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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 92

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 92
« on: February 06, 2021, 02:46:48 PM »
Our opening match is Lillian who weighs in at 150 and is wearing a blue and red one piece. Her opponent is Caroline who weighs in at 140 and is wearing a brown and green two piece. Caroline would once again show her mean streak. As she would start the match by pulling Lillian by the hair and ramming her head in the turnbuckle. Then she would deliver multiple kicks to Lillian’s midsection. Caroline would then attempt a suplex but Lillian would reverse it and land one of her own. From there Lillian would dish out some punishment of her own. As she would stomp Caroline’s body. Next she would pick Caroline up but unfortunately for Lillian when she went for another suplex. Caroline would slip out of it and go behind and quickly lock in the dragon sleeper. Lillian would struggle to get out of the hold. But after a few seconds Lillian’s would just go limp. The referee would quickly call for the bell as Caroline would just simply drop Lillian’s lifeless body to the mat. After the match the ref would help to revive Lillian as Caroline would arrogantly pose for the crowd. Your winner of the match is Caroline.

Our main event is Megan who weighs in at 130 and is wearing a zebra striped two piece. Her opponent is Allie who weighs in at 160 and is wearing a lavender two piece. Megan would gain the upper hand at the start. When she would trap Allie in a side headlock. Allie would grow frustrated as every time she would break free. Finally after about three minutes she would get free when she grab a handful of Megan’s bottoms and throw her into the ropes. Allie would then hit Megan with a shoulder block which out Megan on the mat. From there Allie would hit Megan with several elbow drops but she could only get a two count from that. Then Allie would tell Megan that it was time to suffer. As she would grab Megan’s arms and bend them back while sticking her knee in the back. Megan would scream out in pain but refused to give up. Finally Megan was able catch her second wind and slowly get back to her feet. Eventually she would break free when she would use her momentum and sling Allie over. Allie the realized she was in trouble as Megan would unload with several forearms to the chest. From there Megan would take Allie and snapmare her over. Megan would then scream out that it was over as she slapped on the cross face. Allie began to scream out in pain. As Megan would demand that she tap out. But Allie would have a different idea as she had the awareness to use the bottom rope to leverage her body and roll up Megan. And with not being able to see the ref would quickly get down and count to three. Unfortunately for Megan the ref didn’t see that Allie had her hand still on that bottom rope. After the match Allie would lay on the mat clutching her shoulder not looking like somebody who had just won a match. While Megan would fume over in the corner as she would plead with the referee to restart the match. Your winner of the match is Allie

Next time on LPW we will see Kelsi and Mitzi in action. And in our main event Becca takes on Tasia.