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KO_Tony vs Fawn
« on: November 22, 2016, 05:13:51 PM »
Recently I have been challenged by Tony KO. I accepted the challenge. I am proud and courageous..or stupid...
Looking at the size difference, probably it is option 3...  ;D

Any way this is the report of the fight. A no rule fight taking place in a bar, with final consequences for the loser.


Fawn: the setting,  the crowded bar...I am there...that's my outfit...
and I am drinking near the bar.....not looking at you...

Tony: I see you from the down the bar you look good, and I have had perhaps 1 too many. but not drunk just enough. I am in a black tight shirts blue jeans and some tennis shoes. Casual as Im not out to really impress anyone. I get the idea of walking by you and slapping your ass that is hanging just off your bar stool..Wham I give a firm but weak

Fawn: hey...!!!  how do you dare......skunk...!! I turn on the stool and drop and entire pint of cold lager on your head.....then I slap you face....among the cheers of the customers around....YT

Tony: Your beer is refreshing to me as it falls on my body. you then slap my face…I turn red for a moment, and hear the cheers of all the people around us. I smile at you and knowing I shouldn't I decide to engage you any way send a slap right back at you with a smirk."Lets see what you got girly?"

Fawn: got a rough slap into my head turns aside....I am angry....people now cheering at you....and still seated on the stool I punch you in the face and send a kick into your gut.....You groan and step back....YT

Tony: Groaning I step back..I gulp a in a big amount of air, as I am bent over a bit from your kick I wipe the side of my mouth. I wave you toward me, just then I send out a light jab for your face, not so much to hurt you but to get you off your stool and move

Fawn: I was thinking that my blows could have been enough to end the issue...
but it looks that you are not finished yet and walk back to me sending a punch to my face...that make me fall down from the stool....I manage to stay on my heels holding on the counter......I look up at you...and send flames into your direction....How could you hit a woman...?? I shout walking to you, lifting my arms and loading my right fist.....YT

Tony: I see you coming toward me and you look pissed, How could you hit a girl? "You hit me first my dear, were all equal aren't we? I see you loading your right fists. I put my guard up. you look really good walking up but Im still very aware of your fists. I then kick the chair to the right of my causing a commotion and giving us space. Lets see what you got doll…yt

Fawn: I run into you, crashing into your body...sending my head into your chest and lifting my knee to hit your moan and walk back, your ass hitting a table and falling down to the floor, crashing it....
I stand looking at you, my hands on my hips....shaking my ass on my the guys around give me a loud cheer......"well done, girl...""   YT

Tony: your head goes into my chest and before I can do anything your knee come into my groin, I moan and fall back on the table it crashes down. Trying to breath and sweating from the pain, I look up at you, I see your stilettos,then look up to see the rest of your body as you have your hands on your hips… Its like that I think to myself....
I get up and hear all the guys cheering for you when I come at do a right hook to the side of your face that connects and then a punch to your gut hoping to knock some of the wind out of you..I see you step back this time and I smirk at you in front of the crowd as some of the girls actually start cheering for

Fawn: you shake the pain and are back on your feet....coming to me..I try to defend myself but a nasty drive catches me on the side of my head....I see stars for one secong..followed by a direct into my gut....I double over..retreating..and struggling to stay on my high heels....till my back crashes into the bar counter....I lift my body and grab the first thing I find...a bottle of Coke and throw it at you...but my precarious stand does not help and I just miss you....YT

Tony: You crash into the back of the bar. Take that I think to myself. I start moving toward you again and your throw a coke bottle that misses me as it flies by my head… Wow. I then come toward you again a little more cautious this time ready to avoid coke bottles being thrown...
I then walk up to you with my arms apart and come in fast and I grab your arms and shoulders a lift you up to the bar. Your heels come off. I put you up there so that you are more at a hitting hight compared to me. Im still holding your shoulders, when I release my grip and crank back a punch aimed for your

Fawn: you grab my arms and easily lift me like I am a baby setting me to seat on the bar....I go up and my heels remain on the floor...I am barefeet now...but before I can complain I get punched into the face...I am thrown back over the bar and land behind it hard on the breath cut....I look up, massaging my sore jaw and see your face sneaking over the edge, checking where I am....
Again i react promptly...I grab a broom abandoned on the floor and send it to crash into your face....I can hear you shouting and your face disappears from my I slowly get up...YT

Tony: I look over to find you thinking she won’t be getting up when I find a boom smacking into my face. It stings and puts me back on my side of the bar…I wait for you to get up, im pissed for the hit with the broom. when I reach over and grab you by the hair and pull back onto my side of the

