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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 81

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 81
« on: December 11, 2020, 02:47:53 PM »
Our opening match is Megan who weighs in at 135 and is wearing a tiger striped two piece. Her opponent is Jessica who weighs in at 155 and is wearing a pink and purple two piece. After a long absence Jessica returns to the ring. And for the first few minutes it looked like she hadn’t missed any time. First she would trap Megan in a wrist lock for. Then she would try for a headlock but Megan would reverse it and end up putting Jessica in headlock of her own. After neatly ten minutes of exchanging holds. Jessica would finally gain the upper hand when she was able to get Megan in the corner. She would then stick her foot into Megan’s throat until the ref finally made her break it. Jessica would then take Megan to the middle of the ring and attempt a suplex. Megan however was able to block it and nail Jessica with a suplex of her own. Then with her opponent down Megan would seize the opportunity and put Jessica in the cross face. Jessica would yell out in pain and try to break free. But finally after a few more seconds she just couldn’t handle the pain and Jessica started slapping the mat and screaming that she gave up. Megan would break the hold and celebrate her big win. While Jessica would lay on the ring apron as she favored her shoulder. Your winner of the match is Megan.

Before our main event we are introduced to four of our newest members of the LPW.
First we meet Allie who weighs in at 160
Next we meet Lacey who weighs in at 175
Next we meet Caroline who weighs in at 140
Finally we meet Kelly who weighs in at 120
We will see all four girls in action on next weeks episode.

Our main event is Gretchen who weighs in at 145 and is wearing a yellow two piece. Her opponent is Hailey who weighs in at 175 and is wearing a pink two piece. This was the first ever meeting between the two. Hailey would attack from the beginning. As she would sling Gretchen in the corner and unload with several chops. Hailey would then jokingly ask Gretchen when she was going to make her scream. Gretchen would finally stop Hailey in her tracks when she would reach up and poke her in the eyes. Then with Hailey blinded Gretchen would take over. First she would take Hailey and place her in the ropes. Then she would dig her nails into Hailey’s stomach. Next Gretchen would throw Hailey to the mat and slap on the half crab. But before Gretchen could dig her nails into Hailey’s thigh. Hailey would get to the ropes and break the hold. Gretchen would then pick Hailey up and try for a bodyslam but Hailey would reverse it and hit a bodyslam of her own. Hailey then signaled to the crowd that the end was near. From there she would grab Gretchen by the hair and stick her head between Hailey’s legs for the piledriver. But Gretchen would be able to get free when she hit Hailey with a backdrop. Then with Hailey down Gretchen would try for the half crab. But Hailey would have reversal of her own when she was able to use her legs to fling Gretchen into the corner. Hailey would then get up and grab Gretchen again for the piledriver. And this time Gretchen just couldn’t get away as Hailey would hoist her up and spike Gretchen’s head straight into the mat. Hailey would then hook Gretchen’s legs while the ref counted to three. Hailey would then raise her arm in victory as she would sit on the mat as she definitely showed the signal of being in a battle. While Gretchen would lay on her stomach with her arms wrapped her neck. Your winner of the match is Hailey.

Next time on LPW we will have our four new signees in action. As we will see Caroline take on Kelly then we will see Lacey face off against Misty and in the main event we will see Allie take on Heaven