1 minute to prepare for the second

Diane eased a groggy Jen slowly onto her feet and helped her to the corner.
'Move, make her chase you. She's not much of a fighter she's just trying to
overwhelm you with punches and she's fixated with your boobs, I thought she'd
have hit you downstairs then when she had the chance. Look, if you keep alert,
keep moving and hit her with quick straight jabs she's not going to do much
harm, but for this next round go down quick if you're still groggy. Ok?' And
with that Diane looked hard into Jen's eyes and with some concern she
repeated, 'look, keep away from the ropes, anything but that, clinch if you
have to but don't try and stay on your feet in this round'.

With that the bell rang for the next round and Jen, stiff legged, slowly made
her way to the centre of the ring, her torn and tattered blouse still half
hanging from her body. With one quick movement the ref ripped the remains of
Jen's blouse from her body fully exposing her creamy silk bra, full cupped and
under-wired the top half was sheer especially now that it was wet and the dark
stubby points of her nipples were very clearly outlined. Jen's breast stood
straight out, seemingly defying gravity for such a huge amount of flesh.
Angela meanwhile was waiting, staring at Jen's breasts, her own attire was not
damaged at all but was starting to show the signs of sweat, her blouse stuck
to her body and was full of sweat stains except for a dryish area that
outlined Angela's seemingly modest bra, some sense of Angela's shape was now
beginning to show.

The ref dropped his hand to start the round and Angela flew at Jen who backed
away as quick as her still wobbly legs could take her. Two wild swings from
Angela missed and Jen cracked a good straight jab full onto Angela's mouth but
stumbled forwards as she did so, her legs unable to carry her away. Angela's
next shots were hampered as Jen crowded her but then Angela pushed Jen away
and as she stumbled awkwardly aside Angela's right fist crashed into Jen's
cheek sending Jen crashing back to the canvass.

Angela was frustrated and beat her gloves together hard as Diane made no
effort to help Jen regain her feet and so Jen was counted out again, and now
after 2 rounds Diane would have 2 minutes to work on her before the third
round started.

2 Busy minutes of massage and instruction went all too quickly for Jen but as
the ref called the fighters back out into the centre of the ring Jen did look
to be recovered from her knockdowns, for the first time in the fight she
strode forwards, seemingly eager to continue. The ref undid the button on her
skirt and eased it down her legs, motioning Jen to step out of the puddle of
cloth before he flicked it out of the ring. The crowd gasped as Jen's figure
was fully revealed, stunning legs encased in sheer black stockings held up by
a simple black garter belt and straps that framed a pair of sheer cream
knickers that matched her bra. Her shaven mound made a delightful bulge with
just a hint of camel toe as her knickers dipped inside her sex the perfect
base for her huge jutting breasts that somehow seemed even bigger now that Jen
was clad just in her lingerie.

Before the ref started the round Jen pushed her boobs into Angela, a
deliberate provocation that made Angela's red sweaty face turn several shades
darker so that when the ref dropped his hand to start the round Angela became
a whirling dervish screaming out 'your punch bags are dead meat bitch' as she
flailed at Jen with wild swings from all angles trying to hit Jen's breasts.
Jen stepped back quickly as Angela's first 2 strikes went whistling past then
with a quick dart forwards she sent a quick left into Angela's mouth before
quickly retreating as Angela swung back with more huge blows, 2, 3, 4 blows
came in and Jen was retreating dangerously close to the ring ropes again, but
this time her wits were with her and she again darted forwards after a missed
haymaker and caught Angela on the nose with a dead straight left. This time
Jen lent in a bit with the blow and it stung Angela enough to back her up a
step giving Jen the time to slip away.

Angela twisted furiously, her eyes clearly watering from the blow, and let
loose an awesome right which thudded into Jen's right breast. Angling down
Angela's fist hit the top flank of Jen's right boob with a firm thud as her
fist knifed deep into Jen's flesh making her squeal with pain as the top half
of her boob was crushed and the remaining half of the huge orb was whipped
down Jen's body, barely contained by her bra. Jen skipped back, hurt, a
sickening intense pain burned deep in her breast. Angela smiled and her eyes
gleamed in satisfaction 'I'll puncture those fucking gas bags soon' she yelled
and strode forwards leaning in with a left aimed at the same bouncing boob, it
struck full on the nipple and Jen's bra bulged obscenely around Angela's
glove, but skipping back Angela's glove couldn't penetrate fully and Jen,
despite a wince, chose the moment Angela's glove withdrew to drive forwards
herself and smash her left fist into Angela's still smiling mouth. Angela's
head whipped back and her gloves belatedly came up allowing Jen to drive a
fierce uppercut into the centre of Angela's body, striking an inch or two
below Angela's bra which was now clearly outlined in her sweat soaked blouse.

Jen's last punch hit with a solid thud and jolted Angela's entire body,
drawing a gasp of pain and expelled air and forcing Angela to stagger back
gasping for air. 'Bitch' Angela just barely managed to gasp out through bloody
lips as she almost backed into the ropes. Jen leapt forwards, breasts flying,
determined to press home her advantage and drove her right fist hard towards
Angela's face. It didn't reach it's target, instead, Angela's knee drove up
just as Jen raced forwards. Like a guided missile it smoothly drove up between
Jen's spread thighs and drove hard into her silk knickers. Jen's face
distorted at the horrific pain as she was driven on to the tips of her toes,
still driving forwards, still driving her sex hard against Angela's bony hard
driving knee she screamed in agony, an agony Angela made worse by grabbing
Jen's right breast through her bra with both hands and then, turning aside,
she wheeled Jen around by the boob, pulling it out of the bra and stretching
it dreadfully away from Jen's body as she used Jen's momentum and her grip on
Jen's boob to spin her around, once and then as she increased her speed on the
second rotation she flung a screaming Jen towards the corner post. Angela
maintained her grip on Jen's boob until the last moment, until the weight of
Jen's and Angela's spinning bodies was too great to maintain the grip on Jen's
sensitive globe, then with the boob stretched to an incredible length it
slipped through Angela's hands just at the right time for Jen to go flying
into the corner post.

