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Beth vs. Dee vol. 1

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Beth vs. Dee vol. 1
« on: April 22, 2010, 10:24:43 PM »
This weekend is finally here and I will be hosting NHB fights and submission catfights. A good friend of mine has a nice wrestling ring in a private gym that he owns and he is letting me use his place. The ring is 16x16 S2S and 14x14 IR. I got up early Sunday around 6am and headed to the office. I tried to get my GF to come with me, but she had a rough ladies night out and is still hung over. So I had to do the cleaning myself and get the ring ready for some ass kicking. I called up Kandy to see if she is available to treat any of the women if they get hurt. Kandy is an ER-RN and she’s good with helping women in a time of crisis. She brings her medical bag filled with lots of goodies and bandages for cut and bruises that cause major aches and pains. Kandy also likes to wrestle too, but more as in dominating submissive women. Kandy is a 30yr old BBG (Big Beautiful Goddess) 5’9” 260lbs, 42DD-41-58. So I posted a couple ads and a message on my site last weekend. I got a few replies to fight this weekend and some last minute replies that changed their mind. I got four women in NHB matches and the two winners will meet for a finale. The submission matches will act as an intermission for the winners of the NHB fights to get a little breather, so both women are fresh baring an injury. Stacy 17-4 25yr old 5’5” 185lbs 40DD-31-50 (Queen of Face Sitting), called in sick, so her match today had to be cancelled. I still wonder if Stacy is just avoiding Kandy, because Kandy wants a match with Stacy for her title of Face sitting Queen. Kandy has declared she will crush and smother Stacy face then force her to pass out under her full weight of her big wide ass. I actually would love to see that match up, because Stacy is tough and she actually kicks bigger women ass too. During a recent match Stacy dominated Carmel 13-0 37yr old Ebony 5'6” 235lbs 40E-36-54 who herself dominated two plus size women she faced before the final against Stacy. However it was a different story for Carmel against Stacy and now Stacy has a hungry young Latina ready to sit on her face named Daisy. Daisy has also issued a challenge to Kandy as well since Kandy claims she is first in line to battle Stacy. So I thought about face sitting tournament with the top sixteen women to settle the debate in a couple months. So one day I will have the pleasure of seeing a match between Kandy and Stacy possibly. Well it is 9am and all of the women have made it here for a 10am start time. Some of the women are stretching and others our socializing. Well to my surprise Joanne shows up and she was thinking about fighting. Cool I needed one more woman to fight, because Stacy cancelled on me claiming she was sick. Who was she going to wrestle with today ask Joanne? Daisy! Joanne went silent. So do you want to fill in for her Joanne? Joanne looked at me like I was crazy, but I was serious. Alright then Jessica will be your opponent then since you don’t want to take on Daisy. She is too big for me replies Joanne and I will never fight her. So I asked her why and she told me that she didn’t want to get hurt. So I said look you are going to surely lose to Daisy either way, but I'll talk to her and make sure your face don’t get too much ass time with her. Oh boy was I lying there, because I was actually going to suggest the opposite when I talk with Daisy. Stacy was supposed to fight Daisy for the title, but since she will not make it and I will have to compensate Daisy for her time. I don’t mind, because I love watching Daisy big ass and jumbo thighs crushing and squeezing bitches. For all ladies no piercing of any kind will be allowed in during a match. I generally reject women who apply to fight if she has excessive piercings. If they refuse to remove them then I ask them to leave or have them escorted out by my security. The attire for the ladies can be any of the following: spandex top & bottom, sport bra or something suitable for big breast, shorts or cut off shorts, panties, one piece bikinis, two piece bikinis or their birthday suit. Same ole same ole for the NHB fighters, mouth piece, gloves or without them and no head gear and their hair must be tied up or in braids. Some of the women have short hair styles, so I won’t force the issue. The NHB fighters were not told who they will fight, so I figured it would be nice to surprise them.

