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My Aunt The Toy

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My Aunt The Toy
« on: November 24, 2019, 03:58:23 PM »
My Aunt The Toy
By Stone Kidman

It may be perverse to some to admit that I was not only attracted to some of my extended family members but that we all also engaged in a form of sexual wrestling. While I typically played the role of jobber for my sisters, whenever we had a family function like a birthday or holiday, we would hold small tournaments or sometimes just fun one off matches. The stakes are typically if you win by ten count pin you get a handjob from the loser; if from a submission, the winner receives head, but if you force your opponent to have an orgasm then they become your toy for the night--an added caveat was they couldn't submit if in a sexual hold since some people would tap out before climax. Now as a guy who spends most of the year being a loser I routinely have an opponent at these family functions who I could always guarantee a win; my Aunt Alice.

Alice was forty three, I was twenty two at the time of this story as it was my last dance with her, and a petite 5'3" weighing maybe 110 pounds with a 32B cup and dark hair just past her ears; she was very fit with a little bubble butt I loved to grab onto. This was her last Thanksgiving as a single woman, she had been divorced for nearly a year, which might explain why she was such an enthusiastic opponent. The matches normally were held in a detached garage with a full size wrestling ring but it was still under construction, so the family made do with a bunch of blue gym mats in the basement where my grandparents liked to store all their sextoys, which were often used by the winners after the match.

"I'm going to make you cream in those briefs then keep them as a trophy to remember when I finally made you my bitch," Aunt Alice said after we stepped onto the mat. I wore my royal blue speedos, my family's colors, while she had on a navy blue and white striped one piece that clung to her tight body. I was the shrimp of my family, at 5'09" and a chubby 165 pounds, with scruffy dark brown hair and a thick seven inches. "Only after I cum all over your pretty face and use them to wipe it clean so you don't get my ass sticky when you're tossing my salad," I replied, making gross hand gestures of my aunt licking my brown hole. I nearly laughed when she turned up her face in disgust, knowing in fact she had done it a year prior--which was why I was looking forward to this match again. The rest of the family sat around on folding chairs when grandma blew her whistle to begin; I had already been pitching a tent from watching the other matches of my younger cousins going at it so there was plenty for Aunt Alice to grab onto when we got close.

I thought she was feigning a slap to the face but instead reached out and grabbed onto my boner; I yelped and tried to hop back but she kept a firm grip, tugging me forward and delivering a punch to my soft tummy. It stunned me more than anything else and she kept tugging me around by my weiner; whenever I would try to free my member she’d slap me in the face with her skinny hand that felt like being hit with plywood. Alice had me at bay because whenever I would reach out to grab her or strike back she would give my dick a twist or rock me with a nipple twist--which hurt more than I thought they would. She finally tripped me and was able to get me in a body scissors after grabbing onto my johnson again before I could roll away.

"Not such a tough guy this year," she said, releasing my wang to give it a slap or punch me in the gut again. Her boney legs felt like murder, digging into my sides as I tried to separate them but her constant assault on my prick kept me distracted as I had to use one hand to shield it. She was smart enough never to go for the nuts since low blows like that went against the guidelines of sex wrestling but somehow whacking me in the cock was perfectly acceptable. Aunt Alice made a mistake though when she finally managed to whip my meat out after struggling to pull the waistband down over my erect organ. "I told you I'm going to make you my cum monkey," she said, trying to talk dirty while jerking me off. I was able to grab her wrist after catching my breath, as her technique was very good, and pulled my aunt over. She released her leg scissors, trying to slap or kick at me, but I was able to hold on and rolled Alice over onto her back.

"Who's the monkey now," I said, gasping a little since the blood had rushed to my twitching member. She grunted and tried to buck me off but I easily pinned her slender wrists to the mat and kept my weight on her chest until she had worn herself out. I kept her shoulder up slightly so grandma wouldn't count it as a pin and leaned forward to plant kisses all over her face and neck, which she kept turning to not permit me to defile her; when I switched to licking her cheeks she made this high pitch squeal and I took that as my cue.