Jen was in absolute agony, from the knee to her groin and from the severe
mauling of her breast so she wasn't able to do anything about her trip across
the ring other than to let gravity take its course. Her body, still rotating,
and with her feet barely touching the floor she flew across the ring crashing
almost front first into the rough corner post. Her poor abused right boob took
the impact, slightly side on Jen's body weight crushed it against the savagely
rough metal surface. For a moment Jen's body slipped down the rough post, the
rough triangular pattern in the metal post agonisingly grinding against her
right breast as her body dragged it down the post, but then Angela fists
gripped Jen's hair and pulled her back and up away from the post before
violently thrusting her back hard back once again. Instantly Angela's hands
reached around Jen's body, each gripping a breast and in moments Jen's right
breast was pulled out to the side of the post and draped over the ring rope,
it took a moment or two longer for the same to be done to Jen's left breast
but soon, it too was pulled free of its bra cup and forced over the ring rope
at the side of the corner post. Jen's legs were limp so the ring rope dug hard
and painfully into the underside of Jen's breasts as her body tried to slide
down to the floor. But, for a painful few seconds they would be capable of
holding her up. Angela stepped back and then hammered a left and right low
into Jen's kidney's, Jen groaned and arched her back and was about to slip
free when a knee in the back forced her back hard against the post, her boobs
now bulging under the strain of holding her entire body weight. Seen from the
rear her huge globes bulged out either side of her slight frame kissing the
dreadfully painful corner post. Angela's next two blows were the epitome of
cruelness, a left and right punch followed each aimed at the outside of Jen's
breasts which, from Angela's position behind Jen, had the dual effect of
trying to tear them off Jen's body whilst at the same time grinding them hard
against the studded surface of the corner post.

With these 2 blows Jen screamed an unearthly yell and her body shook so
violently with the intense agony that it flung itself away from the corner
post and she slipped sobbing to the ring floor. Diane rushed in to help as the
ref started a count but there was little chance of Jen even attempting to get
up during the 5 seconds count so Angela, sweat sodden with effort and still
feeling the effects of Jen's punch to her mid section slowly walked back to
her corner and sunk down to her knees for what she felt was a well deserved
rest. The ref went through the formality of the count and then announced, '3rd
round to Angela, 4th round will commence in 3 minutes'.

Diane eased a sobbing Jen back to her corner and got ice packs straight onto
her breasts and sex, but just for an instant a huge bruise could be seen
forming on the outside of each breast which on the right boob over laid
vicious red and purple marks where Angela's fingers had dug deep into the
flesh and on the inside a huge circle of rough reddening skin spotted with
flecks of blood showed the effects of being abraded against the rough corner

Angela wasn't without injury herself, her face showed the marks were Jen's
fist had struck it as she swilled her mouth out with water her spit was red
with blood and she was drenched with sweat, breathing heavily and she couldn't
help herself from rubbing her chest below her boobs where Jen had hit her so
hard earlier in the round.

During the break Jen gradually got herself back together, she discarded her
bra as she needed to lose a piece of clothing anyway and her bare breasts
swung lazily as Diane worked on her, jiggling in time with Diane's
ministrations, shuddering when Diane worked with quick movements on the top of
Jen's thighs, but all the time standing high, firm and proud, not much lower
than when Jen had been wearing her bra despite the punishment they'd received
at the end of the previous round. Perhaps the right boob was swollen a little
larger than the left, but it was only the bruising that showed that Jen had
suffered at all. In fact, Jen's breasts were mesmerizing most of the watching
crowd, the ice bags had helped ease the pain but had also had the obvious
effect of stiffening Jen's nipples. Her large chocolate brown areolas had
crinkled into stiff ridges and in the centre her nipples had exploded, more
than a cm of glistening pink nub shot out from each breast.

Angela was ignored, it wasn't that she wasn't pretty, her face was very
pleasant except for the fact that it usually held a fierce scowl and making
any sort of eye contact was heavily discouraged, her body was trim, but she
always dressed in a severe manner and even now with her blouse clinging to her
body it wasn't at all obvious about the figure below, her breasts were perhaps
average sized but the slightly baggy blouse stuck in ridges and folds still
kept a lot hidden. She spent most of the break scowling and glowering at Jen
and ignoring all those around her, lost in her own angry and hateful world.

With just 30 seconds to go Diane gave her last advice to Jen 'look, it's
obviously anything goes since the ref didn't punish Angela for that knee, so
watch it. You were doing great till then, keep the jab going, keep her moving,
she isn't a great boxer so keep working her and she'll tire with all the
effort she's putting in to trying to hit your boobs... but, she's dirty and
you won't get any protection so watch out for head butts and kicks, keep

The ref called time and the two fighters were called into the ring, Jen just
in sweat soaked sheer knickers that dipped enticingly into her sex, stockings
and suspenders and Angela wearing a rather bedraggled full outfit of black
skirt and blouse. The moment her ref dropped his arm Angela came screaming in,
full of confidence after winning 3 rounds she unleashed a yell and sprang at
Jen who neatly sidestepped, much quicker than anyone would have thought
possible causing Angela's fist to fizz into thin air. Jen fluidly turned and
drove her right fist low into Angela's side and back targeting Angela's
kidneys. Jen's fist thudded home and Angela gave out a hiss of anger and pain
as she stumbled away but Jen wasn't finished, a quick step forwards and she
kicked out with her right leg catching Angela full on the buttocks sending her
sprawling to the canvass.