Prelude Anna vs. Dee
Poor Anna 26yr old 5'1” 130lbs; 34D-26-37 I don’t know what she was thinking requesting to be in this challenge. She is at a disadvantage by height and weight against all three women, but I have seen her fight against bigger women. Anna just hasn’t had any success against fat girls. I met Anna after she sent a video to my website of her fighting different Asian girls and I enjoyed watching her punish all of the girls. I guess she has a thing for beating up Asian women and forcing them to worship her. Funny thing though is that none of the girls showed any type of resistance as they fully complied with Anna’s demands. So I had to fly Anna in for some matches and I matched her against a slender Chinese girl who she mopped the floor with and young petite Thai girl name Lynn who knows how to fight. Anna barely managed to survive that match and Lynn wanted a rematch, so they decided fight again later after some other women matches. I broke down Lynn’s fighting style with Anna so she would be able to counter her attacks and use Lynn aggression against her and dominate her.  I was so surprised Lynn showed the same bag of tricks in the rematch, but she has a lot potential so I will keep in contact with her and work with her too. Anna humbled Lynn again, but this time Anna forced Lynn to worship her. Lynn followed every command the blonde beauty gave her and Anna really enjoyed herself with Lynn’s lips and tongue. Anna really gets off forcing women to worship her and so do I. Later that month Anna beat up 40 yr old blonde Adrianne 4'10 145lbs 34D-29-36 and punished Trisha. Oh well she knows her abilities and I would love to see her overcome the odds. Last week Anna 7-2 worked over a 34yr old Japanese woman 5’3 100lbs 34B-24-34, but got humiliated by a fat 34yr old Puerto Rican woman 4-0 5'1 245lbs 42FF-41-60. Jazmin a BBL (Big Beautiful Latina) caught Anna off guard at the start of the match with a hellacious slap. Anna had the shit slapped out of her again and Jazmin grabbed a hand full of Anna’s hair then slung her down to the mat. The match was over from there as Jazmin flop all her weight down on Anna then Jazmin toyed with Anna sitting on her face forward or reverse at will. Jazmin finished Anna off by crushing her tiny body with full weight butt drops. Man I tell I love watching big girls dominate small women and that match surely was one to watch over and over again. For poor Anna though a couple days later during an eight woman tourney she suffered again under another Fatina ass (Fat Latina). When I tallied up the votes Anna was tied with a plump fat bottom red head name Kelly for the final eighth spot. I wanted Kelly the local woman in the tourney instead of Anna, but I gave the right to the voters to choose who will be in the tourney of a pool of twenty women and there was a tie. So a fantasy match was predetermined as a tie breaker to settle who gets in. Well I was not happy after the vote. Unbelievable I thought after replies came in for why they voted for their fighter. Most actually claimed that Anna could take a woman on that is 5’11 and beat her, but forty seven percent decided to vote for Anna, because she was more attractive than Kelly. Anna had seventy nine percent of the vote. I seen a couple clips Kelly sent me and there is no way Anna will beat her in a fight. So I gave Kelly the bad news and told her I will have a special match for her of her choice when she wants. If I could have changed any of the fighters I would have removed the last two women Anna #8 and Carrie #7 a tiny blonde then place Kelly and a wide bottom brunette mature name Melanie 5'4 200lbs 40DD-39-46. Oh well I’ll do a tourney for chubby and plump women only. So Anna was supposed to fight Trudy a chubby Asian girl, but she chickened out. Trudy is a friend of my GF and she kicks ass. So after that Anna lands Carmel 13-1 who I thought would be even worse for Anna landing a proven fighter who has dominated countless women outside of her record. Anna fought and struggled against the plump mature Ebony woman and Anna upset Carmel in the first match. For Carmel outside of a humiliating defeat to woman she should have mopped the floor with it meant another humiliating session with her face smothered between a Caucasian woman ass something she was not accustomed to, but now it seems as she may become accustomed with her second straight lost to a woman I thought she should beat. Trudy, Martina & Angie all had impressive or easy victories in their first match. Trudy dominated Martina the young slender Latina in their match. Martina was generally under the chubby Asian girl struggling to defend herself from Trudy attacks and submission holds. Anna’s next match was against BBL Angie 8-0 5’6 285lbs 46G-44-58. The BBL walked all over Carrie a slender blonde in her first match then dominated Anna and Trudy in the final the same way she crushed the little blonde in her first match. Anna claimed she has had enough of large Latina’s and will not be a seat cushion for any other one. I laughed so hard and said sure you will if I say so. As a matter of fact I will have a special tournament for BBL’S and every winner will get to sit on your face after their match and they will not shower after any match. Boy I laughed so hard again and thought that would be a great idea and I know Anna would do it for a price. Anna sure didn’t appreciate that, but I don’t care.

On the other side a few weeks ago Dee walk out as THE QUEEN in a Queen of the ring match beating the champion a thick red head Mandy 19-5 38yr old 5'5” 180lbs 38D-29-42 in a close NHB final. Mandy demanded a rematch and I told her jokingly to get in line, because Dee is a hot item in the ring and a lot of women will want a piece of her. Whatever she replied! Schedule the match and I’ll show you that she just got lucky. When I met Dee she lacked skill and ring experience, so I decided to work with her. Dee made one hell of a turn around by studying films of other women in fights and practicing new move sets while building her stamina and ability to endure a small barge of punches that can easily lead to a submission hold or the end of the match all in a matter of seconds. First Dee started off fighting easier women (submissive) who aren’t really into fighting as much, so she can get a feel for the thrill against easier opponents and they (submissive women) can enjoy being smothered under her bottom or other forms of worshipping after a little punishment. Then I stepped it