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Hootersgirls get Destroyed

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Hootersgirls get Destroyed
« on: October 15, 2011, 05:45:29 PM »
Thanks to Boundfighters , " LeatherBabes Get Destroyed " Story for inspiring this one .

In a Hardcore Indy Fed in Texas , from the start of the Show , 2 Sexy HootersGirls , Renee & Lisa , started out by Singing the National Anthem & before the 1st Match began , tossed out Freebies to the Crowd & did the same after the 1st Match , after the 2nd , 3rd , & 4th Matches as well , while also strutting their stuff as they carried the Wrestlers Ring Gear to the back , & did 1 last Duty as Announcing the Wrestlers in the Matches .

Match 5 of the 10 Match Card was supposed to be a Ladies Tag Team Match that saw the Ladies Tag Team Champs , The Sadistic Sisters , Sadie & Sally in action against 2 new Rookies from the Fed's Wrestling School , but apparantly , the Trainer felt that they were not quite ready yet & just as Renee & Lisa began to toss Hats & T-Shirts out to the Crowd , Sadie & Sally hit the Ring & tried to gripe on the Mic how they needed some Lambs to Slaughter & their Lambs they were supposed to face tonight turned out to be 2 Big Chickens & didn't show & demanded someone to face .

All the while , part of what they saying was heard by the crowd as some of it was drowned out by Fans wanting the Freebies Renee & Lisa were still tossing out , oblivious at the fact that 2 of Wrestling's Meanest Ladies were in the Ring with them .

Renee & Lisa also never heard Sadie say " Oh Folks , you like these Hooters Sluts Huh ? they are so dumb they don't even know that we are in here with them & you know what sally , being a Champ comes with Perks , like making your own Matches against whoever is in the Ring & guess what Sally ? Since these Bimbos have been in the Ring alot tonight , maybe they just might want to Wrestle , you think ? " .

Sally gives a Laugh & replies " Just what I was thinking Exactly " & the 2 Heels wait for the Babes to toss away the last of the Freebies before Renee & Lisa turn to see the Heels eyeing them & Lisa has her Mic & naively says " Oh Hello , You must be Sadie & Sally & I guess it's match time " Yes it is replies Sadie who tells Lisa that since it is her turn to Announce the Match , she has a revised cue card for her & Lisa thanks her & takes it & begins to read .

" Ladies & Gentlemen , your next Match is a Ladies Tag Team Match with a 15 min time limit & NO DQ Rules in effect , Introducing 1st at a combined weight of 287 lbs  The Tag Team Champs , Sadie & Sally , Tha Sadistic Sisters - And their Opponents , weighing in at a weight unknown , hailing from, Who Cares , Lisa & Ren ne " as Lisa's voice slows big time as she quickly realizes the Sadistics set it up to face them & before she can let out an Uh Oh , the Heels go on the attack as Sally grabs Lisa by her Hair & pounds Fists into her Mid as Sadie grabs Renee by her Hair & also pounds Fists into her Mid & after a few Punches , both Hootersgirls are on their Knees Helpless , pleading for the Heels to leave them alone as the Crowd Boos the actions of the Heels as they showed why they are known as The Sadistic Sisters as they have No plans to leave the Special Guests alone until they want to leave them alone & give Big Kicks to the Chests of the Begging Beauties , sending them down onto their Backs .

It is quickly apparant also that Renee is the Weaker Link of the 2 as she dropped 1st on the intitial attack & now why down , seems more in pain than Lisa .

The Heels bring Lisa to her Feet & pull her by her Arms as far as they could & then take turns smashing their Knees into her outstretched Mid , giving her 6 each  before releasing her & watch her crash to the mat & then bring Renee up & hold her outstretched by her Arms & Knee her in her open Mid & give her 3 Kneees each & have to exert extra energy as Renee's Legs give out so they can give her a 4th Knee each & finally let her go & Renee falls quickly to the mat as the Fans continue to Boo , some from the fact they most likely won't get to see the Hootersgirls anymore tonight & the others Boo the fact that the Heels are doing what they are doing to Innocent , Non-Trained Ladies .

Sadie & Sally turn their attention back to Lisa & Sadie 1st brings Lisa up by her Hair & Bodyslams her to the Mat & as soon as Lisa's Body settles , Sally brings her up quickly & Bodyslams her & again , as soon as her Body settles , Lisa is brought up again , this time by Sadie again who Slams her yet again & then Sally & the 2 alternate as they give her 5 each .

The Heels then turn their attention back to Renee & knowing she is easier , they only give her 3 Slams each .

The Crowd still Boos as both Babes are brought up & somehow stand despite they are both Rubberlegged as they are Helpless & are both put into Full Nelsons & slowly walked towards each other until their Tits meet up & Squish Together & the Heels then embarrass the Babes by moving them side to side so their Tits Rub together with every pass & do it for 30 secs before backing off a bit while still in the Full Nelsons & then they rock them back & forth in a tandem Ragdolling until the Hotties have no legs left under them & are rudely tossed to the Mat where they lay awkwardly & out .

Lisa is turned onto her front & put into a Camel Clutch / Bostin Crab Combo & is held Limp off the Mat for 30 Secs as there still is no Ref in the Ring to stop the Massacre & upon letting Lisa drop rudely to the Mat , Renee is put into the Camel Clutch / Boston Crab Combo & held off the Mat as the Heels yell for the Ref to finally get out to the Ring & only when 1 finally does emerge from the back , the Heels finally release Renee & let her fall to the Mat where she lays Out Cold as they bring Lisa up 1 more time .

While holding Lisa by each Shoulder , the Heels use their free Hand to grab Lisa by her Breast's & lifts her up for a Titty Slam , like a Chokeslam of course but instead of lifting her up & driving her down by her Throat , they do it by her Tits & after Lisa impacts the Mat & lays Out , the Heels berate the Ref for a few Secs before putting both Babes on their Backs & spreading them as Spread Eagle as they could spread them & then simply place a Foot squarely down onto the Babe's Hooters , mushing them down a bit & then tell the Ref to make a 20 count Pin & for the sake of getting the Slaughter over with , he complies as he knows full well , the Sadisitic Sisters let the Hooters Babes off very easy compared to other Beatdowns they gave Opponents & he begins his count , 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20 & it was over .

The Sadistic Sisters walked out with a smile not caring about the Fans Booing them with all they had for their Cold Hearted Actions as inside the Ring , Lisa & Renee remained as Spread Eagle & Out as they were before the Pin as Medical Personael were going to be needed to assist them out of the Ring .


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Re: Hootersgirls get Destroyed
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2011, 11:56:05 PM »
Thank you for this story
 :) :)
I have only one rule. Fun for both is the most importent thing :) and THINK POSITIVE :D Carpe Diem


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Re: Hootersgirls get Destroyed
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2022, 01:02:13 AM »
Amazing story you do amazing work