The ref stepped between them as he started to count and Angela picked herself
up of the floor, her face beat red with anger and humiliation made all the
worse for the resounding cheer and laughter that echoed around the theatre.
'You're fucking dead meat' she snarled and leapt forwards again, this time she
kicked out aiming to drive her stocking foot between Jen's spread thighs, but
Jen blocked the blow with the outside of her left arm so that with a slight
sidestep Angela's kick missed. Jen's reply didn't, even as she was blocking
Angela's blow her own right leg was sweeping forwards and she took Angela's
standing left leg away with an excellent leg sweep dumping Angela back onto
the ring floor with a heavy crash onto her bottom.

Angela wasn't hurt, but that wasn't Jen's intention, she wanted Angela mad,
too mad to think straight and in this she was succeeding as Angela's face
darkened to an even deeper red, perhaps even puce colour! Again she had to
climb back to her feet with the cries of laughter ringing in her ears, this
wasn't what she'd expected, how could such a large breasted, featherweight
like Jen be any problem in a fight! No she was mad with herself by getting
caught with such silly blows and she resolved to batter Jen's breasts into
bloated oblivion.

Jen calmly waited as the ref counted, Angela had realised that this round had
a 10 second count so this time she collected herself for a few seconds and
then rose with the count at 7. The ref stepped aside and Jen waited to see
what Angela would do. This time she approached with more circumspection. Jen
waited as Angela stepped forwards with her guard high and her eyes glaring
like daggers. Then Angela struck, her right fist led out aiming straight at
Jen's bobbing left breast. Jen with a quick swivel and a blocking left made
Angela miss and Jen in turn lashed out with a quick left of her own over the
top of Angela's withdrawing right fist she popped Angela full on the nose
snapping her head back violently and followed up with a right full onto the
outline of Angela's left breast. 'ugh..oooh' yelped Angela who, startled by
the firmness of Jen's punches stepped back quickly, a thin dribble of blood
appearing from her left nostril.

Jen waited again, inside her anger was telling her to step forwards and smash
Angela with everything she had but an icy calmness told her that to try that
would be disaster. Angela was bigger and stronger even if she was perhaps not
so skilled so Jen new that she had to make her skill count, she had to keep
calm to have any chance of avenging the hurt done to her friend Kate. 'Oooh
scared of me are you' Jen taunted Angela, and it had the desired effect,
spurring Angela into an ill considered attack. Angela leapt forwards,
screeching obscenities, and swung out a huge right hook aimed at Jen's face.
Jen coolly dropped underneath the taller girls wild swing and popped a crisp
one two well below the waistline of Angela's black skirt. 'urghh...oompfff'
was the response and Angela lurched back doubling over on unsteady legs.
Angela's guard had dropped and Jen went onto the attack whipping an uppercut
into Angela's face, once again catching her nose and forcing Angela to
straighten and then with another quick jab to the face and Angela was
staggering back her guard, on automatic pilot, rising up belatedly but giving
Jen just the opportunity she needed to pop another blow below the waistband of
Angela's skirt. With an oompf, Angela folded up around Jen's fist, she managed
to stagger back a couple of paces and then just before she'd have walked
herself into the ropes she crumpled down onto her knees pitching forwards onto
all fours gasping for breath.

Angela second rushed in as the ref started a count. Angela was sat up, leaning
back against the corner post her face a distorted mask of fury as she
struggled to regain her breath. 'Fucking bitch, she's dead meat now' Angela
managed to snarl in between short pained gasps of breath, and flinging the
helping hands of her second away she pulled herself back onto her feet. The
ref instantly ushered Angela's second away and started a 5 count as Angela,
perhaps now wishing she'd stayed put for a few more seconds, had her back to
the ring and was clinging to the top rope with her head bent forwards to
almost rest against on the ropes. '1, 2, 3, 4'... Angela twisted around to
face Jen just as the ref counted '5' and dropped his arm, just in time to see
a left from Jen angling low towards her body and the sensitive organs that lay
beneath her severe skirt. Angela, fearing another painful low blow instantly
brought both gloves down to protect herself and Jen's left thudded into
Angela's crossed forearms dragging them even lower down Angela's body who
instinctively hunched forwards over the blow, trying to drag her lower belly
away from Jen's fist. Jen now powered her right in a graceful powerful arc up
into Angela's Solar Plexus. Thud!, the wicked cobra glove struck Angela' sweat
soaked blouse, just below the outline of Angela's bra and drove Angela up onto
her tiptoes, the entire force of the blow concentrated in just the right place
to paralyse Angela's diaphragm so that for a moment she hung up on Jen's
glove, mouth open in a silent desperate bid to draw in some air before her
body shut down and dropped, her bottom bouncing of the bottom rope and
pitching Angela forwards heavily onto the floor.

Angela's second again rushed in and this time she had no trouble persuading
Angela to stay down and be counted out for 15 seconds to lose the 4th round.

'5th round to commence in 4 minutes' announced the ref.

Jen walked, satisfied, back to her corner to a hug from Diane her second.
'Keep that up and you'll be fine. Just don't ever underestimate her as she
will always have a punchers chance. How are you feeling?' Diane asked, 'better
for that round but my boobs are sore'. They looked it. Now that some time had
passed since Angela brutal attack against the corner post both boobs had
swollen and livid bruises had formed on the outside and inside of both
breasts. Diane quickly got out the ice packs and held them against Jen's
breasts remarking that 'well, you'll have to take more to win this fight,
they're Angela's prime target and she's bound to get through occasionally,
just don't get caught on the ropes'.