up a bit with younger tougher energetic girls. Dee struggled in most of the matches, but she was learning each time out. Every time in the ring a different fighting style and a different situation to overcome and when she finally did I was happy for her and ready to put her in the league where money is on the line and the women don’t play around waiting to get their face sat on for pleasure. Dee is currently 9-4 and looks to continue her winning ways after stumbling or realistically being out matched because of her experience. After beating Mandy; Dee was on top of my world and then I placed my 22-1 30yr old Big Beautiful Goddess 5’9” 260lbs, 42DD-41-58 in front of her. Kandy destroyed Dee then Kandy sat on Dee face at will even as Dee struggled to fight off Kandy aggression. Kandy is big woman obviously, but she is not out of shape. Kandy exercises and she is a strong, which usually gets her what she wants especially with me. After Kandy I scheduled Dee to face the 25yr old Queen of Face sitting. Dee was humiliated again and Stacy 17-4 didn’t even sit on Dee’s face once. Instead Stacy punished Dee with various submission holds. Stacy squeezed the hell out of Dee in various forms of scissor holds and choke holds. Stacy finished Dee off with a camel clutch and Dee almost instantly submitted, but Stacy didn’t care and held the hold until Dee was almost crying. After the match Dee claimed she will make Stacy pay and Stacy response was straight to the point. Stacy turned around and looked back at Dee. “Bitch save yourself some humiliation and just get on your knees then lick this” as Stacy parts her ass cheeks exposing her brown hole between her plump white ass. Dee didn’t seem to care for Stacy humor or disgusting mannerism. Stacy turned and faced Dee then told her I’ll take you on again bitch whenever you want after you fight Mandy 19-5. If you lose to Mandy then no rematch with me and I will come in the ring and you will lick my ass plus Mandy’s ass too. Well Mandy was on a mission and she put a hurting on Dee. The first match was close, but the Mandy I know mixed street fighting with tradition mat fighting and truly punished Dee leaving no doubt that Dee got lucky in the first match. Mandy even offer Dee a rematch, which she wisely hasn’t accepted. Dee got out of licking Stacy’s ass due to the fact that she was out cold. During the warm up today Dee and the bubble butt tiny blonde Anna, were pretty quiet however all was not peaceful because Trisha was talking shit mainly to Dee and Anna. A couple weeks ago Dee dominated Trisha 0-7 in her second match on her way to the final match to defend her Queen of the ring title, which some women claimed she was not. For Dee it was her second dominating victory over Trisha in two weeks. Dee slapped the shit out of Trisha and Trisha lunged to try to grab Dee then Dee quickly countered Trisha momentum by side stepping her and slamming Trisha to the mat hard. Dee landed on top where she loves to be and quickly moved into a school girl pin then started pounding Trisha face with lefts and rights. Trisha was struggling to get her left arm from under Dee’s right leg as she used her right arm to try to block Dee shots to her face; Trisha began to annoy Dee, so Dee stunned Trisha with a thunderous slap to her face then Dee quickly managed to pin Trisha right arm under her other left leg with force. Trisha kept struggling to shift Dee off of her, but Dee countered her movement to barely stay on top. After pounding Trisha face some more Dee decided to choke out Trisha by putting her elbow on Trisha’s throat and using force plus weight to choke Trisha out. Not long after that Trisha submitted and Dee stood up over Trisha then put her foot on Trisha face claiming victory over the young ebony slut. Trisha shoved Dee foot off of her face then Dee reached down and slapped the taste out of Trisha mouth for disrespecting her. Dee laughed as Trisha talked trash to her as she laid on her back and Dee reach down to slap her again then punched Trisha in the mouth. I was waiting for Dee to sit on her face and smother Trisha with her beautiful ass, so I wouldn’t have to listen to Trisha crap. So I shouted Dee finish the bitch off it is time for her to clean your ass. Trisha screamed out hell no. So I replied, “Oh yeah bitch you know the rules” as Dee lowered her ass onto Trisha face. Trisha kissed Dee ass cheeks and licked Dee asshole with no fuss just a lot of ass cleaning as she polished Dee asshole with her tongue. Trisha was the cure for Dee after being beaten and humiliated by three superior women. Dee used her win over Trisha for momentum going into the next tourney where she beat Trisha again in the same dominating fashion. Dee amazed me with three wins in a row over Ebony women especially over two tough women Carmel and another mature plump Trina in the final. One name should stick out for you and that is Carmel 13-3. Dee and Anna both have wins over her, but Dee didn’t have too much trouble with Carmel like Anna had. However Dee did enjoy smothering Carmel and she was the first to actually make her pass out. Dee also beat 34yr Jazmin 5-2 5'1 245lbs 42FF-41-60 in a two out of three match. Jazmin dominated and smothered Dee in the first match. Jazmin stuck to what she does best and that is getting down on the mat then straddling you forcing you to work to get her off while she beats on you as wear yourself out struggling. The second match Dee dictated the style and pace. When the match went to the ground Dee was on top pummeling Jazmin. The third match Jazmin was exhausted and put up very little resistance to Dee attacks, so Dee used the same smothering moves on Jazmin just like she did to her. Ironic, but if it was a single match then Jazmin would have chalked up another win, but instead she gets two loses out of the deal. Jazmin has issued a challenge for a rematch to Dee, but no response yet. Jazmin wanted to be in this tourney, but I didn’t have enough women at the time to set up an eight woman tourney and I wasn’t going to just kick out a woman to satisfy another woman even though I have done it before. Now at 9-4 and still the queen of the ring far as set tournaments go, Dee is looking to steam roll through three more women to stand on top for the third time. One of these days I’ll have to schedule a full tournament to decide the true queen of the ring.


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Re: Beth vs. Dee vol. 1
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