Fawn: still dazed...I am back on my feet...suddenly I feel my hair grabbed...arghhhhhhhhhhhh.......and my body is pull and lifted over the bar and I find myself on the other side...right in front of you...You are still holding my head from my long I am blocked and now with no heels much shorter than you....I see the target of your gut and send two fast punches into it, hoping to make some damage and weaken you... YT

Tony: I bring you over a see how short you really are without your heels. Im about to lift you by your hair…ummmffff…gawwww your punches slam into my abs. I was not expecting it and by the time the second punch came the damage was done. I let go of your hair and step back moaning and breathing....I dont want to give you the upper hand, I let out two straight punches for your nose hoping that they

Fawn: I watch you stepping back, but you are quick on the counter attack and before I can realize it your longer arms get into my guard and your fist flattens my nose twice....
I groan....stagger back, feeling some blood dripping from my nose....I shake my head, trying to clear my mind....and see you better...standing in front, few steps away
Slightly dazed I step into my discarded sandals..I grab one and throw at you....hitting your thigh....not really a great blow....YT

Tony: I see you pick up your sandal and throw it at me…It hits my thigh. Stings a bit but I brush it off.  I smirk and laugh and so does the crowd watching us fight. I look you up and down. When I throw a front snap kick aimed for your

Fawn: I see your foot coming and manage to turn aside avoiding it....but losing my balance and falling on my ass among the laughs of the crowd....I push my hands on the floor, trying to stand up before you can reach me again...YT

Tony: I see you move to the side…my foot hits nothing but air…I miss you completely… I then get back to my stance and turn toward you as you get up…"Doll your a lot tougher than I thought." I then back up and let you get...I then come toward you with a back hand slap to your face, want to demoralizing you a bit in front of everyone.

Fawn: back on my feet you approach me and surprise me with a sudden back hand blow to my face....I turn around staggering to the bar counter....and placing my hands over bottles...nothing to use as a weapon...I turn facing you as you walk to me.....YT

Tony: The crowd starts booing as I walk over to you. I see you looking for something to use as a weapon but everything has been long thrown over and brushed away in our fight...
I then launch a hit into your gut and as you bend over from the impact I put both arms up and bring them down in a double karate chop on your traps…Lets see how your handle this doll? I say

Fawn: a nasty blow to my guts....I double over...grunting loud...then a double blow that sends me on my I am praying in front of you....getting dazed....but putting all my remaining strength ina desperate punch...driving my fist up...and catching you in your groin....smashing your ball....I know you got hurt...but I am down, back on my knees, forehead on the floor....trying to breath....YT

Tony: You hit me this time with a direct hit..It sends my head reeling from the pain as it shoots up my body and lands in my stomach. My face turns red and I begin to sweat, my eyes tear up as I step back and then fall on the ground holding my

Fawn: ok...I got you on the floor...but I am not in better shape.....trying desperately to stand up before you can do....I go back on my four and crawl to the counter.....hoping to find the way to the crowd is cheering....YT

Tony: I see you starting to stand…I do the same as I try to find something to lean on to get to my feet…There is nothing around me. The crowd is going wild as we are both trying to get up from our major injuries…I finally get to my feet and move toward you slowly…still in pain I help you up using your shoulders. With the last amount of strength that I have I hope that you are still out of it..I then attempt…I put my hands under both your arm pits and lift you up suspended in the air..your body like a rag doll. I then slam you into a table where there is a mix of guys and girls watching the fight…Everything goes flying as the table breaks when you hit

Fawn: I feel I am getting lifted naked feet leave the floor and dangles in the air...before I am thrown like a doll, flying across the room and landing hard on a table....scattering everything around and smashing it....I remain dazed, laying on my back among the rubbles .....blood still dripping from my nose and mouth and from the back of my head.....but still conscious...head spinning though

Tony: Wow I think to myself as your still with us and not cold.. the crowd is silent and watching. I can feel every eye gaze on my then you, then back at me. I can feel it as much as they can...
I grab you back up to your feet, your body is swaying as you are dazed..I glance at your cute feet for a moment…I then go behind you and apply a sleeper hold around your neck. your neck in between the bend point of my elbow as my other hand pushes your head forward…I whisper in your ear..