Angela meanwhile was painfully getting her breath back and with her ragged
breathing and sweat soaked dishevelled look, ragged hair and sodden clothes
she looked to have taken a heavy toll despite winning 3 rounds to Jen's 1.

4 minutes though could do a lot, and although Jen still had dreadful pain from
her breasts Angela now looked much fresher so that even before the ref called
the fighters into the centre of the ring Angela was pacing around in her
corner, eager to get on with the fight, and was stripping of her blouse to
raucous comment in preparation to start the next round. flinging her sodden
blouse aside Angela glared at the front rows of the crowd and such was her
reputation that the noise suddenly diminished. Turning to face the centre of
the ring again she presented her 'c' cup boobs, encased in a plain white bra,
firm and full cupped it allowed her breasts little movement as she jigged and
danced around impatiently waiting for the next round to start.

The ref called time and beckoned the fighters once more into the centre of the
ring. Jen's huge breasts swayed and bounced as she walked out and the damage
caused by Angela's brutal attack against the corner post made Jen wince
slightly as her breasts bounced about, now visibly swollen and with the
bruising darkening and spreading across her breasts the sight only increased
Angela's conviction that this ought to be an easy fight to win.

The ref's hand dropped and Angela stormed forwards and Jen, expecting the
charge, quickly sidestepped and with a swivel drove her knee hard into
Angela's right thigh, a perfect dead leg! Angela grunted in pain and
frustration as Jen's knee struck and then stumbled as she tried to turn to
face Jen as her 'dead' right leg failed to take her weight. Jen was perfectly
placed as Angela lurched to her right and she drove a fierce one two into
Angela's kidneys, her hard fists thudding firmly into Angela's lower back and
side dragging an agonised groan from Angela as she arched her back away from
the searing pain. Angela tried to step away before Jen struck again; an
awkward lurch forwards on legs that had lost all strength and Angela was
almost falling, then her right leg gave way and with an ungainly slip, almost
into a painful full split which dragged her skirt up to show her suspenders
and surprisingly sexy red knickers as Angela slumped to the ring floor.

Jen watched with satisfaction as Angela struggled on the floor, her face ashen
as she struggled to recover from the twin blows to her kidney, her chest
heaving with effort as she dragged breath into her lungs. Jen could hear
Angela's second saying 'stay down, take a long count', and Angela, after a
brief attempt to rise, decided that this was good advice and allowed her
second to rub her thigh to try and ease the dead leg that Jen had given her.

Angela rose at 18, furious at such a set back early in the round but cautious
too at how easily Jen had downed her. The ref waved box on and Jen waited to
see whether Angela would charge in again, poised ready to strike in counter,
but Angela was being cautious now so Jen decided to work her. Advancing with
her guard high she watched as Angela retreated, a slight limp from her earlier
dead leg and Jen shot out a left into Angela's thick lips, a stinging rather
than powerful blow that jolted her head back. Angela spat out pink phlegm and
glared, then quickly brought her guard up as Jen made to strike again, but
this time it was a feint and instead of Jen's left fist it was a left leg that
swept around and hit Jen's right thigh with a solid thud and Angela stepped
back again but now with a pronounced limp as Jen reinforced the dead leg. Jen
pushed forwards, another quick jab into Angela's face and she forced Angela to
stumble back, trying to back away with her right side protected moving
backwards in a stumbling circle Jen waited until Angela's weight was on her
right leg and the slight stumble that made her raise her gaurd then drove
forward with a crisp one two into Angela right, bra clad boob. This time power
and speed were the order of the day and Jen's straight right thudded home,
hitting the side of Angela's breast it speared in at an angle towards the
centre of the boob with such power that Angela's body jolted as Jen's fist
crushed Angela's breast flat from the side, then immediately Angela was jolted
again as Jen's left fist skewered into the still distorted boob, the bra
exploding out as this time Jen's blow hit the centre of Angela's right bra
cup. Thud, Thud, the two hard blows landed in quick succession and Angela
reeled backwards gasping at the sudden explosive pain but Jen wasn't finished,
with smooth fluid grace she strode forward and with perfect timing as Angela's
weight was on her wounded leg Jen's right leg swept across and thudded into
the inside calf sweeping it away so that Angela thudded down onto her backside
with a head jarring crash.

As Angela crashed onto the canvass everyone could the snap as her teeth banged
together, and instantly there was a flood of blood from Angela's mouth from
where she'd bitten her own swollen lip. For a moment the severe jolt left
Angela dazed as she sat on the ring floor and for a moment it looked like she
might fall flat on her back but then she came round and spat out another
bloody globule of phlegm as her face creased with pain. The ref started a
count as Angela's second quickly strode into the ring and gave Angela some
water to rinse her mouth out, bloody streaks dribbled down her chin and ran
into her right bra which slowly started to stain a dull red, her left thigh
was vigorously rubbed and instructions were urgently whispered as Jen stood
waiting nearby. At 15 seconds Angela was eased onto her feet, obviously still
favouring her left leg, and as her second left the ring the ref counted a
quick 5 seconds before waving box on once more.

