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East meets west. A tale of a martial arts maiden.

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East meets west. A tale of a martial arts maiden.
« on: May 09, 2019, 07:41:20 PM »
A short story of how a Chinese girl teaches three bully girls a painful lesson.


On a summers evening in London, on a footpath between two derelict buildings, three young women stood chatting to each other. But they had a purpose to being in that location, for it was the route home that a girl they knew took, and they were there to intercept her. Emily was the name of the girl they awaited, who, despite her name, was Chinese. Her parents had settled in England, and when they had a daughter they gave her an English name, as they thought it would help her be accepted in what is, to them and her, a foreign land. Emily was now nineteen, and she had no problem being accepted by men, for she was a delightful creature! Five feet five inches tall, slim but still curvy, with straight, jet black hair stretching to her shoulder blades, and an angelica face.
Which brings us to the reason that three girls, English born and bred, were waiting to intercept her, for the male attention that Emily attracted had seriously offended them. They took offence to, as one of them put it, some chinky slut getting all the boys after her, and when Emily appeared the three of them blocked her path. Emily, clad in grey jeans and a white blouse, stopped. “Excuse me lady’s,” she asked politely, “may I get through?”
The girl at the centre of the trio, who was called Debbie, grinned before replying. “If you’re tough enough, slant eyed bitch!”
Emily tensed, staring at Debbie, who was about three inches taller than herself, with long blonde hair adorning her pretty face, while a tight, lime green mini-dress clung to her hour glass figure. Sensing there was potential trouble, the Chinese girl tried to defuse the situation. “Girls, I’ve no argument with you, why should I? Please let me through.”
The other girls all laughed. One, called Tracy, stepped forward, and positioned herself beside Emily, so close that the shoulders of each of them touched. “Think you can come here and get all the boys horny over you, and we’ll do nothing?” There was a sneer in Tracy’s voice. “We’re gonna give you the beating of your life!” Emily glanced at her. They were the same height, but Tracy was bigger built, with a very curvy frame, accentuated by her attire of light brown trousers and matching blouse, each of which were tight enough to reveal every curve in her body. Atop her head were bouncing curls of dark hair, that had evidently received the handiwork of an expensive hairdresser. The third girl, Christine, took the same position as Tracy, but the other side of Emily, to her right. She was, like Tracy, the same height as Emily, with short hair as black as that of the Chinese girl, and was clad in black leggings, the tightness of which made a ‘camel toe’ clearly visible. Her top was a black material, so thin and tight, that the nipples of her braless breasts were plainly visible. Staring directly at Emily, Christine glared with fury. “My boy friend can’t stop talking about you, all the guys do, they all want to fuck you! The way you go around, flaunting your  chinky whores body in front of them, your a fucking slut!”
Now Emily tried to be friends with everyone, she did not tease the guys, she wasn’t that sort of girl, and she had a boy friend. “Girls,” Emily spoke softly, “I’m not after your men, and don’t try and get rough with me, as you’ll regret it it.”
Debbie, Tracy and Christine all laughed. “Do you think that because you’re Chinese you can fool us into thinking you’re a kung-fu expert or something?” Sneered Debbie. “Now,” she continued, with a malicious grin, “let’s begin by messing up your big mouth.”
Less than a second later it was indeed a very pretty girls mouth that was messed up, but it it was that which belonged to Christine, as Emily, using her left fist, punched her hard in that place, rocking the girl back, with both of her hands instinctively covering her bloodied lips. “Urgh!” Cried Christine. Emily’s right fist now swung in an arc to bury itself in the solar plexus of Tracy, penetrating deep into the lovely girls innards! Tracy couldn’t cry out in pain, as the blow forced her mouth wide open to release all the air in her! In agony, she doubled over, arms wrapped around her midriff, and sank to her knees. Debbie was briefly frozen by the shock of what she’d seen done to her friends, but now, with a snarl, aimed a kick at Emily, the raising of her leg revealing her skimpy white panty’s. A sexy sight, but alas for Debbie, her second of hesitation enabled Emily to nonchalantly dodge her blow, and deliver a side kick to to the blonde’s breasts! It hurt! More than that, it was frightening to be assaulted in such a personnel, private and sexual spot! But worse was to follow, for as Debbie was rocked backward by this blow, she had to part her legs to prevent herself from falling over, making those sexy panty’s, and the even more sexy contents of them, an easy target. She and her friends had joked about Emily knowing kung-fu, but whether the Chinese girl had expertise in that or some other martial art, she clearly knew how to fight, so the kick the she delivered to Debbie’s most personnel part was devastating! The English girls clitoris was smashed, mangled by Emily’s booted foot, the internal injury's were appalling, and it would need a lot of medical attention before Debbie would be capable of fooling around again! Yet Debbie’s torment was not yet over, for as she covered her wounded crotch with both hands, screaming hysterically, Emily sent a kick to her face, delivered by the Chinese girl swinging her whole body through one hundred and eighty degrees to provide maximum power, that didn’t merely brake the blonde’s nose, but shattered it into pieces! A river of blood erupted from the injury, as Debbie was propelled backward, till she fell, now delirious from shock and pain, her nose so devastated that no cosmetic surgeon would be able to restore her features to their former loveliness!
Christine, who’d been occupied by her own pain, hadn’t clearly seen the devastating brutality with  which Emily had dealt with Debbie, so was undeterred. She swung a right hook, intended to connect with Emily’s jaw, but her opponent knew how to counter it. Blocking the blow would have knocked Emily off balance, so instead the Chinese girl swung her left arm to deflect it, then used her right arms fist as a weapon, and once again Christine was smacked in the mouth. This second blow to that spot loosened the top two teeth, and once again the unfortunate recipient could not help but put both hands protectively where she’d been hurt. Emily then swung her body through three hundred and sixty degrees to send the heel of her foot into her opponents belly, halfway between waist and crotch. The blow, expertly delivered, went deep into Christine's innards, bruising the internal organs, sending a wave of appalling pain into the girls body, and the battered girl doubled over, and would have fallen to the floor had it not been for her tormentors following action. Emily grabbed Christine’s hair, and propelling her head downward, simultaneously brought a knee upward under the girls chin, the result being that the English girls teeth were smashed together with such force that, to explain the consequences  simply, a dentist was going to have a lot of work to do!
Emily now turned to face Tracy, who, while still winded, had managed to regain her feet. Crying, frightened, she backed away from Emily, who, unfortunately for her, was not in a forgiving mood. Two quick, stinging punches to the face left Tracy dazed and dizzy, perfectly set up for Emily’s calculated assault on her womanhood. The Chinese girls booted foot hit Tracy’s crotch like a battering ram, causing fearful damage, as Emily knew it would. She looked down at Tracy, who’d fallen, screaming, to the ground, and quipped, “apology’s to your boyfriend,” With that she strolled away, leaving the battered girls to lick their considerable wounds.