Fawn: I am pretty out of feet pointing up leaning over a my foggy world I feel I am getting lifted and put back on my shaking legs...held up in a strong grip...then blocked from neck I am struggling to get some air....I open my mouth....gurgling noises exiting.....I lift my hands slapping you but so weak....then falling back, down to my side....limp YT

Tony: The crowd is calling loud hoping you make some sort of comeback…then they see your arms falling to your side..I continue to squeeze and pull your neck back till all I feel is your body give and all your weight is in my arms...Your body droops, I then pull your body onto the bar and leave you to lay there in front of all the crowd. There is a cheer and boo at the same time. As your body is laying stretched out across the bar with your left foot

Fawn: I cannot eyelids flicker ..then slowly close as my eyes roll back in my head...I am your strong grip I am half dragged, half carried to the body draped over it....
I have been defeated by a too strong man...YT

Tony: I see you laying there…and cannot resist. I then take your pants off and take your top and bra off leaving you completely naked. The crowd is watching in enjoyment.. I then turn your legs around and put them over my shoulder as you are knocked out and your pussy in front of me...
I then pull your legs close to me and I slowly begin to lick your spot. It smells good with a little bit of sweat from our battle. I start slowly hoping this will wake you

Fawn: I am still in lala barely aware of what is happening.....I have a feeling like my pussy is getting massaged and licked but indeed not sure if I am dreaming....YT

Tony: I then stick a finger in as you are somewhat coming to. I rub slowly and gently all while I am still enjoying my tongue in your sex. I feel you jolt and I know your awake.I then move my finger in and out a little faster as my tongue presses in a little harder with a little more

Fawn: mmmm...not a love spot getting used....I feel wet...juices flowing down....I moan....and start body eyes still closed...but my mouth open and breathing faster and faster.....I am getting aroused..

Tony: I see you getting excited from this and continue to ravage you..I then grab your small body and take you to a table where it is the same hight as my pelvic area. I take my pants and T-shirts off showing my exposed body, ripped muscles and bruises from our fight. I then stick my shaft in slowly with your legs still over my shoulder. I thrust in and

Fawn: I don't even know that I am completely naked now....I moan and release some I am lifted from the bar and carried around...placed on  my back on a table....I open my eyes....see you towering figure over me...and then I get legs kept well high, resting over your shoulder, providing a perfect position ...for being fucked....YT

Tony: I continue to thrust into you..I moan as I am enjoying this too much…we were fighting a moment ago and now I am plowing you.. Still showing my dominance I grab you ny the throat an squeeze a little while I continue thrusting and with my other hand I lift your ass up to allow me to penetrate

Fawn: My unresisting body is shaken under the violent neck grabbed, my throat crushed....I gasp and head getting light as my ass is pulled and I feel the cock pushing down the edge of my love canal....I moan...and feel like I am passing out again...YT

Tony: I feel your body getting weak but you feel all of my power now. I release your throat. I ask you who defeated you? I start to go slow going in and out waiting for your response..I hear nothing and tighten around your neck again and pound you harder...I then release your throat again with my hand staying there hinting if the wrong answer is given I will choke you out again.. I go slow again this time my free hand goes from holding your ass to playing with your clit while im still plowing

Fawn: I can breath a little bit and suck air....I feel my groin shaking and an orgasm mounting inside....I hear you asking something...but not sure what you want.....I just moan....and feel my orgasm I shout and squirt.......pushing my groin up.....!!  YT

Tony: Without answering me… I can tell you can’t hear a thing.. I rub my finger more on your spot as you come all over me and I come at the same time as I feel you flowing cum all over me I cum inside of you...I moan and let out a sigh.. I then take your legs and push them to the side..I pull out and leave you on the table. I wipe myself clean and look around at the crowd with a look of bloodlust and the relief of a good cum. HA. I say aloud…I put my clothes on and walk out of the

Fawn: I am left naked and used on the table....sore for the beating and weakened by the fuck...
I would have better not starting this...the guy was too strong ...

Fawn: I gave you some hard time though...

Tony: yeah you did...

Fawn: I don't go down very easily and for a woman of my tiny size..

Tony: that’s true..goodnight…anytime you want a rematch..
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KO_Tony vs Fawn
« on: November 22, 2016, 05:13:51 PM »

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Re: KO_Tony vs Fawn
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2016, 01:21:53 AM »
Great fight!  Fawn if you want a challenge--let me know.  I love all kinds of cyber fights!

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Re: KO_Tony vs Fawn
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Nice match

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Re: KO_Tony vs Fawn
« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2016, 01:11:05 PM »
Nice match

well....we have done some too, eh..?  ;D

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Re: KO_Tony vs Fawn
« Reply #4 on: July 24, 2017, 09:04:10 AM »
Awesome match. Very intense.  8)

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Re: KO_Tony vs Fawn
« Reply #5 on: August 19, 2017, 09:16:09 AM »
Nothing hotter than a lady that refuses to go down without a fight.