The moment Angela put weight on her left leg she stumbled and Jen quickly
darted forwards driving a fierce left towards Angela's face, but this time it
was Angela who'd sprung a trap, slipping Jen's driving right fist with both
hands she grabbed hold of Jen's right breast, a hand on each side she grasped
it between the base and the nipple and locked her hands together, intertwining
her fingers into an unbreakable hold, squeezing with all of her might Jen's
tortured boob ballooned out in front of Angela's grasp and Jen let loose an
almighty scream of agony that rose in pitch as Angela leaned back savagely
yanking Jen towards her by the boob stretching it out and then she drove her
doubled hands in grinding her stiff fingers and knuckles deep into the flesh
before once again tearing the breast away from Jen as she started a swinging
motion, leaning back Angela started to spin Jen around, all the time keeping
her death grip on Jen's stretching breast, she spun faster and faster dragging
Jen around in a full circle so that as the pace increased the strain on her
breast grew ever stronger and the immense orb stretched further and further
away from Jen's body but still with a bulging nipple tipped circle of flesh
bulging out ahead of Angela's grasp making it easy for Angela to maintain her
grip as she continued to whirl the screaming Jen around faster and faster. 2
circles, then 3 and then on the 4th the force of Jen swirling body started to
put so much strain on her breast that it painfully started to drag through
Angela's interlocked fingers so that it appeared to stretch out even further,
looking as if at any moment it would tear free from Jen's body until with
uncanny accuracy Angela let go at just the right time for Jen to go flying
into the studded corner post.

Jen thudded home, her breast so full of sickening tearing agony that the
impact into the wicked corner post barely registered, then suddenly the pain
in her breast increased intensely as blood rushed back in and she felt as if
she would throw up, her eyes couldn't focus with pain and dizziness but
somehow she kept her feet, and somehow self preservation made her at least try
to keep her head up and see what Angela was doing, which for a fateful moment
was nothing but gloat and smirk at Jen with an evil grin before she stepped up
to deliver what would be an easy coup de grace. Jen could barely see anything,
her vision swam and she tried not to either pass out or throw up, but she was
just aware enough to see Angela start forwards, reaching out once more to take
hold of her tortured breast when with everything Jen had left she kicked out,
using the post for support she drove her right foot as hard as she could in
the general direction of Angela. Jen felt the firm impact as her foot struck
somewhere, she dimly sensed Angela crumple at her feet as, still in self
preservation mode, she staggered away leaning on the ropes barely daring to
touch her right boob which was quickly turning purple and swelling

Angela writhed on the ring floor, ashen faced and with both hands thrust
beneath her skirt. Moments before she'd been about to grasp Jen's tight breast
again and finish the fight but from nowhere Jen's foot had lashed out, flicked
her skirt up and aside as it drove with perfect accuracy into her silky red
knickers, Jen's heel had hit full onto

Angela's sex with crushing force and Angela hadn't even seen it happening,
instead her world had suddenly exploded leaving her gasping and writhing in

Jen also was fighting severe waves of pain, the nausea from being swung around
for the second time by her right boob was barely dissipating and most of her
weight was taken by the ring ropes as cradling her swelling orb she tried to
ease the immense pain she felt whilst expecting though, at any moment, to be
attacked again. Slowly she became aware of her surroundings, the ref counting,
Angela on the floor with her second attending to her and the crowd roaring
it's approval. She remembered the thud of her leg hitting somewhere on Angela
and then, despite the pain, she allowed herself a slight smile of satisfaction
as she saw where Angela was clutching herself.

Angela was counted out, '5th round to Jen' the ref announced, '6th round to
commence in 5 minutes'. Jen forced herself of the ropes and made her way back
to her corner cradling her right breast every step of the way whilst an ashen
faced Angela was gingerly helped to her feet to hobble, hunched over, back to
her corner to prepare for the next round. Jen sat down and gratefully accepted
an ice pack to hold against her breast as she watched Angela struggle back to
her corner, Angela too needed ice and to make access to her particular area of
hurt easier she removed her black skirt before slumping down onto her chair,
now dressed only in her underclothes, full cupped white bra, red satin
knickers with matching garter holding up black stockings. Angela's second,
eased her legs apart revealing her red satin knickers and pulling them away at
the top as she poured the contents of an ice bucket down into them. Angela
gasped as first cold water surged down to her sex and streamed out through her
knickers and then cried out as crushed ice followed bulging out her knickers
before her waistband was allowed to snap back leaving trickles of melt water
running down her legs.

Despite the ice Jen couldn't hep wincing each time her right boob was bounced
or jiggled but she listened intently to Diane's advice and internally she was
determined that no matter what the hurt she wouldn't give in until Angela was
battered to a bloody pulp. Diane was saying that Angela would be even more
fixated on damaging Jen's boobs, especially the right, and that Jen should
make sure she kept Angela at distance so that she could not use any of her
dirty tactics. She should try and work on Angela's legs to slow her down and
that her jabs, which had been very successful, should be targeted higher at
Angela's eyes, a succession of blows from the cobra gloves ought to impair
Angela's vision. Then, the ref was calling them both back into the ring.

Jen stood and for the first time the watching crowd, gasping, saw the full
extent of the damage inflicted by Angela. Jen's savaged right breast was
hugely swollen and sagged down Jen's body when compared to her still proud
left breast, the skin was taught and glistening with black and deep purple
bruises encircling the breast and the area around the nipple. Jen gritted her
teeth and ignored the pain that still coursed through her breast as she strode
out to meet Angela, who in turn seemed to walk somewhat gingerly as she made
her way into the ring.