Hopping forward I knelt on Alice's chest in a schoolgirl pin; with my dick hanging out I traced the tip over her lips which she kept pursed shut, turning left and right, until I grabbed a handful of her dark hair with one hand. "Say 'ahhh,' monkey," I chuckled and pinched my aunt's nose shut. When she finally opened her mouth to breathe I plunged my meat past her pouty lips; I let go of her nose but she managed to get one of her arms free and began slapping me on my ass as I face fucked her.

"Yes, spank me mommy," I said glibly while enjoying her warm mouth. She finally managed to grab the back of my briefs, giving me a wedgie and knocking me off balance; when I tried to brace my fall I heard Aunt Alice spit before grabbing my cock again to hold me in place. I was on all fours as she tugged my member down toward the mat, making me reluctantly follow, until she was able to capture my head between her firm thighs; crossing her knees to torque me in a figure four headscissors.

"Who were you calling a cum monkey," she sneered, using the residual saliva on my dick like lube to stroke me with her two small hands. My hands and legs were entirely free but I felt immobilized as my aunt used a milking motion to beat me off. "Cum for me, monkey boy," she laughed. Her cavalier manner spurned a fire in me and I was able to pivot my hips out of her short arms before flipping my petite aunt like she was a dog with a chew toy; grabbing her by the thighs and spinning her so hard she was nearly a foot off the mat before landing on the other side.

Just when it looked like I finally had a chance of winning this thing, my Aunt Alice proved what a monkey boy I was and when I got in range, planted her foot in my abdomen and monkey flipped me off the mat. Due to the rules I had to start over in the referee position, on all fours in the center of the mat with my briefs still tugged down so when Aunt Alice took her place against my hip I instantly felt her smooth hand pumping my member again. Even after grandma blew the whistle to resume, and I should've instinctively flipped her over, Alice sped up her jerking motion and pushed my head down into the mat. She placed her foot on the back of my head and used her two fists like a fleshlight and she talked in a sexy voice.

"Cum for me my little monkey, I want to feel your seed shooting into my hand, show me the big load you saved up for me." And when I finally erupted, my aunt draining my semen into her palm, I was so spent I nearly passed out but not before I was rolled onto my back.

"See what a cum monkey tastes like," Alice said, and pinched my nose shut with her other hand while she cupped my jizz and forced it into my mouth; smearing her palm over my face so it looked like a sticky joker smile. Grandma came out to raise Alice's hand; once declared the winner I was first bid to kneel before her as my aunt pulled aside the crotch of her striped swimsuit and pushed my face tightly against her shaved snatch. I must've done a good job licking her wet pussy because she was twitching and made this little high pitch squeal; stepping on her tiptoes while grinding my mouth tighter against her box before she caught her breath. After that bit of public display, which was usually a formality, Aunt Alice grabbed some handcuffs and led me upstairs to one of the spare bedrooms.

I took note that she hadn't cuffed me but once we closed the door behind us she stepped up on her tiptoes to give me a deep kiss; licking my seed off my mouth sexily. She handed me the cuffs and turned around, placing her hands behind her back.

"I want to be your toy again, don't hold back," she whispered, glancing over her shoulder as I cuffed her tightly before making her kneel before me. My aunt kissed, licked and sucked all over my semi hard cock and nuts before I bent her over the bed; pulling aside her swimsuit to lick her pussy some more--I really enjoyed the taste. She squealed and squirmed so I had to take my briefs off, shoving them in her mouth to gag her. "You won 'em you might as well use 'em," I said before resuming to plunge my fingers and tongue in her depths until they were replaced by my cock.

A year later she had married and her new husband didn't approve of the whole family sexfighting thing so I never got to enjoy my toy again but that last time made it the most addictive experience I could remember.

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