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QOTB 22 RD 1 Final Day

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QOTB 22 RD 1 Final Day
« on: July 18, 2022, 10:09:41 PM »

I wanted to get things moving with the tournament I summarized results from the rest of RD1

Let me know what you think... what you are looking forward to in RD 2
I know I cant wait for Kate Upton and Alice Goodwins Final Battle

Demi Rose-  Kelly Rohrbach

A much anticipated RD 1 Matchup was nearly over before it began when the big Blonde caught the favored Demi Rose in a school girl pin attempt for 2.9999 count. Rose escaped within an inch of her tournament life took her lesson in stride and pounded Kelly from pillar to post over the next 2 rounds. Rohrbach had her shot but she quickly wilted under Demi’s relentless power and jug mugging acumen. The battle concluded with a devastating rd 2 ass smother for the blonde bombshell.

Winner RD 2 Ass Smother Demi Rose


Louisiana Lopiltio drew Veteran Beach battler Lindsay Pelas in her QOTB debut. Louisiana struggled in her maiden outing under the bright lights and bulging top of the blonde bombshell Pelas. Pelas put the south american beauty away early with a decisive RD 1 Breast smother setting up a hugely anticipated showdown with Rival Demi Rose

Daddario -Teigen

Alexandra Daddario was seen by many as a chic pick to go all the way and capture her first QOTB tournament crown. Aging Veteran Chrissy Tiegen put up a valiant effort against the crowd favorite but ran out of gas early in RD3 succumbing to a pinball defeat. Both competitors embraced afterwards as Chrissy wished Alexandra luck in her quest to become the Queen of the Beach

Olsen -Thorne

Elizabeth Olsen took on Bella Thorne in one of the wildest RD1 matchups of the year. Bella made the Scarlett Witch see red with every dirty maneuver in the book , by the end of RD 2 the Avenger was covered in welts , scratches and bites as Thorne lived up to her name sinning her claws into her bigger rival. Olsen submitted shockingly to a brutal double breast claw. Bella posed with a devilish grin as Liz sobbed beneath her unable to believe her tournament had ended so early

Lind- Atwell

Hayley Atwell was hoping to fair better than her Marvel Co Star against the up and coming Natalie Alyn Lind. The Brit battler made her country proud with a relatively decisive RD victory over the frustrated youngster. Lind has what it takes to make a name on the beach but Atwell is a favorite for a reason and defeated the younger blonde with a skillful RD 2 Pin-fall and earning a showdown with Abigail Ratchford

Lawrence- Nemoto

Pandemonium enveloped the queen of the beach arena when Jennifer Lawrence was shockingly CRUSHED by the Japanese Invader Nemoto. Jlaw could not escape an early RD 2 breast smother from the feared foreigner… after the bell had rang a half dozen QOTB officials had to pull the victorious Nemoto off the jug shocked blonde. Harumi Nemoto had made a loud and clear statement that the crown would soon belong to her.


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Re: QOTB 22 RD 1 Final Day
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2022, 05:30:07 AM »
This is a great a idea, you can save your energy for the fights you're interested in, and these can always be expanded later.
Kate/Alice I'm very excited for, I'm really hoping for Kate in this one. I know you lean to the bad girls winning, and if you want to go that route... how about a heel turn for Kate right after? It would be the beach equivalent of Hogan and The Outsiders! Or a double turn, Alice becomes good after suffering under Kate?

 I'm invested in nearly all of Round 2, but AOC/Trump feels like it's gonna be epic! Rose/Pelas and Sweeny/Nemuto I'll be watching closely as well.