The ref dropped his arm to signal the start of the round and Jen immediately
backed off as Angela made to strike at her breasts, Angela smiled, 'ooh, hurt
do they' and driving forwards she struck out with her left trying to impale
Jen's right boob. Jen faded away and Angela, leaning forwards to try and drive
her fist into the retreating boob overreached and failed to see the arcing
left from Jen which crashed into her face, perfectly aimed at Angela's right
eye. Angela's head was rocked aside as the punch crunched into it and she
tried to gather her guard and get back out of range but now Jen strode into
attack, first she drove her right leg into the top of Angela's left thigh, her
stocking clad foot striking the fleshy part of Angela's thigh above the tops
of her stocking, then, with Angela's guard still high, Jen drove a straight
low into Angela's belly, between suspender belt and knickers, 'urgghhhhhhh'
cried Angela hunching up over the blow as Jen's fist sunk deep, the crowd
behind treated to the twin delights of Angela's satin clad buttocks quivering
as Jen's blow struck and then as she bent forward the sheer wet material
stretched tight and revealed a glimpse of swollen labia. With Angela in
disarray Jen instantly went high and drove a right uppercut hard towards
Angela's head which crashed into Angela's left cheek, corkscrewing her face to
the side and straightening her up allowing Jen to drive a volley of punches
into Angela's undefended breasts as if they were speed bags. A sweeping right
sunk into the outside of the bra clad left breast, angling in the blow thudded
home striking hard at the glands within smearing the breast flat across
Angela's chest, then before it could bounce back, a crushing straight left
knifed into the centre of the distorted boob and dragged a shrill cry from
Angela that moments later was redoubled in intensity as an even harder right
thudded into the spot Jen's left fist had just vacated forcing pale white
flesh to squeeze out the confines of the bra as it scrunched up beneath Jen's
fist. Angela, already off balance went into a barely controlled stagger back
across the ring but Jen continued her attack, now she struck Angela's right
breast, a left uppercut sent the bra surging up Angela's body, a right
followed driving across Angela's body into the inside of her right boob and
driving the bra hard out away from Angela's body threatening to tear it off
Angela's body and then, with Jen almost driven onto the ropes Jen went low
with a left to the top of Angela's silky Knickers.

With this last blow, the shrill squeals that had accompanied each successive
breast punch changed into an anguished guttural oompfhh as Angela lost her air
and fell back, her bum sticking out through the ropes and stopping her from
falling to the ring floor. She would have fallen but for Jen, who quickly
grasped a handful of hair in her right fist and dragged Angela back up onto
her feet. Quickly, giving Angela no time to recover or fight back, Jen span
her around and thrust her head and arms under the top rope leaving Angela
trapped, entangled in the outward sloping ring ropes. Before Angela could
squirm free Jen cruelly drove her knee hard between Angela's splayed thighs,
sensing the attack Angela did her best to clamp her legs together and Jen's
driving knee thudded hard into Angela's silk clad buttocks driving her hard up
against the ropes. Jen grunted in frustration and changed her attack with a
flurry of punches to her lower back and side, targeting Angela's kidney's and
ribs she started with 3 hard drives into Angela's kidneys each blow driving an
agonised grunt from Angela who instinctively arched her back away to minimise
the blows but the paralysing effect of the kidney blows drained all remaining
strength from her and with each blow she slumped more and more over the ropes
leaving herself helpless as Jen now hooked left and rights into Angela lower
ribs the thud of the blows overlaid with ever weaker gasps as whatever
remaining air was painfully driven from Angela's lungs.

Angela barely had the strength to keep her legs together as she lay trapped on
the ropes, more by instinct than by conscious thought as her head swam to
unconsciousness did she manage to keep her thighs together, but Jen wasn't
bothered, she knew that if Angela fell to the floor she'd have won this round,
now she wanted to consolidate her win and make it easier for her to dominate
the future rounds. So instead of continuing her barrage to Angela's ribs she
stepped back for a moment and then drove her knee hard into the top of Angela
right thigh, perfectly on the spot of the mass of muscle and nerves that gave
a dead leg. She continued driving hard knees into the same spot 4, 5, 6 times
Jen drove her knee as hard as she could and Angela, given time to catch some
breath became more and more aware of the painful blows and groaned in agony,
her right leg trembling and quivering in response to the repeated blows.
Weakly she tried to escape, pushing herself back away from the ropes a little,
but all this did was allow Jen to hook her fist around low into Angela's
belly, on the waistband of her silky red panties and then a knee into Angela's
lower back crushed her back into the ropes; then Jen switched to Angela's left
thigh, a circle of dark contusions growing with each blow and as the strength
was drained from Angela's legs she slipped lower and lower but was prevented
from dropping fully onto the floor by the ring rope which was caught on the
underside of her breasts, and her arms which were draped over the ropes.

Seeing Angela slowly slip down the ropes Jen paused, Angela's thighs parted
leaving Jen a clear target at the thin strip of red material that covered
Angela's cxnt but instead of driving her knee into Angela's vulnerable sex Jen
quickly reached forwards and with one hand she grasped the front of Angela's
panties and with the other the back, forcing the band of material that rested
snugly against the sex to bunch into a thin strip. Slowly Jen see sawed the
material back and forth pulling up harder and harder with each forward and
back movement, Angela's labia suddenly burst free, swollen from Jen's earlier
blow the thick lips sprung out either side of the twisted fabric and Jen took
sadistic delight in dragging the material of Angela's knickers against the
sensitive flesh of Angela sex forcing her to cry out with each abrasive
forward and backward drag of material as it cut deeper and deeper into her
sex. Angela's weakened legs trembled with effort as she tried to force herself
free but they were so weak she could do nothing. Jen now jerked upwards
violently on the Angela's knickers causing the Angela's labia to burst out
even more, swelling and darkening as blood was forced into the engorging
flesh, 2,3 then 4 times Jen yanked up hard driving the the fabric of Angela's
knickers so deeply into Angela's sex it appeared that it might be cutting her
in two. Jen screamed in agony with each violent yank and then on the 5th pull
her panties tore and Angela dropped heavily down, finally falling free of the
ropes. Jen made a last ditch effort to prevent Angela from escaping to the
ring floor, her right hand grabbing at anything she managed to get a grip on
the front of Angela's bra but against the deadweight of Angela's falling body
it parted with a loud snap leaving Angela naked except for tattered stockings
and suspenders on the ring floor.

Jen was waved away for the formality of a count and then the ref announced 6th
round to Jen, 7th round to commence in 7 minutes. Jen retreated to her corner
to be met by a smiling Diane 'great work, you did a good job softening her up
especially to the legs. I doubt that she'll be very mobile now but you'll
still have to watch for dirty tactics, she'll be desperate now and we don't
want her grabbing hold of your boobs again'. Diane was applying ice to Jen's
dreadfully battered boobs as she was speaking but despite the pain Jen was
anxious to get back into the ring and finish the job. Gazing over towards
Angela, Jen no longer saw the cocky stuck up bitch who'd made her life a
misery, instead she saw a near naked dishevelled mess slumped in her corner,
exposed 'c' cup breasts sagged down her chest, the pale un-tanned orbs
patterned with bruised flesh, bruises too marked her torso and her face, a
thick lip and swelling around the eyes were signs of concern for her second,
but not so concerning as the damage to Angela's thighs which were being
painfully worked on as the clock ticked down.

The 7 minutes quickly passed and the ref called Jen and Angela back into the
ring. Jen strode forwards, her huge boobs, dreadfully bruised and swollen,
still jutted out proudly whilst Angela struggled to her feet, damaged thighs
trembling with effort as she stumbled stiff legged into the ring, her saggy
boobs swinging from side to side as she made her ungainly way to the centre of
the ring. The ref ripped Angela's suspender belt and the tattered remains of
her stockings leaving Angela naked as he dropped his arm for the start of the

Jen instantly strode forward and cracked a firm left jab into Angela's face
snapping her head backwards with a jolt and then quickly stepped back as
Angela tried to retaliate, trying to stride forwards and strike back Angela
stumbled and her fierce right drive fell way too short and Jen gleefully
stepped in crashing a swift one two into Angela's left boob, first a straight
left that crushed the boob flat and then a right which smeared into the
crushed flesh, striking the inside of the boob and forcing it out and away
from Angela's body. 'Oooh', followed by 'arghhhh' was Angela's response as
Jen's fist struck hard, the soft flesh doing little to soften the blow to the
internal glands. Angela flung out a despairing left but Jen batted the glove
aside before setting her sights on Angela's hanging righ boob, a glorious
right hitting full on the nipple sent the breast flying up to smack against
Angela upper chest as Jen's glove drove deep crushing breast flesh against
Angela's ribs with a solid thwock accompanied by an even stronger cry from

'I'm going to destroy you now, you bitch' cried Jen, 'this is payback time'
and she strode forward throwing a barrage of blows. But not wildly, carefully
considered and brutal in their effect. A sweeping leg thudded into Angela's
left thigh staggering her and causing her to momentarily lose balance and her
guard. Jen stepped in now with a right into the pit of Angela's belly, causing
her to gag and fold forwards, prelude to a fall, as she stumbled back a pace,
her guard so loose that Jen had a clear view of her swinging boobs which now
became punch bags as Jen ripped a barrage of uppercuts into the dangling
flesh, each blow forced Angela back up somewhat, only to fall forwards again
onto the next brutal punch her half falling body adding weight to Jen's blows.
The first two blows struck each of Angela's breasts full on the nipple,
crushing each orb hard into Angela's chest, but then as the breasts swung
violently Jen's blows rained in smashing randomly into the swinging flesh. If
a breast surged forwards up Angela's chest Jen's fist would nail the underside
up hard into Angela's ribs stretching and forcing the nipple to bulge
obscenely up towards Angela's face as the first dug in deep but if swinging
the other way Jen's fist would drive the whole breast down Angela's body, the
fist grinding the raw flesh of Angela's glands hard against her ribs. With
each blow a distressed Angela was driven further and further back towards the
ropes, her increasing cries of pain overlaid by the solid thuds of Jen's fists
hitting her breasts until finally she was knocked back into the ropes. At that
point it looked as if Angela would finally fall forwards to the ring floor but
Jen put everything into a final pair of blows, the first a left uppercut,
crushed into the base of Angela's left breast and threw her back into the
ropes so hard that she started to bounce forwards once again, but Jen then
landed a huge straight right that skewered into Angela's bouncing right breast
and drove a shrieking Angela hard into the ropes.

Angela sagged back, the ropes stopping her from falling as she barely had any
strength at all left in her body. From puffy eyes she gazed fearfully at Jen
who stood poised ready to strike again at Angela's saggy breasts, breasts that
were swelling and darkening quickly as the damage from the last barrage of
blows took effect. 'See how this feels bitch' cried Jen who, as Angela started
to slip down, reached out and grabbed Angela's breasts and hauled her back up.
'Nooooo' cried Angela as Jen yanked and stretched the abused orbs up and out
to the left, dragging Angela along the ropes and into the corner. 'After what
you've done this is the least I can do in return' screamed Jen and with her
left hand tightly gripping the tip of Angela's right breast she stretched it
out against the wickedly studded corner post. Angela's face creased in horror
and she just had time to mouth 'nooooo' as Jen drove her right fist into the
side of the stretched out boob, crushing it cruelly against the post.
'ARgghhhhhhhh' shrieked Angela in absolute agony as Jen's fist threatened to
rip her right boob off her body. Hitting at a slight angle her blow drove the
outstretched breast even harder away from Angela's body stretching the base of
the breast painfully. But the real pain came from the from the studded corner
post as the centre of Angela's breast was driven almost flat against it. An
immovable object, the post, with the soft sensitive flesh of Angela's breast
in between Jen's fiercely driven fist could result in only one thing. The
destruction of Angela's boob! Ligaments strained to breaking, internal blood
vessels were broken and the sensitive milk glands torn and damaged as hard
fist crushed them against the unyielding studded corner post.

Angela's despairing cry died away as her breath was exhausted. Jen had
released her grip on the boob as her fist had struck leaving the breast
momentarily squashed and distorted against the post before it flopped back
like an overstretched elastic band against Angela's chest. Almost instantly it
started to swell and darken dramatically as blood started to fill the milk
sacs within, the once almost insignificant nipple popped out and as it did so
Jen struck again, her right fist striking home with a dull wet thud hitting
just above the nipple and dragging the breast down Angela's body. The already
distending nipple threatened to explode as the breast was compressed just
above it, the tip of Angela's breast bulging obscenely as the centre was
crushed against her ribs. Angela screamed again and this time her head lolled
back as she started to faint.

'Don't you dare pass out on me' screamed Jen who, as Angela started to pitch
forwards, wrapped her left fist tightly into Angela's hair and thrust her
sagging body hard back into the corner post. For a few seconds the pair of
them stood poised, Jen's taught grip in Angela's hair prevented Angela from
falling, but the dead weight of Angela's body was too much for the shorter Jen
to manage for long. Jen held on long enough to see that Angela's pain filled
eyes had flickered open once more before she yanked Angela forwards and then
dragging her aside from the corner post she thrust her back against the
outward leaning ropes and then quickly dragged the top rope over the top of
Angela's head trapping her arms behind, effectively tying Angela firmly in

Angela squirmed weakly, trying to drive herself up to release herself from the
ropes but Jen quickly hammered a salvo of blows into Angela thighs, punishing
her already weakened legs so much that Angela was soon hanging limp on the
ropes, her legs shaking with strain but unable to give any support whatsoever.
Angela whimpered with each blow to her legs as she realised that she was fully
trapped and at the mercy of the vengeful Jen, a Jen who now realised that
Angela couldn't escape so stepping back she regarded her once nemesis.
Angela's right breast was still swelling, the bruised purple and red flesh
tightening as the breast grew and sagged ever further down Angela's torso, the
left had faired little better but was perhaps not quite so swollen.... Yet...
Jen now turned her attention to this breast with a volley of fierce straight
drives aimed at the centre of the dangling boob the soft flesh doing little to
impede Jen's fist as they knifed into the sensitive tissue, each time the
wicked hard cobra glove struck Angela jolted and screamed out as her breast
exploded around Jen's fist, the tip of the breast bulging out and being
dragged lower and lower with each succeeding punch until after a dozen or so
blows Jen paused for breath and watched as the breast quivered in aftershock,
the flesh darkening and visibly swelling dragging it lower and lower down
Angela's torso.

Satisfied that the damage to Angela left breast now matched the right Jen
turned her attentions back to the right boob, reaching forwards she gripped
the turgid nipple of Angela's right breast. 'Noooooo arghhhhhhhhhhh' screamed
Angela as Jen stepped back dragging the breast out from Angela's body before
reaching out with her other hand and gripping the base firmly she started to
squeeze. Angela screamed out in increasing agony as Jen added two hands to the
grip on the base of her breast, releasing the nipple as she did so. Squeezing
tight with both hands she slowly drew them back towards herself, dragging the
tortured breast away from Angela but allowing the breast to slowly slip
through her fingers forcing the tip of the breast to balloon out more and more
as her grip slid out from the base. Angela's nipple, already swollen to at
least half an inch, darkened and grew even more as the breast threatened to
burst, until, inevitably, a droplet of blood appeared. Jen squeezed even
harder and suddenly the nipple exploded into a fine sprays of blood jetting
out in all directions. The pain had now reached a threshold that was too much
for Angela, the moment the blood forced its way out of her nipple her scream
stopped as the pain became unbearable, her eyes widened her face blanched and
her open mouth gaped for a moment before her eyes rolled back in her head and
she passed out.

Jen released Angela's breast which flopped limply down her body still
streaming blood and walked slowly across the ring to her corner where her
second silently handed her a bucket of iced water. It did the trick, a
spluttering, groaning Angela came back to life to find Jen now about to repeat
the process with her left boob. 'noooooooo' cried Angela, but Jen wasn't put
off and soon Angela's left boob was spluttering blood from a ruptured nipple

'Now, prepared to be finished as a woman' said Jen calmly as she gently rubbed
her fist through Angela blood soaked minge and her thick swollen labia before
drawing her right fist back she struck, targeting the area of Angela's left
ovary. The vicious punch struck deep and shockwaved ripples out from the
impaled glove whilst the sickening pain screwed up Angela's face as she gasped
out what little breath she had remaining, but before she could even begin to
assimilate the pain Jen had struck again, this time to Angela's right ovary.
2, 3, 4, 6 alternating punches knocked Angela out once more and this time it
took 2 or 3 buckets of water to bring her back to semi consciousness. 'Now for
the heart of your womanhood' said Jen and drawing her knee back she struck it
hard into Angela's uterus, striking up her knee hit just at the top of
Angela's minge and sunk deep into the very heart of Angela's womanhood. Angela
gave out a weak strangled guttural cry of 'noooooooo' before Angela struck
again, this time her knee struck lower, parting the swollen lips of Angela's
sex Jen's hard driven knee smashed Angela's sex hard against her pubic bone
with a fierce crack and drove her bodily off her feet. Angela slumped back,
unconscious beyond any hope of quick recovery, her body totally destroyed,
breasts swollen beyond belief and streaming blood, her sex gaping and swollen
and then her limp body slowly started to slip through the ropes and she fell
finally to the ring floor to lie on her back. Angela's grossly swollen breasts
slipped away from her body to lie either side of her torso, a spreading circle
of blood pooling on the ring floor as each nipple continued to leak blood, her
legs slipped apart to reveal her destroyed sex, gaping further and further
open as the labia darkened and swelled with severe bruising. Jen with just one
backward glance of satisfaction strode proudly from the ring to a huge roar of
approval from her fellow co workers.

The end

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